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New Moon in Capricorn, 01 January 2014, 6:14am EST

Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?

New Moons & Waxing Phases Time To Plant and Begin
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on where you can expect something to initiate from this area of your life. Remember with all New Moons as they start another Waxing Phase, this two-week time frame until our next Full Moon 15 January favors actions involving anything new. As we arrive at a Full Moon in the same sign within 6 months, what starts now will have grown, developed and manifested accordingly in direct result to our intentions and efforts behind it.

Do you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant)?
This typically will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective. Do consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 10 degrees Capricorn affects your personal zodiac pie.

Check in with Your Birthchart
What natal planets are placed near any 10 degree points?
These areas of the life equally receive a direct line of communication from our 10 degrees Capricorn New Moon, and depending upon the harmony or tension it can bring, connect you to more clues as to how your new beginnings will call loud and clear.

Reminder of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
While we are favored for the new, it is wise to carefully monitor the seeds we are planting due to the request of the current Venus reflection within The Goat. New beginnings associated with relationships, money, or beauty enhancements should be avoided until after she goes Direct 31 January. Plans to reassess the true value within these can still be rewarding. Legal decisions and taking up in action for the future can resume after 31 January. (with a short window of opportunity as the first Mercury Retrograde of 2014 starts 06 February.)

Aries: While fresh starts tickle you where I Structure, the review within the value of your career is still your prime focus. Recognition and reward is creating a surging stir in your public life. While you may sense tension from your partnerships as well as the ways you are seeking to improve your approaches to life, there is a new solidarity and strength to be understood about them.

Taurus: Your roots and ambitions where I Believe are ready for new educational pursuits, but there is more value to receive in review of what you already have learned. Travel plans nudge at you to stamp your passport or simply journey in your mind to faraway places. Don’t resist spending some time alone, nor upon changing up an old routine- both serve your beliefs better.

Gemini: New sensations are streaming where I Transform from your core with a regenerative force that communicates plenty about your wealth all around, and what moves you are planning to implement. The structure from your creative nature can find compliment with your groups and friends, who equally wish to be a strong part of your rebirth picture should you not resist them.

Cancer: The intensity is on where I Relate. Partnership pursuits, whether business or romance, are under your review at present, and the messages are flying about who stays and who will go. Take a patient pace in your family and home life, and don’t resist what you need to nurture here, which can show your career and public life the understanding it needs to handle the unexpected.

Leo: Keep the review up with your health, routines, habits, and co-workers where I Serve. New benefits soon enhance your personal skills to be of service to this world, as information comes in relating a serious responsibility. This will dynamically alter your thinking, yet bring structure to what you truly believe, as this new foundation forming fine tunes your intellectual means.

Virgo: Projects from the past that require your flawless detail and attention where I Create, still churn in review, with an amazing regenerative force behind them. Your overall self-esteem is rebirthing. All will connect to ways your earning power can be increased, and lock in some new found and possible unexpected ways to find wealth, but you must not doubt this strength calling.

Libra: Your environments on the home and family front where I Nurture find focus, which are already engaged in quite the powerful review. As changes circulate here, more answers communicate stronger, especially through deja-vu. As your approaches to life call for action, don’t give in to any conflict. Understand your partnerships better so strength can prevail.

Scorpio: The ongoing review probing within your mentality where I Communicate strives for more intellectual ways to reach your goals, rejuvenating the mind. It is the time to write your feelings down. Spending time in solitude brings in a marvelous awakening to your subconscious process, that equally finds a dynamic force that unexpectedly transforms you from your core.

Sagittarius: Your arrows aim now Archer to reassess more about what I Have. As information finds you granting clues to a future pattern of income flow, it can be your most powerful one yet.
Let the driving action going on in your friends and organizations lend a hand, and it all has amazing abilities to involve the wonders of what you are creating- so let your innovation shine.

Capricorn: Your approaches and first impressions to life are in a whirlwind of letting go and the time is now to manage and understand your entire sense of what I Am. The process is a long time coming, and with the equal urges for release in your career and public life, be prepared for unexpected changes to surface in the home and family life. All lends the strength for a new you.

Aquarius: If you choose resistance and avoid your inner work, don’t complain about feeling stagnant where I Process. Those subconscious realms call now to dive deep and reinvent your spiritual self. Dream study is beneficial. As you recognize this makes all the difference to what you also choose to believe, your mind is poised for breakthroughs you never saw coming.

Pisces: Friendships are the review and redo at present in your ocean, along with revisiting old hopes, dreams and wishes that desire to inspire where I Socialize. Accept that unexpected invitation. As your place of value within groups or organizations seeks to find strength from what is changing about your wealth, you’ll find innovative ways you can also value how you earn.

Other Need To Knows About What The New Moon Means For You

Moon enters Capricorn How Our Feelings Become Serious
31 December, 1:01pm EST to 02 January, 12:03pm EST
Engage: reliability, prudence, steadfastness, patience, ambition, stability
Avoid: brooding, gloominess, suspicion, heartlessness, repression, stagnation

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
01 January, 6:14am EST, 10 degrees Capricorn
Consciously Aim For: Integrity
Waxing Phase: 10 degrees Capricorn to 25 degrees Cancer
Energy initiates and builds within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 15 January.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
6:12am EST to 12:03pm EST 02 January
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. Whatever transpires under any Moon VOC, even from the simple items we may purchase, is well known to have “nothing become of it.” As we welcome our first waxing moon of Winter and 2014 -as our New Capricorn Moon conjuncts Venus Retrograde at 26 degrees- we will be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Aquarius later that same day. Moon Void of Courses always favor inner work.

10 The Wheel of Fortune A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
This Waxing Moon is our second calling to really tap into your talent to imagine and then ordain what it is that you truly want within your new beginnings that have all the potential to emerge from the Capricorn slice of life. However, as the Chaldeans so profoundly understood about the energy of the 10, if discipline is not part of the picture here, then dominion simply cannot occur. As our ancient ones saw the very symbols of this combination of numbers, to be that “of LOve and LIght, which create all that can be imagined, and also contains the code: Image 10 Ordain. Image it and it shall be. Ordain it and it will materialize.”  Wisdom must accompany the plans that are envisioned at this time, because otherwise, the wheels of fortune just might pass you by.

There is an amazing ability with this energy to manifest incredibly powerful things through self-determination, all carefully monitored under the value of Venus Retrograde. The mind should be carefully monitored, for the power of thought with Mercury at 12 degrees Capricorn will be all the more influential over determining what we feel. Toss in Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, and what we can transform with our truest sense of self-discipline of what we are feeling holds the potent power to create to be just as easily turned into the power to destroy: all dependent upon the free will. Once again, when our intentions are backed with infinite compassion, this energy is able to personally desire just about anything into being where Capricorn works hard within our lives.

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