A Quick Word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Gemini
24 May
7:12am EDT
Our Messenger Mercury has now joined in all the fun as it unites communications for the collective within the Twins through 07 June. Look for information to be delivered that pertains to the recent Solar Eclipse initiations in this piece of your Zodiac Pie.

Even as Venus is presently requesting us to reflect within this area of the life, Mercury now stimulates our mentalities to let in the knowledge that will assist in bringing forth the proper review. 01 June marks the alignment of these two planets, as one is going backwards and the other forward at 18 degrees Gemini. The collective will find this degree point to stir up some true release and conclusions that wish to reveal themselves. A close square forms from Mars over at 15 degrees Virgo which ideally looks for these two areas of life within your Zodiac Pie to be motivated to develop a stronger structure, rather than be reacted to by feeling cornered and blocked.

Mercury while journeying with The Twins overall brings speedy, inquisitive and ever-active mentalities. As Venus asks us to revisit what is of true value within this area of the life, see how some different ways of looking at things can replace worn-out patterns of thinking. The collective can expect plenty of double-sided coins to ponder, in where a true uniting of divided goals will be the grace that brings in genius results to any relationship-oriented understandings.

Take this opportunity to truly channel what Gemini wishes to say about not only how we value our information here, but how we equally bring forth the union of divided goals to allow the ideas wishing to be heard. As this mutable air sign can be challenging to quiet the mind under, when you take that time in a SILENT LISTEN, you’ll be in the space to receive all the wonders from above down here below.



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