LunarOScope, 01 January 2014


New Moon in Capricorn, 01 January 2014, 6:14am EST

Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?

New Moons & Waxing Phases Time To Plant and Begin
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you can expect something to initiate from this area of your life. Remember with all New Moons as they start another Waxing Phase, this two-week time frame until our next Full Moon 15 January favors actions involving anything new. As we arrive at a Full Moon in the same sign within 6 months, what starts now will have grown, developed and manifested accordingly in direct result to our intentions and efforts behind it.

Do you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant)?
This typically will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective. Do consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 10 degrees Capricorn affects your personal zodiac pie.

Check in with Your Birthchart
What natal planets are placed near any 10 degree points?
These areas of the life equally receive a direct line of communication from our 10 degrees Capricorn New Moon, and depending upon the harmony or tension it can bring, connect you to more clues as to how your new beginnings will call loud and clear.

Reminder of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
While we are favored for the new, it is wise to carefully monitor the seeds we are planting due to the request of the current Venus reflection within The Goat. New beginnings associated with relationships, money, or beauty enhancements should be avoided until after she goes Direct 31 January. Plans to reassess the true value within these can still be rewarding. Legal decisions and taking up in action for the future can resume after 31 January. (with a short window of opportunity as the first Mercury Retrograde of 2014 starts 06 February.)

Aries: While fresh starts tickle you where I Structure, the review within the value of your career is still your prime focus. Recognition and reward is creating a surging stir in your public life. While you may sense tension from your partnerships as well as the ways you are seeking to improve your approaches to life, there is a new solidarity and strength to be understood about them.

Taurus: Your roots and ambitions where I Believe are ready for new educational pursuits, but there is more value to receive in review of what you already have learned. Travel plans nudge at you to stamp your passport or simply journey in your mind to faraway places. Don’t resist spending some time alone, nor upon changing up an old routine- both serve your beliefs better.

Gemini: New sensations are streaming where I Transform from your core with a regenerative force that communicates plenty about your wealth all around, and what moves you are planning to implement. The structure from your creative nature can find compliment with your groups and friends, who equally wish to be a strong part of your rebirth picture should you not resist them.

Cancer: The intensity is on where I Relate. Partnership pursuits, whether business or romance, are under your review at present, and the messages are flying about who stays and who will go. Take a patient pace in your family and home life, and don’t resist what you need to nurture here, which can show your career and public life the understanding it needs to handle the unexpected.

Leo: Keep the review up with your health, routines, habits, and co-workers where I Serve. New benefits soon enhance your personal skills to be of service to this world, as information comes in relating a serious responsibility. This will dynamically alter your thinking, yet bring structure to what you truly believe, as this new foundation forming fine tunes your intellectual means.

Virgo: Projects from the past that require your flawless detail and attention where I Create, still churn in review, with an amazing regenerative force behind them. Your overall self-esteem is rebirthing. All will connect to ways your earning power can be increased, and lock in some new found and possible unexpected ways to find wealth, but you must not doubt this strength calling.

Libra: Your environments on the home and family front where I Nurture find focus, which are already engaged in quite the powerful review. As changes circulate here, more answers communicate stronger, especially through deja-vu. As your approaches to life call for action, don’t give in to any conflict. Understand your partnerships better so strength can prevail.

Scorpio: The ongoing review probing within your mentality where I Communicate strives for more intellectual ways to reach your goals, rejuvenating the mind. It is the time to write your feelings down. Spending time in solitude brings in a marvelous awakening to your subconscious process, that equally finds a dynamic force that unexpectedly transforms you from your core.

Sagittarius: Your arrows aim now Archer to reassess more about what I Have. As information finds you granting clues to a future pattern of income flow, it can be your most powerful one yet.
Let the driving action going on in your friends and organizations lend a hand, and it all has amazing abilities to involve the wonders of what you are creating- so let your innovation shine.

Capricorn: Your approaches and first impressions to life are in a whirlwind of letting go and the time is now to manage and understand your entire sense of what I Am. The process is a long time coming, and with the equal urges for release in your career and public life, be prepared for unexpected changes to surface in the home and family life. All lends the strength for a new you.

Aquarius: If you choose resistance and avoid your inner work, don’t complain about feeling stagnant where I Process. Those subconscious realms call now to dive deep and reinvent your spiritual self. Dream study is beneficial. As you recognize this makes all the difference to what you also choose to believe, your mind is poised for breakthroughs you never saw coming.

Pisces: Friendships are the review and redo at present in your ocean, along with revisiting old hopes, dreams and wishes that desire to inspire where I Socialize. Accept that unexpected invitation. As your place of value within groups or organizations seeks to find strength from what is changing about your wealth, you’ll find innovative ways you can also value how you earn.

Other Need To Knows About What The New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Capricorn How Our Feelings Become Serious
31 December, 1:01pm EST to 02 January, 12:03pm EST
Engage: reliability, prudence, steadfastness, patience, ambition, stability
Avoid: brooding, gloominess, suspicion, heartlessness, repression, stagnation

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
01 January, 6:14am EST, 10 degrees Capricorn
Consciously Aim For: Integrity
Waxing Phase: 10 degrees Capricorn to 25 degrees Cancer
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 15 January.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
6:12am EST to 12:03pm EST 02 January
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. Whatever transpires under any Moon VOC, even from the simple items we may purchase, is well known to have “nothing become of it.” As we welcome our first waxing moon of Winter and 2014 -as our New Capricorn Moon conjuncts Venus Retrograde at 26 degrees- we will be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Aquarius later that same day. Moon Void of Courses always favor inner work.

10 The Wheel of Fortune A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
This Waxing Moon is our second calling to really tap into your talent to imagine and then ordain what it is that you truly want within your new beginnings that have all the potential to emerge from the Capricorn slice of life. However, as the Chaldeans so profoundly understood about the energy of the 10, if discipline is not part of the picture here, then dominion simply cannot occur. As our ancient ones saw the very symbols of this combination of numbers, to be that “of LOve and LIght, which create all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Image 10 Ordain. Image it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize.”  Wisdom must accompany the plans that are envisioned at this time, because otherwise, the wheels of fortune just might pass you by.

There is an amazing ability with this energy to manifest incredibly powerful things through self-determination, all carefully monitored under the value of Venus Retrograde. The mind should be carefully monitored, for the power of thought with Mercury at 12 degrees Capricorn will be all the more influential over determining what we feel. Toss in Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, and what we can transform with our truest sense of self-discipline of what we are feeling holds the potent power to create to be just as easily turned into the power to destroy: all dependent upon the free will. Once again, when our intentions are backed with infinite compassion, this energy is able to personally desire just about anything into being where Capricorn works hard within our lives.

Lunar-O-Scope: 23 June 2013


FULL Moon in Capricorn, 23 June, 7:32am EDT

Responsible Metamorphosis

This Full Moon in Capricorn occurs days before our second Mercury Retrograde of 2013. As our Lunar Lady takes up in her monthly wane until the next New Moon in Cancer 08 July, being adaptable and recognizing the healthy ways release can work from the opposing energy of The Goat will be significant. This lunation asks for us to remember to feel good about being responsible, so we are to better embrace that change is always a positive force within our lives.

Moon enters Capricorn, 4:08am EDT 23 July to 3:27am EDT 25 June
The virtues of reliability, ambition and prudence are natural gifts of a Moon in Capricorn. While instincts may be sluggish, the capacity to apply diligence is more favored to shape our feelings during this passage. The collective gravitates to a practical and methodical quality -urged to focus on serious matters and be oriented towards the self- honing in on the feeling that if one is busy at work, comfort is near. Steadfast, sobering and fatherly energies tend to demand more from our sensitive, cherishing and motherly Lunar Lady- who ideally is fed what she naturally lacks whenever she journeys with The Goat.

Full Moon, 23 June, 7:32am EDT, 02 degrees Capricorn
As souls we can take this opportunity to dutifully recognize what needs to now complete and reflect within our lives- with patience and learning from experience marking our every move. Visualize this releasing force as the Moon will travel from 02 degrees Capricorn to where 18 degrees Cancer energy imagines within the birth chart. This half of your Zodiac Pie is now ready for a look-see and review through 08 July. Where the shoes no longer fit, they’ll be no need to keep on wearing them.

Moon Void of Course
10:24pm EDT 24 June to 3:27am EDT, 25 June
Moon VOC is the passage in where the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign. In essence, it is a time that is well advised to not take up in forward motion nor important decisions for the future. As we welcome our first waning moon of summer, when our Full Capricorn Moon opposes Venus at 26 degrees Cancer, more welcomed time in reflection and review is still favored until it enters Aquarius.

For the Collective
Our karmic planet Saturn, (who is still offering up review while in Retrograde at 04-degrees Scorpio) is in a close sextile to this lunation- and will equally form a close trine to our 02-degree Cancer Sun that will ask for sound, serious, and self-controlled feelings. This Full Moon packs an extra strong punch of pure emotional release that may come with some resistance. As Saturn is on this 04-degree point in Scorpio for an entire month’s time as he goes Direct on our next New Moon 08 July, we find plenty of the unexpected to emerge that will need to be transformed under this waning passage. Connecting the energies between Scorpio and Capricorn is key to better understanding the surge that asks for accountability to be adhered to under this reflective time.

At the 02-degree of Capricorn, we have a numerological request here to pay close attention to what feelings can be nurtured from where The Goat works hard within the life. The collective is meant to open up to what the imagination can ponder, rather than getting caught up in worry about what may be releasing. If it is old and worn out, it’s time to be sensitive enough to allow the truth to cleanse what is no longer necessary from this piece of the Zodiac Pie. Knowing that any current transit through Capricorn requires responsibility to it- adhering to what is going through metamorphosis within feeling here is the call our Universe wishes for us to hear.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Capricorn, 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Capricorn House, in particular where the 02-degree Capricorn spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, this is the area of life that calls for you to bring forth release and conclusions within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing letting go until the next New Moon upon 08 July will make the appropriate space for the new to be planted later.

ARIES: Dear Ram your pioneering pursuits lead to letting go where I Structure. Conclusions within your career require your silent listen. The public life is up for a review session as current projects complete. See what else can alter in how you view authority, as well as your place as a leader. As you connect these ideas to what is about to initiate within your environments, look to what is purging equally from the core that requires your patience to let it carefully transform.

TAURUS: It’s time for The Bull to unlock it’s stance and find time to be a true student. Go forth and release what is no longer practical where I Believe. Equally, the draw to higher education and renewed philosophies call strongly, that aid to let go of worn-out perceptions. Remember a recent trip or ponder where to go next. Look to how the responsibility you are giving to your partnerships is changing up the ways you think, for there are even more great ideas on the way.

GEMINI: Intense feelings encourage your innate adaptability to be utilized as now they’ll be no stopping the responsible energies that are unfolding where I Transform. Physical sparks in the bedroom ask for you to unite and conquer! Deep messages speak to you from your core. Financial investments ask you to investigate how to best revise them. As your routines, health and habits patiently continue their long-term changes, there is immense value to be gained here.

CANCER: Conclusions to how I Relate within your life Dear Crab are here. Business and personal partnerships are your area to clean up and clear out for this waning period. You’ll find there is a connection between these and your creative side, where your brainchildren or children relate to what is also releasing: patience is required.  As you sensitively imagine new approaches to life, you notice these reflect right back to you within the ways your relationships are transforming.

LEO: Look back to January and see how far you have come with a whole new health kick. It may have taken this long to recognize the worn out habits and routines that no longer provide benefit your life, where I Serve, including yourself and others. Release the tired patterns of service to the world; a complete rebirth is purging in this area of the life, and do spend time with the pets. Be responsible to how you nurture your environments, allowing an inner process to blossom fully.

VIRGO: Dear Virgin: Let the details go with your current love affair or imaginative adventure, for conclusive energies are on where I Create. Lingering issues or matters concerning children come to a resolution. When you are patient in your thinking, such power is at your fingertips, so keep a pen handy. Love affairs either move to a deeper level, or exit your stage. You feel your vigor by entertaining, which lets more regenerative ideas naturally flow that you’ll want to write down.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon where I Nurture. The home finds your heart feeling complete, as you seek to bring your Scales into further balance by finishing a long-term task here. Transformation fills your family life, and more release is ready. Don’t ignore the déjà vu experiences, they speak about what you still have to learn. Letting go of what you do not truly need in your environment allows you to feel a peace that you can connect to a new value in life.

SCORPIO: What mental pursuit have you been awaiting to end the investigation of? Now is the time where you will see much energy shifting where I Communicate. You are drawn to the mind and what thinking processes you have that no longer make much sense for the future, time spent writing aides in this cleansing task. Siblings and neighbors equally may wish to call upon you for help. All makes sense in time as your approaches to life continue to ebb and flow in a rebirth.

SAGITTARIUS: You are wise to keep those arrows of yours on the target of your earning power and your possessions relating to what I Have. It’s time to part with something, which continues the regenerative process already in motion here. You become more aware of living in your means, as you can learn more ways to complete this mission. True value speaks in powerful ways to you when you spend time alone and note the messages in your nighttime dreams.

CAPRICORN: The Lunar Light shines upon you Old Goat and all that I Am. Worn out approaches now release so the world can see you differently. Realize what needs to come to a completion within your first impressions about life. An old mask to the world looks to be pulled off. You cannot deny the powerful regenerative force that continues here. Time with friends and groups can assist you in remembering the responsibility to your hopes, dreams and wishes.

AQUARIUS: You feel like detaching yourself from everything to retreat to where I Process. Time spent here is best for you to weed-out the old life within your deepest inner world, as the subconscious realms speak loud and clear for change. Dreams are an intense self-help guide to help you release any fears or what you may be hiding from. Solitary time benefits you, which connects to what is regenerating within your career and public life, so rewards can flow here.

PISCES: Take a swim in the sea of friendships and organizations Dear Fishes where I Socialize. These waters now provide a place for you to tread in awhile, where you hope, dream and wish for more. A group you belong arrives at conclusions. Answers can come from that unexpected invitation to mix and mingle, which taps you further into the transformation underway where you believe and express your greatest ideas, allowing a necessary learning process to break through.

Lunar-O-Scope, 11 January 2013

New Moon in Capricorn
11 January 2013, 2:44pm EST

The New Power of Truth

Welcome to the first NEW Moon of 2013! As a welcomed waxing phase begins, be ready for a fresh and flavored energy of new power accompanied by the truth to emerge where The Goat ambitiously climbs in your life.

Moon enters Capricorn
Thursday, 3:54am EST 10 January to Saturday, 4:01am EST 12 January

While Winter may not be your favorite time of the year to feel “anew” within, time spent in a SILENT LISTEN will be wise to do. Capricorn is an energy that operates at a slower pace, and is thrilled with the steadfast results it gains because of it. Remember the Goat’s virtues of stability, patience, responsibility, and ambition- these are the ones the Universe requests we utilize at this time of the year. Our Lunar Lady’s transit through this practical sign innately asks that we get a little more serious about what we feel, and bring those emotions right down to earth to find a sure direction to flow from.

New Moon, 2:44pm EST 11 January, 21 degrees Capricorn
Taking up with the virtue of PATIENCE grants A TAP into AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE that optimally can discover some diligent outlooks, some which may seem a little too sober- but reliable these will be to grab hold of. Take the next 2 weeks to plant the seeds within Capricorn that will -with proper intention- reap a fantastic harvest in the life further down the road.  Should you choose to partake in the tendency for a Capricorn Moon to gravitate to brooding, gloomy or suspicious feelings, you’ll miss the opportunities to recognize the new mountains you are meant to climb in this area of the life. Bear in mind this New Moon falls precisely as the Moon goes Void of Course, which asks to hold off on initiations until it enters Aquarius, 4:01am EST 12 January.

For the Collective

We see the 3rd round within 5 New Moon cycles to be initiating at the 21st degree of the sign. Beginning with our last Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio in 2012, we will continue to see two more New Moons until March’s in Pisces trigger at this very same mark. At a time in our collective history that is beckoning for needed change to emerge, the keys to this definitely reside in this repetitive 21 degree point that the Chaldeans so highly regarded as ‘The Crown of the Magi.’ As the ancients knew about this number: “It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the Crown of the Magi is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. However, the entity blessed with the number 21 may be certain of final victory over all odds and all opposition. Its a most fortunate vibration- a number of karmic reward.”

Jupiter’s influence over the 2 + 1 =3 energy asks once more to tap into honesty and recognize how much higher education is extremely important to assimilate into the new beginnings streaming from this area of the life. Looking to where 21 degrees Capricorn speaks from your Zodiac Pie, if you’ve been feeling tested as of late, be in the know that whatever you have been patiently waiting for, is about to reward you if you’ve done your soul’s homework to receive it. Upon our New Moon here we also have our Messenger Mercury at a close conjunct at 17 degrees Capricorn, which also speaks of ‘The Star of the Magi’ so be prepared for some sagely communications to be accompanying what is about to reap, eternalizing it for some time to come.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Capricorn 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Capricorn House, in particular where the 21-degree Capricorn spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 26 January will plant energies in place for future use.

While you may feel like playing like a kid, it’s time you think about some fresh starts where “I Structure.” Your career is primed and ready for new beginnings. Recognition and reward wishes to bless your public life. With Mercury’s assistance, promotions and publicity easily find you, so get your pioneering energy turned on for some time in the spotlight. New ways of regarding authority come into play, which may also relate to the paternal figures in your life.

Taurus: Get ready for abundance to shower your roots and ambitions where “I Believe.” Make those travel plans if you aren’t already jet setting somewhere, if you remain stubborn you’ll miss them! Whether you stamp your passport or simply journey in your mind, you are bound to faraway places that genuinely are meant to educate you. A new form of higher learning is coming your way, leading to a true spiritual quest that will serve you for quite some time.

Gemini: Are you ready to unite it all where “I Transform” MINI GEM? Communications have already started to speak about your wealth and increase what you already have. New starts emerge within your investments that bring improvements. The ability of other people’s money to wonderfully begin to work for you is on. Regeneration is equally talking with your sense of intimacy and desires for you equally feel alive and well as you embrace the changes here.

Cancer: The blessing is upon you once more where “I Relate!” You’ll find yourself in the pursuit of a new partnership, whether business or romance. Should an existing relationship need closer examination, your focus moves here, to any close alliances to flourish for you now. Listen carefully to Mercury’s sagely wisdom here now too. Remember it is the healthy imagination and a sensitive nature that ensures you’ll reap the rewards that otherwise have been testing your soul.

Leo: If it is new it is for you regarding health, routines, habits, and co-workers where “I Serve.” Stimulation sparks to clean-up and organize a new regime that benefits your personal skills in how you are of service to this world. Your daily routine is ready for a more serious responsibility. True stability streams from your work environment, which has already been receiving the information about what is meant to last. It’s also the perfect time for considering the pets.

Virgo: As always, it is no time to be shy with the new projects that require your flawless detail and attention where “I Create.” There is a vibrancy that has been speaking to your overall self-esteem. Children or “brain-children” take focus. Your desires to play and simply have fun captivate the energies surrounding your closest feelings. Flirt with that love affair that has probably been calling to you, it may just be one that is meant to shine with you upon the stage.

Libra: Those Scales can be balanced by taking up with your environment where “I Nurture.” The home front has already been calling to you, as there are more improvements to be made within your comfort zone. Your family involvements will be prominent as some new life wishes to start communicating stronger to you here. Don’t ignore that deja-vu you receive, it’s really jam packed full of wisdom, allowing to you recognize a truth you’ve been patiently waiting for.

Scorpio: The latest mystery to be cleared up finds you probing intellectual ways to reach new goals in your mentality where “I Communicate.” Consider a short trip if you aren’t already there to put everything into the larger perspective you innately know how to see everything from. Those thoughts you’ve been feeling- it is the time to write it all down. Siblings and neighbors may require your attention as well. As you align the mind, your reward is reaped tenfold.

Sagittarius: Your arrows aim now Archer at some fresh ways to take in what “I Have.” Welcome a new pattern of income flow. Ideally, your value system sees some stabilizing overall, as new information ambitiously finds you here. Rather than acquiring unnecessary new possessions, the time is now to make wiser choices with them. You’ll find these shifts of worth communicate a new truth that you have been patiently seeking for quite sometime.

Capricorn: How lucky to be the first New Moon of the Universal New Year! And guess what you hard working Goats, the time is now to embrace fresh ways to manage your entire sense of what “I AM.” New approaches are ready to find you. No stranger to the toil, you’ve got a wonderful energy and enthusiasm birthing in your first impressions and of how the world views you. You are ready to finally unleash something fabulous from the self, so let yourself honestly shine on.

Aquarius: Should you choose resistance and not go to that inner place, don’t complain about feeling stagnant where “I Process.” Those subconscious realms await for you to dive deep and reinvent your spiritual self. Take time to study your dreams for they more than ever help you gain a better understanding within your waking world. Become intimate with your deepest sense of self, for there is plenty of wisdom here that is eager to share some sagely wisdom with you.

Pisces: New friendships are to be found in your ocean, along with original goals and hopes that desire to inspire where “I Socialize.” New groups or organizations truly will appreciate your sympathy and understanding, as your powerful imagination is ready to speak. That unexpected social invitation about to come your way, go: it’s part of the Universe’s divine plan for the future. Your wishes definitely do come true when you share your thoughts and ideas with your friends.