A Quick Word on The Idealist…

Venus enters Cancer

07 August
9:43am EDT

Venus has taken quite a long stay with the energy of The Twins since 03 April. As she retrograded here in Gemini from 15 May to 27 June, now she is in true forward motion again as she takes up some time where The Crab resides within the Zodiac Pie. The collective can expect cherishing moments, devoted affections, with plenty of time spent eating well and doting upon the domestic life. Romantic ideas fill the healthy imagination with gentle and susceptible sensations; while clinging, smothering and overly sentimental energies are best to steer clear of through 06 September.

Take a peak at your Cancer piece of your Zodiac Pie to anticipate some harmonious flows wishing to find outlets to grace this area of the life.  Venus is known as one of our benevolent planets, and even when she retrograded earlier this year, she gently asked for review where it was necessary. As she now transits with The Crab, it’s time to see just how much nurturing touch can be happily brought here.

Equally, see how the other water sign areas of your life will match up with receiving this channel of receptivity where Scorpio and Pisces preside. Any natal planets placed in the water signs will be able to find some pleasantries as Venus journeys in Cancer.  Look to where Taurus and Virgo rest (as well as any natal planets here) to find easy ways of opening up understanding within the life, for these too, are able to gain perspective that can allow good feelings to display themselves.

While Venus will oppose Pluto Retrograding in Capricorn by 15 August, it will be time to expect affections to truly intensify, and karmic alliances to come into some light to regenerate.  The “trickier” passage may be seen as she will square to Uranus Retrograding in Aries by 16 August, which certainly may stimulate tremendous activity between these two areas of the life that can bring unexpected turns to relate to. Aries and Cancer are two signs within the Zodiac that are not always at ease with one another.  As Uranus continues to fire up the eccentric, sensitive Venus may just not handle these things with emotional response in her receptivity of them.

A Quick Word on The Messenger…


Mercury enters Cancer
07 June, 7:16am EDT

Even adaptable Mercury can not seem to take all the heat going on at present within the Twins! As he moves on to journey with The Crab, look for nurturing ways to say what you feel- as receptive, instinctive, and emotionally swayed energies now wish to emerge upon the collective’s perceptions. Our Messenger now prepares us to get ready for the sensational action that will soon start to emerge as our Summer opens up later this month.

Mentally, Mercury’s visit within Cancer until 25 June will bring forth clear, emotionally swayed, and reflecting thoughts for the ponder wherever The Crab cozies up within your Zodiac Pie. Look forward to some colorful and imaginative methods of expression. Instinct is strong within the collective mindset under this passage. So too, can you adapt to a SILENT LISTEN to hear what is meant to be communicated here now within your life.

Our Messenger tends to throw off his logic and precision while in this transit, so be aware of getting retained in too many dreamy or loquacious channels, as the imagination can get a little carried away if reactions to those thoughts are the free will’s choice verses that of response. With Cancer being the very sign that aligns our emotion and feeling, it is highly advised to check-in with the goodness that is mean to be felt here. Mercury loves to change, so let him stir up these as the chicken soup for your soul.

The Crab is well-known to take up with worry when there is not a healthy channel for that imagination to flow with. As Mercury visits here, it is keen to be aware of how communications are showing up from this area of life- and carefully examine what they are wishing to say. With Cancer also being a sign that loves to cherish past memories, you’ll equally find some old perceptions may come to the surface to visit as well.

As Jupiter enters Gemini upon 11 June, The Messenger takes up with some structure as he will square Uranus in Aries and then later in the day, offer up ideal completion to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn at 08 degrees Cancer. Thoughts will be in request of letting go of emotional blockages and take up with more originality and innovation as he and Uranus converse. While opposing Pluto, the next step to releasing worn out patterns of thinking has the opportunity to flourish, but just make sure those pincher claws are good and relaxed to let the energy from our Transformer planet be able to regenerate you.

A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Gemini
24 May
7:12am EDT
Our Messenger Mercury has now joined in all the fun as it unites communications for the collective within the Twins through 07 June. Look for information to be delivered that pertains to the recent Solar Eclipse initiations in this piece of your Zodiac Pie.

Even as Venus is presently requesting us to reflect within this area of the life, Mercury now stimulates our mentalities to let in the knowledge that will assist in bringing forth the proper review. 01 June marks the alignment of these two planets, as one is going backwards and the other forward at 18 degrees Gemini. The collective will find this degree point to stir up some true release and conclusions that wish to reveal themselves. A close square forms from Mars over at 15 degrees Virgo which ideally looks for these two areas of life within your Zodiac Pie to be motivated to develop a stronger structure, rather than be reacted to by feeling cornered and blocked.

Mercury while journeying with The Twins overall brings speedy, inquisitive and ever-active mentalities. As Venus asks us to revisit what is of true value within this area of the life, see how some different ways of looking at things can replace worn-out patterns of thinking. The collective can expect plenty of double-sided coins to ponder, in where a true uniting of divided goals will be the grace that brings in genius results to any relationship-oriented understandings.

Take this opportunity to truly channel what Gemini wishes to say about not only how we value our information here, but how we equally bring forth the union of divided goals to allow the ideas wishing to be heard. As this mutable air sign can be challenging to quiet the mind under, when you take that time in a SILENT LISTEN, you’ll be in the space to receive all the wonders from above down here below.