A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Taurus

09 May 

1:14am EDT 


After all the excitement our Messenger pioneered within Aries, now it is time to slow the mental pace down and get serious into conventional, diplomatic and constructive methods of expression. Ideas come in limited capacities, in where, they are more pleased by deliberate and well-drilled concentration verses inspiration and spontaneity. Again, honing in on intuition grants the patient voice of Taurus to speak with the innate wisdom necessary to let the collective think for this pass in stability.

Even as our Lunar Lady still wanes through 20 May, Mercury practically opens the lines of conversation up easily with Mars at 08 deg Virgo as he reaches 08 deg Taurus 13 May. As Mars is taking all of his recent Retrograde review in forward motion, look to the connection between these two areas of the life to bring forth shrewd, resourceful and confident ideas. Much quick-wit is able to be attained as this stimulation to the collective’s mentality offers up a fast pace that will make those thoughts all the more forthright in their messages.

Mercury’s energy at 09 deg Taurus meets up with ease to chat with how Pluto at 09 deg Capricorn is offering review under Retrograde in the life on 14 May . As the turns of transformation are unfolding where The Goat works hard in your Zodiac Pie, working with this trine allows for sharpening of the intellect in intense ways. Make note of what comes into play from these two areas of the life, as they find agreeable avenues to make changes occur under.

Right after our upcoming Solar Eclipse in Gemini 20 May, Mercury connects upon 22 May with the abundance of Jupiter at 25 deg Taurus. Where The Bull is patient, this now receives expansive and philosophical communications that wish to change up beliefs here. Reap the rewards that the fertile mind is able to enjoy and be easily educated by, as hope is happily part of the mental picture that can be made.

Enjoy all the steady conversation our Messenger wishes to share with you within The Bull throughout 24 May! 

A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Aries

16 April

6:42pm EDT

We move ever-closer to the Shadow passage of our 1st Mercury Retrograde being over as our Messenger re-enters Aries today. Our Messenger was last here upon 02 March moving forward under the Approach.  Whatever unfinished business still in need of ironing out the kinks, will come to pass as the Shadow concludes when Mercury reaches 06 degrees Aries again upon 22 April.As Mercury journeys once more with The Ram, communications in this area of the Zodiac Pie are directed to take the lead; engaging in alert, clever and spirited methods of expression. Remember under this transit, going with your very first thoughts brings the best outcomes- second guessing things ends up with unfavored results. Spontaneous thoughts are sure to find the collective requesting adaptation to be utilized.

As these early Aries degrees in your personal piece of the Zodiac Pie finish up the recent MRx Shadow, anticipate some communication stirs and changes to still find you. Energies after 22 April will then be in full speed ahead to exhibit alert, quick, and inspired perceptions about what ideally is meant to shift and alter in this area of the life. As with any Aries transit, cultivating concentration, patience, repose, and restraint to the excitability unfolding here, makes for all the more successful outcomes.

Where will you get word about what should be moving, talking and altering in the life?
From the collective perspective, take a peak! If you know your rising sign, and it falls in the early degrees of it, then read that too for another glance at how your natal birth chart is calling for The Messenger to grace you with plenty of conversation throughout 09 May.

1st Approaches & Impressions/Mask to the World/Motivations


12th Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past

11th Innovations/Friendships/Organizations

10th Career/Public Life/Opportunities

9th Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education

8th Transformations/Sexuality/Wealth

7th Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others

6th Health/Being of Service/Employees

5th Creativity/Children/Love Affairs

4th Home/Family/Emotions/Environments

3rd Thinking/Mentality/Communications

2nd Values/Earning Power/Possessions