Simply Spirit & Star Sessions

Attaining Soul Certainty in Uncertain Times

We are all in an unprecedented time of uncertainty not only in America, but for our world at large. Nevertheless, what is unfolding now across the globe that is undeniably touching each and every one of our lives, was absolutely foreseen to be occurring in the energetic pulse of 2020’s promise of Awakening the Unexpected, which now undeniably asks us all to honor Becoming Friends with Simplification.

This is now humanity’s heralded time to heal, come together and reset our personal experiences in order to move forward in a powerful and completely simplified way.

Be certain the most important energetic fact to understand is:
Dear Star, you are still an individual in this entire experience and not only are your Loved Ones in Spirit completely available to help guide you and your family at this time; so too is your Current Forecast able to connect the dots with your timing is everything scope for how you are able to work with successfully reframing your habits and routines to serve your highest good. We all are asking similar questions right now, yet our answers will still be individual to provide us with specific solutions moving forward.

Perhaps you have fallen into the category of losing your job. What can you do next?

How can you manage working from home now, especially if you have children who are now with you?

If you are still one of the new heros in the work force, how can you remain safe and protected?

To help serve you Dear Star, Psychic Medium Glenn Klausner and Astrologer & Numerologist Sharita Star have joined forces to provide you with the ability to attain affordable and accurate insight. Not only to bring comfort to you, but to align peace of mind in these intensely changing times with solid affirmations of how your personal experience in this EARTH HEART Shift is absolutely still valid as it connects to the greater part of thewhole.

One of the most important practices in our Shelter in Place time now is to be taking a SILENT LISTEN.

Simply Spirit and Star Sessions

Recorded Phone Consultations
Dear Star, your immediate needs of attaining scope and perspective to move forward with soul certainty have prompted Glenn and Sharita to now be offering the following session options.

Sharita will need you to provide your full date of birth, time & place.

From there, Spirit will guide Glenn to begin your session, as Sharita will have your Personal Forecast prepared to tie in to Spirit’s conversation.

Your take away and end result grants you a bird’s eye view of how 2020’sAwakening the Unexpected human experience and becoming friends with simplification wishes for you to erase your fears and see what is possible in a brand new paradigm.

$150 | 60 minutes Recording

$300 | 90 minutes Recording & Forecast pdfs

Skype, What’s App or Facetime Online Parties & Galleries
Virtual Gatherings are the hottest new trend as we are all sheltered in place! Come together with your preferred group and receive messages from Spirit combined with a introduction to your Current Forecast. | Individual Group Rates will vary depending upon party versus gallery size to determine an affordable per person or hourly rate.

By Appointment and Availability Only

PLEASE NOTE: If finances have become an area of concern for you and your family Dear Star due to job loss, please inquire about your particular situation and we can discuss payment options to still be able to suit your needs.

What Can Your Experience & Take Aways Be Like Dear Star?

“I worked with Sharita years ago and wrote down everything she said in a notebook that I referred to every now and again to compare what she said to what was actually occurring. She was right on! She has a knack for not just getting a chart right on but also for attracting fun and insightful talent to join her in her readings. She always brings something magical into a practical and applicable light that. Her reading is understandable for both the novice and the pro.” ~Nicole Gabriel, Book Publishing & Design Coach, Utah (

Dear Sharita and Glenn, Thank you for waiting for my review. A simple request and yet took me weeks to respond back. still digesting and at the same time thankful for you both your  insights. My mind has been all over the place and taking a deep dive within and trying to decipher all the messages received.  Sharita you are spot on as always and Glenn for adding the surprises during the session. I walked away at peace despite the turmoil in the world. The calm energy was there and lots of warmth. It was emotional but uplifting at the same time. Thank you both for this lovely and wonderful opportunity. I would recommend to anyone who is on their personal spiritual journey.” ~Maria, NY 

“Sharita and Glenn combine their intuition and divine knowledge is a session that is unique, intuition and informative. They go another step beyond delivering the messages to helping you understand and act upon them. This is session both rooted and uplifted me which is priceless at a time like this!” ~Sarah Ruback, NY

“Sharita Star and Glenn Klausner provided a fun and meaningful reading for me. Sharita had already done my personal year forecast, so she was really able to tie things together for me. She has a unique way of explaining a forecast with her expertise in numerology and astrology, and Glenn, a psychic, provided even more insight. Sharita and Glenn are a great team! I highly recommend each of them individually and together!” ~Liz, NYC

Sharita and Glenn make the perfect team as they combine their gifts together in these sessions! It’s like double confirmation!! It helped me find clarity and also reassured me that I’m on the right path. I would recommend their sessions to anyone wanting guidance in their lives! I had a sense of relief after the session and will continue listening to my recording over and over again for inspiration! Thank you both!” ~Brian Godfrey, Sports Therapist & Inspirational Speaker, BPG Activewear, Utah

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Sharita has worked many times over the years with different healers and psychics and this fusion reading platform is always amazing to powerfully connect the dots between the spirit world and how your natural forecast have an aligned story to tell you in unison. At this more than necessary time in human history to better understand ourselves, energy and reframe our paradigms across the board, Sharita is honored to be joining forces with Psychic Medium Glenn Klausner.

Psychic Medium Glenn Klausner

About Glenn:

Glenn Klausner is a nationally and internationally renowned Psychic Medium residing in New York City, who for over 20 years has been reuniting thousands of people from all over the world with their loved ones who have transitioned.

He exhibited intuitive abilities with communicating to Non-Physical Spirits at the age of four by making predictions and relaying messages for family, and friends. As a teenager, he further explored these abilities through his communications with The Spirit World, and by the early 1990’s he began conducting readings for a growing and steady clientele worldwide.

Glenn has been featured since 2002 as a Tested Legitimate Medium on Bob Olson’s website,

In addition to communicating with departed loved ones (humans & pets), he also gives psychic readings and intuitive coaching for every day life guidance. He is available for seminars, teaching classes, media appearances and consultations to assist families with intuitive children.