Saturn Retrograde in Libra, 2012

Settling Up With Saturn

07 February to 25 June 2012

Our planet of karmic justice takes his last reflective journey within The Scales, where he has officially been requesting responsibility since July 2010. Almost completing his passage through Libra, at the 29th degree, Saturn has decided it’s time for some necessary retreat.

Now, unlike our inner planets, an outer planet’s retrograde such as Saturn is not a complete chaotic change up show that someone like Mercury displays for the collective to experience when he takes a backwards trip. Saturn, being much further out in orbit, will be taking his time to exhibit the lessons he would like us all to pay a little closer attention to. If we comply- we will learn an exorbitant amount from them.

Look back to your life, to the time surrounding 04 November 2011. This is the place -where if we look at the approach period like any Mercury Retrograde- that Saturn began giving you clues about what he now wishes for you to take some necessary time through the end of June to ponder here, and ponder patiently, mind you, as he always prefers.

The clues are within the piece of your Zodiac Pie that span from 22 to 29 degrees Libra. If you have your natal chart, look to any planets place here, or ones placed elsewhere in the chart that make any particular aspects to these degree points. All planetary “chat” will be part of what Saturn wishes to relate through its’ last reflective journey in Libra for another 28 years.

Depending upon your unique mathematical star map, you may notice this years’ Saturn Retrograde will differ from the last in 2011, which spanned from 17 degrees to 10 degrees Libra over 25 January to 12 June. However -from the collective perspective- how Libra simply relates to your personal sun sign can still grant plenty of insight as to where you can best receive the gifts of what this passage has to offer.

Gifts? Some of you are probably laughing to think that Saturn grants us any gifts, being well known as the planet of restriction, hardship and troubled times. Granted, our karmic adjustor certainly is the planet that will cast lessons for us to learn. But these truly, only come into our realities when we do not choose to listen to his wisdom.

Saturn is much like a father, in where, if you do not do what he says, you’ll pay the price in some way shape or form, and typically rather handsomely through some punishment or discipline. If we can look at Saturn as the planet who honestly tells us where our ultimate responsibility must be adhered to, we will always reap rewards of stability. For most, stability is a gift that is sought all throughout our lives, yet most are not willing to be patient enough to wait for it.

As we exist in the most fast paced world in human history, the lessons of Saturn seem to catch up with souls all the easier in our modern society, in part, because no one is taught how to slow down. You’ll discover, by taking a closer look at your natal chart- the slice of life where Saturn is placed is one where you have always had to work just a little harder, and take on the energy here with pure wisdom to achieve positive outcomes. Slacking off and irresponsibility are truly frowned upon by Saturn, who just decides to interject more challenges until one figures out, this is not the way here.

So too, when looking to where the Karmic Adjustor is currently transiting in your life, will these same energies of hard work apply. This doesn’t mean life has to be terrible in whatever area of life he is within. By taking on a slowed down approach, true patience, and owning up to responsibility here- what real rewards can be reaped! Saturn makes anyone genuinely earn what comes to them through diligent ambition and effort, he does not just hand it over on a silver platter.

So, listen carefully to your Father Saturn. He is asking for you to apply some true “spiritual elbow grease” and take up with reflection, so that as he finishes up his karmic duties in Libra, you can move forward with all the wisdom in the world under your belt. From the collective perspective, you’ll probably agree since July 2010, you are working overtime here and have seen a slowing down as he currently asks for a mature attitude to unfold.

Aries: 7th House of Partnerships/Marriage

Taurus: 6th House of Health/Being of Service/Pets

Gemini: 5th House of Creativity/Children

Cancer: 4th House of Home/Family/Environment

Leo: 3rd House of Thinking/Mentality/Communications

Virgo: 2nd House of Values/Earning Power

Libra: 1st House of First Impressions/Approaches/Mask to the World

Scorpio: 12th House of Inner Work/Subconscious Process

Sagittarius: 11th House of Friendships/Groups/Hopes/Wishes

Capricorn: 10th House of Career/Public Life

Aquarius: 9th House of Higher Learning/Beliefs/Foreign Travel

Pisces: 8th House of Wealth/Sexuality/Core Transformations

Remember, if you know your natal chart, check out the house that 22 to 29 deg Libra falls, and discover further details about where you are able to reap rewards by tuning into Saturn’s request for patience, learning through experience and embracing the slower pace life is meant to have here for this planetary pass.

As the tortoise innately knew over the hare, “slow and steady wins the race.” Be kind and listen to the quiet pace that Saturn wishes for you to recognize and deeply understand as your soul continues on in its’ karmic journey here to evolve.

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