LUNAR-O-SCOPE, New Moon in Cancer, 19 July


NEW Moon in Cancer
19 July
12:24am EDT

Emotional Sensation

We’ve let it all go from the last Full Moon in Capricorn upon the 03 July to now move forward in our emotions that wish to sensationally leap within the delicate energies of The Crab. While any given New Moon typically brings a fresh start to our feelings, bear in mind we are within the second request from our Messenger Mercury, who is not looking where he is going right now while retrograding in Leo. Be cautious of signing important legal documents with any new beginning under this Waxing Phase. However, this lunation will still request the initiation and seed planting where Cancer domesticates and sympathizes within your Zodiac Pie.

Moon enters Cancer, 16 July 8:31pm EDT to 19 July 6:13am EDT  
The virtues of imagination, parenthood, and sensitivity are natural gifts of a Moon in Cancer. Instincts are well developed and active- as strong influences from our environments shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a nurturing quality -urged to take care of whatever home and family needs are about- as time in the kitchen is equally favored. Romantic idealizations, reliving experiences and cherishing moments can all cozy up together as our Lunar Lady feels absolutely protected when visiting with the familiarity of The Crab.

New Moon, 19 July, 12:24am EDT, 26 degrees Cancer
As souls we can take this opportunity to bring forth what needs to now initiate in our lives- with emotion and spirit marking our moves. Take the next 2 weeks to plant those seeds that will, with proper intention, reap a fantastic harvest in the life further down the road. Visualize a gathering force as the Moon will travel from 26 degrees Cancer to where 10 degrees Aquarius’s energy falls within the birth chart. Even as Mercury is offering up review in Leo, this half of your Zodiac Pie is ready for a fresh emotional feel to come into play throughout 01 August.

For the Collective
While the new ideally wants to pour out from the Cancer area of our lives, we are also seeing an interesting request for structure from Saturn who, is currently finishing up his journey at 23 degrees Libra which presents a “squaring off” energy of our lives. As Saturn has brought forth his karmic changes in his slow moving process here since the fall of 2010, the dynamic of this close square between our New Moon/Sun and Saturn grants an important request. Rather than choosing to feel cornered as a square can create, these initiating energies here are able to work to bring a new foundation to all our Karmic Adjustor has asked for you to be ultimately responsible to in the last two years.

One more point of Saturn’s influence to note is the 26 degree point upon which this months’ New Moon falls, which is also guided by this planet through its’ singular 8 energy. The 26 represents the Chaldean’s understanding via numerology of Partnerships which powerfully requests to adhere to compassion and unselfishness when dealing with any one-on-one relationship. As this New Moon begins in the sign of emotion and pure sensation, the 26 also requires the presence of patience in dealing with them, and the others we are learning through our experiences from. We can find the wisdom that wishes to be shown to us here when we take a little pause in solitude under this lunation, opening up the channel of stability to unfold.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Cancer, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice when it is placed in the earlier degree points.  Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

Aries: Time for the new within the home, where “I Nurture.” While it may be where “I Relate” is trying to cause a rub- there is a new understanding that you can gain from the relationships within your family life. Once you allow this energy to emerge, solidarity between these two areas magically unfolds. Devote your curiosities to the family life and nest egg in the next two weeks, and watch doors open wide. Those flashes of déjà vu experiences speak wisdom to you now.

Taurus: Bring on those new ideas and ways of how “I Communicate.” Your energies from where “I Serve” have been in a slow process of change, and this now offers the opportunity to improve upon healthy channels of routine for the mental state to flow from. Siblings and neighbors may request your attention. Get those feelers out there if you haven’t sought to publish what is churning from your mind, for it’s time to teach everyone now what you know about patience.

Gemini: This lunation will bring some new possessions into your sense of what “I Have.” Time to change up the values to ones you will cherish, allowing a fresh sense of security to find you. Your earning power sees some stimulation, which is urging to be formed from where “I Create.” Don’t fret nor worry in your logical mind about why it seemingly has taken so long- go with the gut here. Remember who won the race, it was the tortoise in gratitude not the unaware hare.

Cancer: The spotlight of the new shines on you this month Dear Crab! It’s time for those approaches and the mask you wear to the world to look very different, all of your sense of “I Am.” Place plenty of focus on you before you naturally go out to where “I Nurture.” Should any distractions surface from the home and family life, keep in mind that all of the adaptation you’ve been through here since 2010, now formulates a true foundation that you can cozy up to.

Leo: Examining the deepest layers within your subconscious as these reveal new mysteries to you now where “I Process.” The truest sense of your soul is ready to bloom. Dreams will have a plenty to say, so be sure to write them down. A lovely change is initiating within your inner world, which takes you off the stage for a pass. Yet, this is merely looking to see how very much the ways where “I Communicate” have grown into a real stability upon which you now can rely.

Virgo: New friends and groups are to be of service to where “I Socialize.” Accept that invitation you will receive, as this is meant to start a very beneficial initiation. Hopes, wishes and dreams flourish now -keep these in the best intentions- as the Universe is completely ready to aid you in manifesting your requests. The new here is ready to work with all the learning from experience in the past two years with the entire value of what “I Have” and how you now intelligently earn it.

Libra: The career and public life sees a new path where “I Structure.” If your Scales have seemed tipped too much in your soul’s sense of “I Am,” you will be feeling your balance back. It’s been some hard work since 2010, but the world now sees you take in greater understanding in your first impressions that you ever did before. As you have more care and concern about what you do- go now and promote your work, as you equally note a fresh attitude towards authority.

Scorpio: New philosophies and spiritual quests are now here where “I Believe.” You’re no stranger to surrendering to regeneration, so rest assured this exciting energy will serve you in mysterious ways if you let in the solitude request from where “I Process.” Educational pursuits are favored to find new ways to learn. Embark upon those foreign travel adventures as well. Even if you cannot get the stamp on your passport, where you can travel to telepathically is fun.

Sagittarius: Investments aim to a more open place, but watch Mercury’s request to not sign important documents. Word about other people’s money benefits and flows towards you easily, which looks to communicate to you from where “I Socialize” creating structure where “I Transform.” Gain scope of everything surrounding you as a regenerative force intensely unfolds. A friend may wish to get intimate, but listen to the sensible one who speaks from experience.

Capricorn: It’s a journey not a destination in how your partnerships exist in your life where “I Relate.” Whatever communications misunderstandings our Messenger may be throwing your way, there is a new sense now that asks to feel good about them. You are in such a wonderful place of regeneration in your life, and while you have had to be patient in your career where “I Structure” for what seems like forever, recognize how much knowledge you’ve still gained.

Aquarius: You surely love to bring new life to things, so freshen up your health, personal habits, and routines where “I Serve.” Adaptation is in order within your working environment so don’t remain in resistance. Been thinking about a new pet? Someone at the shelter may be waiting for you. A lot has felt restricted since 2010 where “I Believe” if you weren’t responsible to it, but now, it is time to let in a fixed feel that your more patience philosophies really do serve you best.

Pisces: Your intuition senses it: unleash that vivid imagination upon a project that will keep you swimming in ultimately expressing yourself where “I Create.” Initiations flow from your lovely sensitivity, and your children may also require your immediate focus. A love affair may get spicy. Taking your own or other people’s wealth to invest in what is streaming creatively, for this can enable a true bond to where “I Transform.” Just don’t sign the papers under Mercury’s review.


19 January 2011
Full Moon,
29 degrees Cancer,
4:21PM EST

We celebrate our first Lunar Lady light show of 2011 under a Full Moon in Cancer. Our planet of emotion joins up with The Crab 2:29pm EST 17 January through 5:16pm 19 January. Less than an hour before moving into Leo, our Moon and Sun officially peak in their opposition from Cancer to Capricorn at 29 degrees, respectively. Then, the collective is offered the appropriate rhythm for contemplation, reorganization, and review as the Moon will begin to lose its’ fullness, thus the waning phase.

The requested release in the two weeks ahead gears up for the upcoming New Moon 02 February, where the opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts will once more be at our fingertips. But first, reassessments of our recent completions and considerations are absolutely fantastic to gravitate to, as a cleansing period is now upon us.

The next two weeks until the New Moon in Aquarius grants us Earthlings the necessary time to make adjustments to the activities within our lives since 04 January. Remember, we also had a Solar Eclipse occur upon this day, which triggered some auspicious new beginnings in how Capricorn works for you in the Zodiac Pie. As the old Goat prefers it, you’ll see a patient process of these initiations to unfold within your life for the next few months.

Taking things now to reflection mode, where 29 degrees Cancer falls in the piece of your Zodiac Pie indicates the area of life you ideally should focus to see where this month’s release desires to occur. Naturally, your Cancer ruled house will bring pull to the opposite house the Sun is current transiting through in Capricorn. Be sure to note this other area of life that is equally part of your star advice- pointing how to manifest personal balance, and where those new beginnings are in their ambitious stages right now.

Our first Full Moon of 2011 within Cancer casts a sympathetic, sensitive, and passive mood upon the collective -wherever The Crab is domesticated in your Zodiac Pie. The capacity to cherish and relive experiences is strong under any Cancer Moon, but beware of that typical Crab tendency to hold on too tight to the past with those clinging and pinching claws.

We can be quite influenced by our environments under a Cancer Moon passage, as the Moon is right at home in it’s native sign. Steering clear of reacting with moodiness but responding with a well-developed and active instinct will allow your imagination to let go of what is no longer necessary in this area of the life.

While it is still wise to consult your own personal chart, the collective horoscope equally has some interesting advice to share. Aside from your natal Sun Sign, if you know your rising sign (ascendant), read that passage as well, for it typically will pinpoint where in life the point of 29 degrees Cancer ultimately requests for you to release. Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the natal birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

19 January 2011, Full Moon in Cancer, 29 degrees

Aries: It’s time to let go of an issue in the home -it may be that your career is pressing you hard at present- but there is attention outside of yourself that you are wise to devote to the nest egg in the next two weeks. Focusing upon realigning your sense of comfort and security in life is time well spent. Anything within the home that you’ve been procrastinating about cleaning, now is your perfect opportunity! Don’t ignore those senses of deja-vu that may come up, these contain important messages that wish to nurture you.

Taurus: Stop clinging to a worn out idea. Learn from the past, and find some healthy channels for your imagination to regroup. Take these next two weeks to gear-up for some new career sparks that will need the room to unfold by the next new moon. Siblings and neighbors may call to you now, and if things are unsettled in these areas, work them out in your patient way. This is a great time for journal writing, as you may feel that some day, you’ll want to look back again and remember it.

Gemini: There is a possession in your life you should logically throw out, or better yet, give away to charity. Time to let in reflection in the next two weeks on what you hold dear -for what you think is absolutely secure may not be- release that old worn out value. You’ll be making room for some better philosophies to come into play. Won’t you be all the happier, having more room to put new things in the mind to believe anyway?

Cancer: It’s your month Dear Crab to be in the Lunar spotlight of reflection. There’s an entirely different emotional standpoint you’re meant to nurture from. These next two weeks request co-operation with yourself! Check those approaches, for the room you make now allows a pretty intense rebirth to initiate by the next new moon. While steering clear of being selfish, focus on you before others. People are tired of seeing this worn-out mask you wear to the world, as there isn’t any more safety behind it.

Leo: Carefully examine a deep issue within your truest sense of transcendence. Your subconscious wishes to purge. If you remember your dreams while sleeping write them down, they have a plenty to say to you about your waking world. Preparing you for some new one-on-one relationships to come by the next new moon, these two weeks will result in a serious alteration within your inner world, but it’s up to you to recognize what no longer needs to be in your own royal court.

Virgo: What’s the worry about friends or a group? If you’re holding on to someone or something that doesn’t serve you, you’re just going to get more and more nit-picky about why you don’t like it. Possibly there may be a hope or a wish unfulfilled here, so perhaps it is time to move on. Use that Mercurial logic of yours and make the right choice, and by the next new moon, you’ll be ready to serve others better than ever before. Should a spontaneous social invitation present itself, don’t shy away from it.

Libra: One thing you’ll no longer find yourself relating to is what doesn’t belong in your career and public life anymore. If not now, Saturn will make sure you listen to reason later, and that just might tip your Scales a little too much for your taste. Take some time in the next two weeks and revisit how you care about what you do- what needs refreshing? This ultimately allows the room for some new innovations to be able to emerge within your creative nature by the next new moon.

Scorpio: There’s a worn out philosophy you need to relinquish. While you are well adapted to surrendering to regeneration, rest assured over these two weeks by the next new moon there will be some invigorating energy stirring within your home and sense of security, so make the necessary room now. Try on an educational review; reflect upon a recent trip, spiritual quest, or how you’ve recently expanded within your life. These kinds of probes unravel another mystery you’ve been waiting to solve.

Sagittarius: As always, nothing is too calm within your stirring fire. It is time however to let some rebirth find you. If you would put down your arrow for a second you’d realize your aim should focus upon reflection within your wealth, other people’s money, and how you ultimately transform. Gain scope of everything surrounding you right now, for what you regenerate now and dispose of has your thinking and mentality ready to take on some of your best ideas yet by the next new moon.

Capricorn: You are always looking for excellence in those relationships. If there is a partnership or a memory of one that no longer works that is weighing you down emotionally-let it wash away with the tide. Yes, old Goat, it is tough that a tradition seems to be broken but that’s the point. Those new approaches that the recent Solar Eclipse brought you now ask to let go of past relations that aren’t meant to remain along your journey of perfection. By the next new moon, you’ll see exactly what this makes room for within all that you value in life.

Aquarius: There’s always a way you are looking to bring new life to things- best now take this to your health, habits, and that friendly way you enjoy helping others. Didn’t stick to your original resolutions? Well, here’s the opportunity to revamp your regimes and routines, which you are more than likely bored with somehow. Examine how you really bring service to others, and what can be improved upon here. By next month’s new moon in your sign, you’ll be taking on some innovative and fresh approaches, so reflect well upon your daily life now.

Pisces: You know your psychic powers do not deceive you, so what’s not been working for you creatively lately? If your imagination is feeling stuck in the past, you are wise to revisit the ways you nurture your lovely sensitivity and all it wants to initiate. There is improvement to be brought to your channels of creation. Children may also desire you to stop swimming in your vast ocean and tread some water with them for a while. And for you romantically involved Fishes, that love affair that you haven’t known exactly what to do about, may be over now.

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