LunarOScopes, 01 Oct Aries Full Moon, Let’s Really Release

Crying Out to Heal Our Wounds
Full Moon in Aries

5:05pmEDT, 01 October, Let’s Really Release & Reflect

Waning Phases always favor to let go, review, redo, and heal energetically throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie. This month our request peaks from 09 degrees Aries, to wane through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo until the first New Moon of Autumn and tenth for 2020 arrives at 23 degrees Libra 16 October. This tenth Full Moon of the new decade, 2020 and first for our Autumn season casts us into intensified reflection that is already in progress from where The Ram seeks for independent means of honoring a keen and active imagination within our lives.

Reflection, interruptions and the rerouting of all routines continues to reign loudly within the world as we are now getting into the thick of Mars Retrograde in Aries, 09 September to 13 November. We have been strongly reconsidering our emerging selves, approaches to life, self-confidence and overall appearances to the world. As the entire globe has been summoned to deeply re-examine the motivations, desires, abilities to take action within our lives as well as take a good look at ourselves during this more than serious and absolutely aggressive cycle of reflection, our preview of upcoming Mercury Retrograde attractions (13 October to 03 November) has also already started its’ Approach upon 25 September. We all will need to embrace intense review and commitment to reflection versus embark upon any important initiation or major launch of any matters of importance for long term success, as Mars Retrograde does not support them for ensured sustainability. As the Approach to Mercury Retrograde is engaged, this waning phase is riddled with more intensities that will attempt to completely overwhelm and emotionally consume us. Personal resilience is absolutely key to navigate it with soul success.

This month’s reflective energy seeks for us to once again fully understand via our continuing unfolding story of intense global realizations, where we need to be personally cultivating our own need to reset the understanding of who “I AM.” As we continue to embrace 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected experience, the “never going back again” message now demonstratively speaks the most abruptly it has all year long of how we are surrendering the past so humanity can become reborn.  

Honoring the power of allowing our oldest wounds to surface so they can be properly healed, addressed and faced head on: we will need our greatest internal source of courage in order to do so. Our lunar energy completely beckons that in order to thrive versus merely survive: our focus has to be upon the spiritual and healing aspects of our lives or we are absolutely promised to suffer otherwise. We must continue to learn from our experiences to further embrace Autumn’s Sounding of the Moderation Alarm especially relating to our individual, independent and enthusiastic natures we have within Aries. While all Full Moons of 2020 have layered in intense callings of release: this one is gripped in the most conflicting, combative, and aggressive collective energies that must be extremely and carefully filtered in order to not become swept away in complete emotional overwhelm.

This Full Moon peaking at 09 degrees Aries, reigns in a more than revealing and uprooting of what we thought the past was in truth. The veil is extremely lifted to bring forward immense conclusions and finalizations that seek our spiritual discernment to completely digest these oldest wounds in our lives, grieve them, and allow ourselves to intensely heal. As this Full Moon peak conjuncts Chiron Retrograde in Aries, it will trigger a more than walloping release upon the planet that is only properly addressed by going within, amplifying our soul’s critical need for stillness, versus become full absorbed by what is happening outside of us. 

The undeniable heeding of Staying in Your Own Lane is extremely serious to understand in order to avoid unfortunate outcomes otherwise surrounding this alarming Full Moon time. Equally as this waning phase begins, by Friday, 02 October, the waning Aries Moon conjuncts Mars Retrograde in Aries that will make those emotionally unaware appear to be completely off with their heads. As the Aries Moon Void of Course on 03 October makes a square to Saturn in Capricorn, it cries out even more to penetrating energies that will have authoritarian energies further outraged as we witness completely out of control behaviors. The outside world will unbelievably display situations of rage and despair in more shocking ways, which the suffering thereof has naturally attracted to, yet only yearns to be healed. Those who honor stillness and continue to detach from egotistical energies and reclaim their personal power by no longer giving it away will prevail in success, and remain safe in dedication and commitment to spiritual proactiveness.

Crying Out to Heal Our Wounds

Soul Homework for 01 October’s Aries Full Moon

This waning phase through 16 October, asks us to become completely open minded to how we can progress through committing to our own spirituality and working with dedicated courage to combat fear and conflicts that will be seeming on fire within our outside world. 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected points us now to pay extreme attention to where The Ram asks for easily arouse feelings to become more mindful within our lives. Taking time to write down our willingness to release especially in the tense of “I AM” allows us to recognize what we are meant to let go of on a personal level. Many full moon rituals favor writing down anything we need to clear away and let go of and then safely burn them in ceremony upon the day of the Full Moon. Place all gemstones in the Full Moon’s light to energetically cleanse them. Working with red, true blue and white are wonderful choices that resonate with Aries. Ruby is a powerful gemstone to allow self-love to channel through us, engaging our ego to heal itself. It is important to understand how the natural energy of Mars Retrograde in Aries can lead to exhaustion, for which ruby is a wonderful restorative stone to equally unblock anything standing in the way of our positivity, self-awareness and abilities to remain encouraged versus overwhelmed. Remember Full Moons are perfect timing to clear away and ideally heal energy within our lives, as we draw upon conclusions concerning what already exists.

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Autumn’s first Full Moon & 10th for 2020. Where will you be prepared to honor Crying Out to Heal Our Wounds, Dear Star?

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon really releasing who I Am, relating to your appearance, emerging self, and the mask you wear to the world. Honor your self-care to change your face to the world as you dive all the deeper into how your former ways of taking on the world are no longer able to sustain you if you truly wish to thrive. Release, grieve and heal your ego’s conflicting pains and deeper wounds so you can step into the courageous version of you that only responds in a Warrior presence.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Process, relating to your solitude, retreat, inner work your subconscious and dream state. This deep and unprecedented self-work grants you necessary insight in order to further the healing work in progress to truly cut your attachment to the karmic ties that have bound you. Honor this needed time alone to hear the answers as you become grounded in your inner world, so you can work in security from the roots of your healed soul.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Socialize, relating to your future goals, aspirations, friends, groups, peers and ultimate hopes and wishes. Energy is intensely in reflection to bring you to profound conclusions concerning what it is you no longer need to tolerate nor accept. As your future reorients, realignment is favored when you intently recognize it is time for you to courageously tell it like it is to those who need to hear it, as you rise up in taking your spiritual side to the next level.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Structure, relating to your career, public and professional life and views upon authority. Much is asking for you to take the necessary time you absolutely need in a more than profound SILENT LISTEN from within to heal the pains of your work past, and honor the truth about the critical need to reflect versus unsuccessfully attempt to put your foot on the gas otherwise. Shift your worries to the space of only being concerned.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon really releasing what I Believe, relating to your willingness to be educated, abilities to grow, foreign affairs, standing in your truth and expression of your philosophies. Remain reachable so you can receive the teachable ways you are required to adapt to that allow you to surrender old belief systems of the past. While there are some extremely difficult truths that may hurt for you to let go of, the time is now to face them and heal these wounds you no longer need to carry.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Transform, relating to your wealth, sexuality, abilities to transform, regenerate and change. This surge of rebirth equally requests you honor cleansing on the deepest level from your very core and source energy of your being. As you work with other details that surround the full scope of your entire life, be ready for the epiphany there is never any kind of going back again as you let go of the deepest pains of your former life, engaging rebirth. 

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Relate, connecting to your partnerships, legal agreements, business and personal relationships. Deeply appreciate the work you are doing for your innate abilities to seek to understand, then be understood are serving you well. Courageously walk away from any conflicts, as engaging in any angered disputes will be only regretted. Now is the time end any relationship that does not serve your highest spiritual worth and integrity to be respected. 

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Serve, relating to your habits, routines, service to self and others, and your physical health. Your lifestyle now holds you accountable to truly toss out the trash concerning any kind of activity that has only kept you tethered to continually experience the deeper pains of the past. Recognizing you are here to serve the world via a warrior path is how you now rise up to release, and surrender that once again, life has led your routines to become reborn.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Create, relating to your brain children, manifestations, physical children, love affairs and pleasures. Allow reflection to surround your creative nature with ultimate awareness that emerges when you intently connect to being grounded within your heart space. At this compelling time, remain open to what it is that you have held on to that has only caused a repeated cycle of pain to pursue, and now finalizes through healing from your heart.   

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon really releasing where I Nurture, relating to your home, family, closest environments, psyche and paternal energies. As your immediate task lies in trusting that your abilities to nourish are resetting their bar on the highest healing level, all is part of what continues to clear what you no longer need for success to work for you right at home. As intense inner psyche processing is at your finger tips, be sure to pay close attention to any deja vu moments that arise. 

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon really releasing how I Communicate, relating to your thinking, mentality, mindset, siblings and neighbors. Releasing negative thinking engages your imagination to thrive, allowing you to find flow with the most critical discerning mindset you have ever utilized up til now. As you remove and heal the deepest wounds of any former mentalities that were only holding you back, your abilities to speak will find they will only come from a sounder peace of mind.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon really releasing what I Have, relating to your sources of income, values, possessions and overall sense of security. When you surrender to knowing not only simplification but moderation is able to work in your absolute favor, you will no longer tolerate the former ways that only held you in a false and unreliable sense of security. As the possession of spirit within you is fully honored as genuine value to rely upon, you can no longer be fooled by the 3 Dimensional world. 

Attain Your Soul Certainty in these Uncertain Times. What does your Personal Forecast say for this Aries Full Moon from your natal chart?

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Wishing You and Yours Continued Safety, Awareness & Protection Always, Dear Star.

2018: Feeling the Feminine

2018.Healing.SharitaStar“Listening is a wisdom so easily overlooked, because it is feminine, receptive, hidden, and our culture values only what is visible.” 

~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Circle of Love

A New Year. The Nurturing Energy within Our Current 9 Year Cycle.
2017 leaves its’ distinctive mark on many across the globe as everyone witnessed more than their fair share of stunning new beginnings, ego-oriented situations, creative breakthroughs, heartfelt pains, triumphant joys and lifting the veil to show us the light within our human experiences that absolutely changed our perspectives and directions during the past 12 months.

Our human experiences now shift during 2018, into a new cycle that collectively co-exists alongside our spiritual beings.

No matter what the energy of the world at large is, remember your life is always your individual and unique human experience, via your own personal forecast.

2018’s Global Forecast
It’s time to activate imagination, nurturing, and feeling the power of the Divine Feminine into our practices. In the 12 months of 2018, our preferred choices are to make sure our listening skills, cooperation with others, and abilities to show we care are in the responsive energy. Casting off reactive emotional outrage -even when situations and circumstances beyond our personal control arise- will be wise to do. Our specific goals and aspirations still belong to us despite all that will continue to attempt to distract us, which always need to be carefully filtered.

2018 will be a year to know how to remain in the eye of any apparent storm.

The last time the world saw a year guided by extreme feeling and emotion was in 2009, and now is, once again, entering an intense cycle of watering the seeds just planted in 2017 to allow to our proper evolution once again as 2018 unfolds. Overall, a 2 Universal Year opens up the opportunity for our emotions to properly heal verses ignore or overreact to them. This requires embracing sensitivity and intuition with all situations that equally seek aligning in our instinct in order to properly discern them.

Equally requested is the deeper understanding of how to not permit the worlds’ problems and fears to interfere with what we are meant to focus upon within our personal experiences. This is quintessential to comprehend during 2018, as the year shifts into an even more intensified world that we will all energetically witness overall.

Individually Aligning with 2018
You do not need to be in an actual 2 Personal Year within your own forecast to see 2018’s collective energy unfold within your human experience. By following the spiritual guidance that your personal forecast precisely provides, 2018’s Universal energy seeks to compliment your own timing is everything cycles.

The year ahead is ever powerful to align us in a compassion that we are not meant to ignore in order to manifest what will need nurturing the most wherever we are within our own personal forecast. We are wise to not ignore what healing is required concerning our feelings, as we willingly adapt to a gentler and feminine energetic pulse to find success. To make the most of the collective energy that we co-exist within and are individually a part of as we evolve, remembering who we are and what our purpose is, is essential.

Let’s Look Back to Look Ahead
Over the past 9 years, on a collective level, we are all part of the larger whole that witnesses the bigger picture unfold. As we are now asked to nurture last years’ new seeds in 2018 (2), the source of sensitivity, emotional healing and imagination amongst humanity, is equally what we did on another level in 2009.

Since then….

2010 (3) burst open those seeds, aligning in new knowledge and education.
Beliefs, philosophies & growth were stimulated on a global level.

2011 (4) formulated roots that secured the initiations of 2008 within a foundation. The unexpected, breakthroughs & over coming obstacles called to all.

2012 (5) brought forth blossoming, new information, rapid movement and permanent changes. Communications, mass changes & no going back unfolded for humanity.

2013 (6) called for understanding, compassion, adjustment, and balance.
Justice, judgment & harmony asked to be aligned and embraced.

2014 (7) asked for the “soul homework” the inner work and required reflection in order to heal. Solitude, listening & remaining in the eye of the apparent storms called to be heard.

2015 (8) asked us to reap the harvest, find the recognition & accept the reward. Only practicing responsibility, patience & honor allowed this stabilizing energy to flourish.

2016 (9) motivated us to draw upon conclusions, dramatic endings and release. Penetration as well as aggressive action persisted, but a warriors’ courage was our cure.

2017 (1) new seeds of life & creation were planted, aligning in major shifts of direction. Egocentricity, creativity & stunning initiations were witnessed on a global level.

Unlocking 2018’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery: 11, A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist
While the singular energy of the 2 guides our Universal New Year, 2018 equally arrives (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 =11) at a compound number which brings further insight into navigating the months ahead overall. In Chaldean Numerology, compound number vibrations each have Chaldean Karmic Mysteries associated with them, providing us with ancient wisdom that is absolutely amazing and profound to take into consideration in our modern day.


11 A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

11 A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist
This is a number of hidden trials and treachery from others. It represents two members of the same or opposite sex- or two opposed situations. In either case, compatibility of interest is lacking, and interference from a third force must be conquered. Difficulties may also arise from the illusion of separation. It’s necessary to unite divided goals to avoid a sense of frustrated incompletion. The third interfering force can be a person or an idea; and it can take the form of a refusal to see the other side as an obstacle to harmony. The origin of the separating force must be identified, an attempt made to seek compromise. Occasionally, conflicting desires within one’s own self are seen as in a reflecting mirror. Two forces or two desires stand apart and must ultimately unite for happiness. Yet, each must remain individual, even after being joined, for each possesses its own worth. ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

11 as a Master Number
Anytime we see two of the same digits composing a compound number, Numerology views them as Master Numbers. These always, come with great responsibility. Much like the energy of natal twins -who are two of the same yet are always individual- how they choose to be cooperative with one another is how they ideally succeed or fail as a team within the life.

This analogy can easily be used to tap into the mystery of Master Numbers and how we can navigate their energy accordingly. Especially pertaining to the 11, it can be riddled with emotional overwhelm through it’s singular 2 guidance. The key to combat this tendency is, knowing how to imagine properly verses becoming stuck in worry. Whenever we shift our space of worry to concern, we immediately direct our intentions to solution seeking mode.

Worry is simply imagination out of proper alignment. This concept is key to comprehend in order for grace to unfold in 2018.

With 2018 vibrating to a Master Number 11, there will not be any lack of the world’s worries for us to decipher through. Yet, if we become consumed by them or with anything relating to emotions in our lives, we will not achieve the results we could otherwise. Once again, it goes right back to the ability to take that SILENT LISTEN, and embrace the Divine Feminine light to ordain personal success. This is the year to, as Feist sings, “Feel it ALL.”

“Everything that comes into life has two sides, a masculine and feminine quality, even love. The masculine side of love is “I love you.” Longing is the feminine side of love: “I am waiting for you. I am longing for you.” Longing is the cup waiting to be filled. And sadly, because our culture has devalued the feminine, we have repressed so much of her nature, so many of her qualities. Instead we live primarily masculine values; we are goal-oriented, competitive, driven. Masculine values even dominate our spiritual quest; we seek to be better, to improve ourself, to get somewhere. We have forgotten the feminine qualities of waiting, listening, being empty. We have dismissed the deep need of the soul, our longing, the feminine side of love.” ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Love is a Fire: The Sufi’s Mystical Journey Home

The Planetary Channel for 2018’s Cycle: The Moon
Numerology, like astrology, is directly guided by the archetypes of our planets from above. As we translate what planetary movement means for us down here below, energetic patterns are always seen to cycle amongst us. It is now time to shift into the understanding of the Moon from the initiating, heartfelt, creative, and seed-planting space that the fiery Sun’s archetype indicated would be symbolized within 2017 during our 1 Universal Year that required us to honor being the light overall.

The Moon as it influences the 2 energy symbolically translates the messages to be open to watering the seeds, getting in touch with our feelings, tuning in to others, and decide what is going to make us utilize our imagination to the fullest to envision the next 7 years so we can ultimately move forward with success. Especially so for 2018, the honorable practice of bringing healing in and being receptive to a feminine energy into our habitual space, allows for the magical and mysterious energy of the Moon to work with us to enhance our intuitive experiences.

More keys to unlock our success are seen as we look at the monthly New and Full Moons that will wax and wane during 2018, casting off their energetic affects. As we start the year right off upon an energetic Full Moon in Cancer, we simply won’t be able to deny the emotions pouring in as 2018 begins.

Be sure to keep up with your latest LunarOScopes all year long!

Precisely focusing upon the 2018’s 5 Eclipses specifically points us to what will channel on deeper levels as the collective adapts to global changes accordingly. Equally, where the Moon transits within one’s natal birth chart grants a valuable forecast of how this energy creates personal changes for the individual, as well as the specific places this year’s Eclipse degree points will fall.

Healing a Divided Humanity: Lunar Eclipse in Leo 31 January
Taking what new beginnings emerged from The Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo 21 August 2017, we have the opportunity to clear out what we no longer need for a 6 month passage of reflection from The Lion, allowing us the space to make way for more renewal to arrive by August 2018. This is a good time to check in with what our heart tells us, and throw away our judgments against others. How can we cooperate with those whom we may not agree with, and recognize we absolutely can agree to disagree?

Finding Our Courage & Compassion: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 15 February
As we had been asked to make space within our lives surrendering to what we needed to let go of since last summer’s Lunar Eclipse here 07 August 2017, now we find renewed ground to work with for the future.  The more magical we can be in what we can envision, and know we are all an important part of the picture of Oneness, the more we will pioneer the energetic pulse 2018 needs in order to embracing healing.

Awakening The Nurturer: Solar Eclipse in Cancer 12 July
In a summer amongst a Mars Retrograde (26 June to 27 August), utilizing our patience will be ultimately necessary. The recognition we are awakening to a calling of compassion intensifies like never before. Charitable acts are favored as well as becoming very aware of how through the hands of cooperation verses clenching our fists, we are able to solve many more problems.

Practicing the Pause: Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 27 July
In a summer amongst a Mars Retrograde (26 June to 27 August) and Mercury Retrograde (26 July to 19 August) this eclipse will not fall short on needing listening skills in order to filter the extreme energetic pulse it will contain. Those in a rush, absolutely will find, they will not be getting ahead. This will be a true time to take it easy, be cautious with any future plans, and listen carefully.

Listening to The Divine Truth: Solar Eclipse in Leo 11 August
In a summer amongst a Mars Retrograde (26 June to 27 August) and Mercury Retrograde (26 July to 19 August) this eclipse brings us full circle from the beginnings we saw from The Great American Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017. More courage, patience and willingness to own our truth will be required to work with Summer 2018’s continued request for reflection until our inner planet’s Mars & Mercury respectfully turn Direct to witness this Eclipses’ energetic affect begin to manifest. A strong calling to forget about materialism and simplify to a more sensitized spirituality will undeniably speak.

Forget Reacting to Emotions & Choose to Respond to Them
Those opting to take a ride on the rollercoaster of overwhelm without pausing and getting in touch with their feelings as well as not having a genuine regard for others will not be well supported in 2018. Those exercising moves made in emotional turmoil will find they have not water their seeds properly, and their garden’s future growth will become stagnant.

Wisdom can be ours as we become reserved and take on the role of the quiet observer concerning what is circulating around us, rather than expect the world to be nurturing and healing us. Seeing where a healthy imagination is needed the most throughout 2018, allows us to properly water our seeds so that we will reap a rich harvest within our lives by 2024.

Being uncomfortable at first with getting in touch with what we are feeling in times of uncertainty -and moving beyond fear to stop imagining the worst- will be felt across the board in 2018. The positive or negative of whatever humanity wishes to nurture and heal in deepest connections to what will conclude by 2025, it now shall find the cooperative force to do so.

Feeling the Feminine, Divinely
“The feminine has deep understanding of the power of matter. Women carry the instinctual knowing of the divine substance in matter and of how to bring this substance into life, because this knowledge is fundamental in the process of giving birth, in bringing a soul into human form. Now this wisdom is needed for the regeneration of the earth, for the earth’s awakening.”  ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Awakening the World: A Global Dimension to Spiritual Practice

Choosing to stand in the light of the feminine as we imagine will be an amicable choice to make in 2018 to be able to move throughout the year with ultimate success. The guidance of love backing up our nurturing intentions equally promises long term fulfillment to unfold.

No matter what the world at large will choose to do, if we remember who we personally are and exhibit our listening skills, abilities to care and shift our worries to concerns- anyone in 2018 is allowed watch their personal win-wins unfold. Always remember to keep your cup full, nurture the self first, and you will channel your own divine feminine light to others in the best ways they are meant to flow.

Divinations & Judgments for Our 2018 Universal Year
2 Maturity

The divination meaning of 2 & ‘Maturity’ states: “The rod is experience and the ruler and master of all things.”

2’s Judgment: “All things are learned with time and fire.” ~Nostradamus

11 Virtue

The divination meaning of 11 & ‘Virtue’ states: “She bridles a lion to show that she restrains the animalistic part of man.”

11’s Judgment: “May the plumb-thumb rule always be in the middle and not lean towards the ends.” ~Nostradamus

Wishing You the Best to Get in Touch with 2018’s Cycle of Feeling the Feminine and Divinely Love in your individual human experience, Dear Star. Happy New Year. Namaste.

Sharita was honored to be a Special Guest on ‘The Experience,’ Listen at your leisure to a hearty and delicious discussion with Nora Yolles-Young about how very much timing is everything as well as how the stars look at the energy of 2018.