LunarOScopes, 18 May 2015, Let’s Begin (Carefully)


New Moon in Taurus, 18 May
Where Will You Feel Initiations & Fresh Starts?

What Are Your Feelings? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises that our feelings guide our thinking as we create our lives. Lunar energy is astrologically in charge of how our human emotions play out down here below. Each month, a New Moon marks a waxing cycle promoting start up energy while a Full Moon unfolds a waning cycle allowing completion, reflection and release. LunarOScopes capture this natural rhythm with specific forecasting advice, timing when your Sun Sign naturally benefits from initiation or letting go.

Being our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, so too do our feelings down here below mirror these precise patterns that ultimately change our moods and sensations. Keeping our emotions healthy allows us to properly manifest our individual lives, as these cycles flavor us all uniquely.

New Moons start Waxing Phases, Let’s Begin
This two-week cycle normally favors actions involving anything new, as increasing energy moves forward throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie until the next Full Moon in Sagittarius 02 June. However, the second Mercury Retrograde of 2015 begins later on the same day as our Taurus New Moon. Astrological law declares to be extremely careful with anything your free will decides to initiate for long-term success under this cycle that ultimately favors reflection and review instead.

Moon Void of Courses (Moon VOC) Time Out Periods
Even under a Waxing Phase, you will not wish to plan, plant, purchase, or initiate anything of importance is when the Moon is Void of Course. It is even more critical during the current Mercury Retrograde cycle as well, to be well aware of when it is Moon VOC. This astrological passage occurs every couple days during our business and workweek, marking the critical request to take up in more reflective acts in solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in weekly with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for the calendar’s most current Moon Void of Course times.

Reminder: Mercury Retrograde 18 May to 11 June
The request to review, reflect and redo since 11 February’s actions.
Mercury Retrograde passages specifically favor engaging in reflection, recharge and renew over its’ 3 week passage. To the best of our free wills’ ability, careful planning must be met so we do not start new things that we wish to have long-term success with. Mercury guides all forms of communication, thinking, mentality, movement & travel of any kind. During a Retrograde cycle, his backtracking through the Zodiac creates natural interruptions, rerouting and flux concerning these areas and within our schedules. Having our back-up plans ready to go is recommended as we anticipate change and honor the value of this natural offering to rest, reconnect, review and release.
Approach Begins:  04 May | Shadow Ends: 27 June

What’s Your Sun Sign?
The simplicity of your natal sun sign is a marvelous focal point to align peace of mind about what is naturally beginning with feeling within your life this lunar month.

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Have.
Giving gratitude for what you already have seems to only make room in our lives for more. Honoring this practice, opens doors to value you can rely on for your earning power, patiently calling you to far greater responsibility, remembering it has everything to do with spiritual growth where you believe.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with who I Am.
New flavors surround your approaches to life, as the world absolutely looks at you differently. The new mask you have been building to create a different appearance, now recognizes the wisdom in progress changing you from the core, as your rebirth is a powerful vehicle equally educating you.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Process.
The time in the silent listen now unfolds more rewards as you keep honoring your solitude, with new routines here finding you. Those you partner with must understand this honoring of the soul -yet if resistance tugs at you- seek to empathize with their perspective, where your patience will be required.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Socialize.
Inspiration about the future asks for further focus upon your goals along with your hopes and wishes for it, as new friends and groups stir into this mix. Your challenges still lie in the recognition and full acceptance of what must change surrounding your service to others, your habits, routines and health.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Structure.
As you’ve duly noted initiations emerging in your career and public life, now you must honor the endurance it will take to move them forward. As the serene journey to restructure your creative nature carries on, remember slow and steady change allows you to shine the best upon your stage.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Believe.
If you’ve understood how your philosophies in life are changing, trust now, these are ready for steady growth. Long journeys ask to spiritually educate you. What is of importance to note is your home and family life, which is where your responsibility and stable reorganization of it, opens every other door.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Transform.
Spring always marks your most regenerative time of the year, as a genuine presence of rebirthing energy concerning your wealth and core state of being is being felt. Make sure you are not resisting the equal changes that are in motion, albeit slowly, to master your mind, instead of it mastering you.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Relate.
No stranger to intense changes surrounding you, you already know these presently speak of matters relating to what new partnerships are able to offer you. Be cautious of what you sign, especially if it involves your earning power, and know no fast changes here now will unfold any long-term success.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Serve.
If you’ve put down your arrows and listened recently, intuition has spoken to you already about changes concerning your abilities to serve your health, habit & routines. As all approaches to your life are restructuring as well, these won’t flow if you are not simply honoring your own personal truth.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Create.
Your creative nature is quite alive with spring fever these days, and there are more ways you’ll find it to remain in bloom. Children or any kind of brain-children are on your feeling radar. What you can create receives wisdom when you take necessary time alone to process and listen to your inner voice.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with how I Nurture.
As new energy unfolds for your home and family life, be on the look out for those flashes of déjà vu, which will channel important learning you will appreciate connecting to. Furthermore, as you allow it to make sense with what it really takes to responsibility activate your future goals, prophecy is yours.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Communicate.
With your mindset already brewing away in recent weeks, this path now brings stability and grounding to your brainstorms, and this refreshed thinking is welcomed. Make sure you utilize it to the fullest to work with the restructuring in motion within your career and public life as rewards here pursue.

Other Need To Knows About What May’s New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Taurus How Our Feelings Find Contentment
16 May, 3:02am EDT to 18 May, 5:27am EDT
Element: Earth | Moon Transits in earth signs attract practicality, grounding and sensibility
Engage: conservation, resourcefulness, sensuality, endurance, meditation, intuition, persistence
Avoid: materialism, lethargy, obstinacy, possessiveness, stubbornness, stagnation, impatience

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
18 May, 12:13am EDT, 26 degrees Taurus
Consciously Aim For: Security
Waning Phase: 26 degrees Taurus to 11 degrees Sagittarius
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 02 June.
Moon Void of Course: 12:13am to 5:27am EDT 18 May, Moon enters Gemini

26 degree point lunation’s are always ones that should be carefully monitored, examining our associations with ultimate responsibility in mind concerning the new beginnings within our life. This month absolutely requires our mindfulness of ‘Partnerships’ that the 26’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery proclaims:

“This compound number vibrates, in a strange way, to a unique kind of power, based on compassion and unselfishness, with the ability to help others, but not always the Self. 26 is full of contradictions. It warns of dangers, disappointments, and failure, especially regarding the ambitions, brought about through bad advice, association with others, and unhappy partnerships of all kinds.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Two important reasons why this Taurus New Moon asks for extra awareness concerning what’s new is, that one: as it starts, it simultaneously begins a reflective Moon Void of Course passage. Two, Mercury is on the station to go Retrograde by the evening in the neighboring sign of Gemini. As normal astrological advice dictates, it is wise to be cautious about decisions and initiations for long-term success under Mercury Retrograde, despite a New Moon kicking off another waxing phase.

We’ll all be able to identify new energy speaking from our Taurus slice of life, yet this energy will be extremely slow moving in the ways it shows us it is making progress in our favor. Aside from the 26’s energy naturally asking for patience and careful considerations, this New Moon is also in a loose opposition to the planet of regulation and often times of restriction himself. Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius enhances the larger picture pointing to this waxing phase being one where, if you don’t need to be in a rush to get things properly done, you’ll be far better off taking your time. Learn from the experiences surrounding you so you can embrace true growth. Certainly, take your time when you can in our busy bee world to stop, smell, and absolutely admire the Spring flowers for these next couple weeks.

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
~Consult a professional astrologer to receive an accurate analysis of your natal chart.
~Your natal chart points to where more intimate conclusions unfold this month.
~Look to your natal planetary placements: do any aspect this lunation’s degree point?
~Your natal chart’s view always works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScopes read.

Wishing You Aligned Emotions and Happy Attracting Dear Stars! Namaste.

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LunarOScope, 06 November, Let’s Release


Full Moon in Taurus, 06 November, 5:23pm EST
Where Will You Feel Release and Conclusions?

What Are You Feeling? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises if you are not feeling good, you won’t think all too well either to be able to manifest the life you wish to see through belief. As we look to our Lunar Lady -who is astrologically in charge from up above of the possibilities our human emotions and feelings will channel down here below- she provides us with the perfect advice. Our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, and so too do our changing feelings match these precise patterns. Lunar energy peaks through what begins or releases every New and Full Moon, and as we focus upon where these cycles unfold in our individual lives, a natural rhythm is ours to align in.

Full Moons & Waning Phases Time To Reflect and Relax
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you are favored to naturally allow the space to let go from this area of your life. Remember with all Full Moons as they start another Waning Phase, this two-week time frame until our next New Moon 22 November extremely favors review and redo while we equally conclude the shadow of our recent Mercury Retrograde passage. As we arrive at a New Moon in Taurus within 6 months, what is concluding now will make the ultimate space for new seeds to be planted here later on.

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
Always consult a professional astrologer to determine the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart, determined from your time and place of birth. Knowing the specific area of life where 14 degrees Taurus is placed in your personal zodiac pie, precisely points to a deeper view of where further reflection and conclusions are calling to you. Do you have any natal planets placed near 14 degree points that are activated by this lunation? Your natal charts’ advice provides the intimate perspective, which works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScope read.

Waning Moons and Moon Void of Courses
Favored “timeouts” within our regular routines
The number one rule of thumb under a waning moon cycle is to carefully monitor anything beginning in the life -and as the natural Moon Void of Course passages occur- the request to remain in review of our lives is even more heightened, as a “double layer cake” of reflection is favored. Be mindful of when the Moon goes Void of Course every couple days during our business and work week especially- as these times mark the request of taking up in our solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times.

Reminder: Shadow of Mercury Retrograde 04 to 25 October
The request to review, reflect and redo since 01 July’s actions.
Mercury is our planet who guides over our communications, thinking, mentality and movement of any kind. During his most recent Retrograde cycle, his backtracking through the Zodiac created those natural interruptions, rerouting and flux within our schedules- where having our back-up plans ready to go was always recommended as we anticipated change.  The Shadow passage from 25 October to 10 November offers us the opportunity to remedy and correct anything that might have been made in error under the retrograde passage. As our focus shifts from the request to review, redo and reflect -the green light to take action once again says go, albeit under our natural waning phase through 22 November, we are wise to still proceed with caution.
Approach Began:  14 Sept
Shadow Ends: 10 Nov

ARIES: It’s time to release what I Have.
Direct yourself to changes within your values, taking stock of your personal possessions and how you earn your dollars. A worn-out sense of security is free to release here now- clearing out clutter in the home is ideal- but do shop now for bargains. All in all, this activity is pleased you recognize it is time for equal and necessary changes to arrive in your career and public life.

TAURUS: It’s time to release who I Am.
Release tired and weary approaches to your life, and allow the world to see a revised you. There is a silent listen here that requires your innate patience. Avoid surgery over this lunation, and take true time to focus upon you to re-activate the self. If an educational or travel pursuit finds you, pay close attention, for this is an important part of altering what you believe for the better.

GEMINI: It’s time to release where I Process.
Unite the energies within those unseen places and deeper ideas where the spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call.  Quiet your chatty self, and take some cherished time in solitude. Your nighttime dreams are primed to relate intuitive clues about your waking world, which completes another transformation process involving your state of wealth.

CANCER: It’s time to release where I Socialize.
Go with your gut and focus upon reexamining your hopes and wishes. If a group, friends or cause no longer works -don’t remain in your shell- release what no longer needs your charity or nurturing. Accept the unexpected invitation to socialize, yet still listen intently, observing others. There is a key one on one relationship here that will peak your interest to become familiar with.

LEO: It’s time to release where I Structure.
Redefine what harvest, stability, and reward really mean to your career. Completion emerges within that public life you reign so well Lion. Reflect upon promoting or starting-up a new business. If your proper legwork is in place, be ready to be recognized. Your views shift on authority, as you now dynamically rebirth how you are of service to self and the world at large.

VIRGO: It’s time to release what I Believe.
Inspiration fuels you to ponder upon your philosophies. The urge to travel and take a trip may have you looking back upon ones you’ve had, or make plans for more perfect ones in the future- all broadens your views of the world. Revisit adventures that engage your expansion and renew educational pursuits- this stimulates creativity within you are meant to explore and complete.

LIBRA: It’s time to release where I Transform.
You’ll weigh the pros and cons, focusing upon your securities, investments, other people’s money and your wealth.  Consider future decisions for changes here. Enjoy any passionate, sexy feelings. Review your core desiring to regenerate- these emotions intensely urge rebirth. There are ways you’ll instinctively sense what needs more immediate nurturing at home with the family.

SCORPIO: It’s time to release where I Relate.
Your partnerships -romantic or business- are revealing the truth of the matter. Consider your options of who should stay or go, as this waning period makes or breaks future successes, so become the observer here and use your innate knowing. Whoever really connects the best to the ideas you are pioneering right now, are those that will move forward with you in your power.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to release where I Serve.
Your arrows aim towards your health Dear Archer, feeling improvements as you let go of old habits and find renewed and honest feelings for yourself. Your service to others also sees a natural reworking- so let go of worn-out routines and old patterns. Listen carefully to co-workers. All in all if this cleansing allows you to increase your earning power, this is value you can rely on.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to release where I Create.
Welcome the request to focus upon what your creative nature desires in full attention to complete. Whatever your current project involves, properly discern inspired ideas. Playful feelings surround you- share time with kids or “brain children.” Let an old love affair exit your stage. This is a potent time to positively change your approaches to life, and know rebirth is meant for you.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to release where I Nurture.
Re-invent the home and your environments Water Bearer, rejuvenating these areas of the life to allow your individual way of doing things to flourish all the more. Family time is rewarding when you listen. Déjà vu experiences speak strongly with prophecy. This is a stunning time to refine your entire solitary schedule, benefiting from the joys of the soul in retreat and inner work.

PISCES: It’s time to release where I Communicate.
Your mentality swims in reflective waters, ready to absorb time in review like a sponge concerning your ideas. Short trips come to mind. Writing easily offers a source of healing here. Use your intuition to release old thinking. Siblings or neighbors may call upon you. You arrive at equal conclusions about friends and groups, which share clues about your hopes and wishes.

Other Need To Knows About What The Full Moon Means For You

Moon enters Taurus How Our Feelings Find Contentment
4:33pm EST 05 November to 8:45pm EST 07 November
Engage: conservation, resourcefulness, sensuality, endurance, meditation, intuition, persistence
Avoid: materialism, lethargy, obstinacy, possessiveness, stubbornness, stagnation, impatience

Full Moon, When Our Feelings Find Release
5:23pmm EST 06 November, 14 deg Taurus
Consciously Aim For: Security
Waning Phase: 14 degrees Taurus to 0 degrees Sagittarius
Energy completes and releases within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 22 November.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
07 November, 11:17am to 8:45pm EST
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized astrological time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. As we welcome our second waning moon of Autumn, when our Waning Taurus Moon opposes Saturn at 24 degrees Scorpio we will be asked to hold off and remain in pure reflection and review until it enters Gemini.

14 Movement – Challenge A Karmic Mystery to Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our energy properly, this Full Moon request at the 14th degree point indicates there is plenty of energy circulating within our communications to absorb as we experience what must emotionally release. The 14 is a number the Chaldeans coined as ‘Movement – Challenge’: “Magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing and all media-related matters is associated with the 14. Periodic changes in business and partnerships of all kinds are usually beneficial. Dealing with speculative matters brings luck, likewise movement and travel associated with combinations of people and nations can be fortunate. However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever present. 14 warns of danger from accidents related to natural elements, i.e.: fire, flood, earth-quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tempests, and so forth. (This is not an absolute, merely a warning to be cautious.) There is a risk involved in depending on the word of those who misrepresent a situation. It’s a mistake to rely on others. Rely on the intuition, the self, the voice within. The luck of the 14 includes money dealings and speculative projects, or betting, but there’s always danger of loss due to wrong advice from others, or over confidence.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Every Full Moon casts the energy off for a completely reflective feel to be fully examined and exposed from the specific area of life it peaks within. At this 14 degree point, upon the 6th day of the month, it may be very, very interesting to monitor situations where finances and all agreements are involved. While the 14 is associated with a pure moving of the masses potential, it is with careful listening and more reliance on the self to receive the answers necessary to properly do so. Upon the 6th, there will be understanding required to align our energy properly.

Be Ready to Allow Change to Motivate Transformation
The real key to navigating this Full Moon is to remain adaptable from the Taurus area of life so release can unfold, which requires the innate quality this sign posses of patience. Our robust Lunar Lady will trine Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, easily opening up the channel to motivate grounding changes to unfold speaking with rebirth between The Bull and The Goat’s presence within our lives. The collective intuition will be deep and solid, as practical emotions will be felt, calling for an earthen awareness to get back to nature to listen to our truth.

Wishing you aligned emotions & freedom with your feelings, Dear Stars. Namaste.

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LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Taurus, 2010

NEW Moon in Taurus, 13 May, 9:04pm EDT

Once again, our Moon is in sync with the initiations of our Sun! A NEW Moon in Taurus brings forth deep, intuitive, and sensuous feelings as our Lunar Light takes a stance with The Bull, Wednesday 12 May, 2:48am EDT, until Friday, 14 May at 9:18am EDT.

Opportunity is knocking at the collective’s door at this time of the month when our emotions become anew. When our New Moon embarks in the practical and patience energies of Taurus -the sign that consciously aims for security- we are now ready to really take on an enduring and resourceful spirit. Earth is Taurus’s elemental influence, so look to this passage to allow feelings to take root, and “fix” into a grounding force.

Taurus energy must beware of dogged, materialistic, lethargic, and obstinate behaviors that may arise. When any possessive energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to unimaginative and reactionary tendencies. While a strong sense of values and patience mark any Taurus passage, the cultivation of enterprise, adaptability, and vision are equally wise to adhere to.

Be sure to check the Taurus House, in particular the 23-degree Taurus spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a new energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that requests an initiation in the next two weeks to follow. Seeds that you plant in this section of your Zodiac pie until the next Full Moon upon 27 May are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

REmember, the recent Mercury Retrograde passage in Taurus is now engaged in the Shadow period through the 28 May. You’ll undoubtedly see plenty of re-workings unfold in this area of the life that may have seen their upsets over 18 April – 11 May. Once again, the Universe is right in time to smooth out any wrinkles Mercury may have caused.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Taurus, 2010

Now that all the attention has diverted away from you, there is a direction you’ll be in the mood to lead yourself to that brings on a renewed sense of values while taking stock of your personal possessions. How you earn your dollars may find a new channel to flow from. Mercury recently toyed with your sense of security, but feel free to make positive choices here now. But of course you love making those impulsive purchases- and you’ll find a necessary one that emerges that serves a practical purpose to ground your fire a bit.

Taurus: It’s your month solid Bull to try on some new approaches. Be ready for some exciting and stirring feelings that may just uproot you a little bit. We know you like slower changes, but right now, don’t resist the new energy wishing to find you! Avoid surgery over these dates, and take time to focus upon you, as this is the perfect time to activate the self. The world is anxious to see the completion of new mask that is ready to be unveiled.

Gemini: It may not seem logical for both sides of you, but it is time to continue on that dive into those inner places and deeper waters in your life. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you to really get away from your chatty self, so don’t be in a disconnect. There is such value in the inner security you’ll discover, and with that cleverness you innately have, it’ll be something you’ll carry in your communications for a long time to come.

Cancer: Mercury just had a lot of fun playing tricks in your house of friendships. Whatever may have cleared out, there still are new people you are meant to move forward with Dear Crab, and whatever reconnections found you- keep these contacts going again. If there is a group or cause you’ve been thinking about joining, don’t remain in your shell, the time is now to allow an original energy to flow here. Accept that possible unexpected invitation to socialize, for there is a renewed sense of patience, contentment, and familiarity you’ll gain from attending.

Leo: There is a definite harvest, stability, and reward ready to bestow itself upon your career and public life. Now that Mercury worked out what you no longer need, are you ready to take on another piece of the forest oh kingly Lion? Equally, this is a fantastic time to promote or start a new business, or, expect a nice recognition to come your way if you’ve done your proper legwork to receive it. Although truly no one should be in charge of the show but you, consider a new view within your take on authority that you may not have been responsible to up till now.

Virgo: Inspiration is fueling where you’ve been reflecting upon your philosophies since Taurus began, even if Mercury felt like confusing the matter for you as of late. Need to take a trip Virgin? This is a prime time to plan one, take one, or find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. There is wonderful opportunity to keep igniting your urges to expand, as you find some new educational pursuits that are meant to serve you for the long-term.

Libra: Now is not the time to be wishy-washy concerning your securities and investments, but take the lead and come to decisions about any changes in these areas. Mercury recently opened the doors to the transformations that now urge completion, as you should feel a rebirth like never before. We know your beautiful and charming, but be even friendlier to those sexy feelings that have been stirring in the air- just be patient when taking action!

Scorpio: Mercury played his fair share of tricks upon your partnerships- romantic business, or otherwise as of late hasn’t he? Now, you’ll find the people you continue to connect with over this waxing period are of special importance to your future endeavors. You’ll find a positive forward motion to make practical plans with all of your relationships, and be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sagittarius: Aim your arrows towards your health Dear Archer, because all you’ve been feeling as of late is now ready to bring on the improvement! How you serve others has also been in the process of reworking itself, and the forward flow you’ve been seeking unleashes. Try on some new routine and habits. If you are thinking about a new pet, there’s someone out there just waiting for your kindness and generosity to find them.

Capricorn: While you always enjoy the ambitious pursuit, it is your creative nature that now desires your full attention Old Goat. Perfection is never too far away from you, and this energy will watch over whatever your current project involves. Mercury has recently been communicating some playful feelings to you, especially loving any contacts with children. “Brain children” or your offspring equally want to captivate your attention now. There is a passion here for you to embrace that is meant to take center-stage.

Aquarius: Have you been re-inventing in the home Water Bearer? Mercury has been giving you plenty to think about how to improve this area of the life. Now it’s time to move forward with your individual way of doing things. Family welcomes your innovative ideas for change, and are more than likely sorry for any recent rough communications. We already know you possess a prophetic nature, but be on the look-out for those psychic and déjà vu experiences, as there are important messages you can tap into now.

Pisces: There are fresh waters your mentality and thinking have been swimming in as of late Dear Fishes. Whilst Mercury may have caused some confusion that will now be cleared up, your mental capacity is ready to absorb like a sponge. Wondering about that short trip you’ve wanted to go on? Plan it! There is a total new direction your intuitive mind takes, and it’s meant to show a revelation that takes a strong root in your life now. One more word of advice: it takes patience to let things grow.