LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 03 July

03 July
FULL Moon 
in Capricorn

2:52pm EDT
Feeling GOOD 

About Letting GO

As we are about to take on a Full Moon in Capricorn, it is occurring at a time when so much planetary calling for change is already in full swing. Now, as our Lunar Lady takes up in her monthly wane until the next New Moon in Cancer, being adaptable and recognizing the healthy ways release can work from the wisdom of The Goat will be impertinent to remembering to feel good about the space we are ultimately making for something new to come into our lives.

Moon enters Capricorn, 6:51pm EDT 02 July to 8:26pm EDT 04 July
The virtues of reliability, ambition and prudence are natural gifts of a Moon in Capricorn. While instincts may be sluggish, the capacity to apply diligence is more favored to shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a practical and methodical quality -urged to focus on serious matters and be oriented towards the self- as time feeling one is “busy at work” brings forth comfort. Steadfast, sobering and fatherly energies tend to demand more from our sensitive, cherishing and motherly Lunar Lady- who ideally is fed what she naturally lacks whenever she journeys with The Goat.

FULL Moon, 03 July, 2:52pm EDT, 12 degrees Capricorn
As souls we can take this opportunity to dutifully recognize what needs to now complete and reflect within our lives- with patience and learning from experience marking our every move. Visualize this releasing force in play as the Moon will travel from 12 degrees Capricorn to where 26 degrees Cancer energy imagines within the birth chart. This half of your Zodiac Pie is now ready for a look-see and review through 19 July. Where the shoes no longer fit, they’ll be no need to keep on wearing them.

For the Collective
While we can now see the achievement of energy arrive to the 12-degree Capricorn area of our lives, this comes within 4 degrees of the current Uranus – Pluto square “dance” at 08 degrees Aries and Capricorn. This lunation is in a mighty close quarters to our transformational planet. As this near conjunction between Pluto and the Full Moon unfolds, deep emotional changes within this area of the life will undoubtedly unravel. Get ready to purge what is no longer necessary, for the time has come to be responsible to it. Keep in mind Uranus just may try to block things, but be sure to check into the recent blog post on the ‘Uranus – Pluto Square “Dance’ for more details on how to optimistically find the structure wishing to be formed from this more than intense aspect.

At the 12 degree, we have another numerological request to pay close attention to as the Chaldeans understanding of this cipher relates ‘The Sacrifice –The Victim.’ The collective is meant to take a pause, and take up with the ancient understanding about how to work optimally with this number. By seeing how we can be “the kneeling submissive student” within this area of our life and listen carefully to the educational process that wishes to unfold, we will undoubtedly tap into what is meant to be let go of. Should anyone choose the path of resistance here, the ever painful remaining in the definition of insanity will ring loud and clear when one keeps on doing the same action, expecting a different result. This Full Moon clearly states, “Wise UP!” within this area of our Zodiac Pie.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you. As this lunation purely packs an extra punch… Happy, Happy Reflecting…

ARIES: As your original energy is inventing more than most in the Zodiac Dear Ram, now your pioneering pursuits lead to where “I Structure.” You certainly know the transformations that are in present pondering here. Conclusions within your career require your silent listen to let them go. The public life is meant to get the review session after all the recent hard work here. See what else can alter in how you view authority, and review your place as a leader in this life.

TAURUS: It’s time for the Bull to unlock it’s stance and find time to be a true student. Now is the time to go forth and release what is no longer practical where “I Believe.” Equally, the draw to higher education and renewed philosophies calls strongly, as well as any urge to broaden your perceptions. Travel is equally on your mind as you remember a recent trip or ponder where to go next. However higher education finds you, you will feel good about tending to the garden here.

GEMINI: This is an intense time that encourages your innate adaptability to be utilized as now they’ll be no stopping the responsible energies that are unfolding where “I Transform.” If there is a personal relationship that needs a physical spark, you’ll not resist the temptation now- unite and conquer! This lunation truly draws forth a release that brings deep messages from your core. Financial investments find this to be a perfect time to investigate how to best revise them.

CANCER: Time for some decisions to arrive to how “I Relate” within your life Dear Crab. Business and personal partnerships are your area to clean up and clear out. This is no time to hide in your shell, for the review you bask in has a romantic feel all around it. As you sensitively imagine how you are taking on new and balanced approaches to life, you notice how these ultimately reflect right back to you within the ways your relationships are transforming.

LEO: You thought about the whole new health kick back in January didn’t you? It may have taken this long to manifest what worn out habits and routines no longer provide benefit to the King of the Forest, as well as how “I Serve.”  Cast off any further procrastination and release the old and tired patterns in what you do for others; a complete rebirth is magically unfolding in this area of the life. Spend some time with the pets, which allows you to become a better student.

VIRGO: Dear Virgin: Stop fussing over those details with your current love affair and imaginative adventure. Please don’t worry, because you are now in those conclusive energies where “I Create.” Lingering issues or matters with children come to a resolution. When you think well here, such power is at your fingertips.  Love affairs move to a deeper level, or exit your stage. You feel your vigor when you entertain and take the time to learn with friends and groups.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon where “I Nurture.” The home finds your heart feeling complete, as you seek to bring your Scales into further balance by finishing a long-term task here. Transformation fills your family life, and more release is ready. Don’t ignore the déjà vu experiences, they speak about what you still have to learn. Letting go of what you do not truly need in your environment allows you to feel a peace that you haven’t known in quite some time.

SCORPIO: What mental pursuit have you been awaiting to end the investigation of? Now is the time where you will see much energy shifting where “I Communicate.” You are drawn to the mind and what thinking processes you have that no longer make much sense for the future. Be cautious of anything dealing with transportation, for there may be those annoying delays or total re-workings of your plans. Siblings and neighbors equally may wish to call upon you for help.

SAGITTARIUS: Right now you are wise to keep those arrows of yours on the target of how you are managing your money and all those possessions relating to what “I Have.” It’s time to part with something, which continues the regenerative process already in motion here. Ambition finds you becoming more aware of living in your means, and if you are anxious to release any debt, you’ll learn there is a way to complete the mission. True value speaks in powerful ways to you.

CAPRICORN: The Lunar Light show shines upon you Old Goat and all that “I Am!” Worn out approaches now wish to release, even if, you may not think they are too tired and must go. Realize what needs to come to a completion within your first impressions about life. An old mask to the world you have been wearing also looks to be pulled off. You know you cannot deny the powerful regenerative force that has been asking for the student to wisely appear in patience.

AQUARIUS: You feel like detaching yourself from everything to retreat to where “I Process.” Time spent here is best for you to weed-out the old life within your deepest inner world, as the subconscious realms speak loud and clear for change. Dreams are an intense self-help guide to help you release any fears or what you may be hiding from. Any solitary time benefits you to bring on the intensities that will wish for you to absorb the education process of them.

PISCES: Take a swim in the sea of friendships and organizations Dear Fishes where “I Socialize.” These waters now arrive to a place for you to tread in awhile. Let go of a worn-out hope or wish. Is there more responsibility being asked of you from a group you belong to? Take it on, or leave it if the waters are here too stagnate. Oh and definitely don’t swim away from that unexpected invitation to socialize, it continues the regenerative process here in a friendly way.