LunarOScopes, 08 Aug Leo New Moon, Let’s Begin

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham

The Reachable Teachable EARTH HEART Healing

New Moon in Leo

9:50amEDT, 08 August, Let’s Begin & Initiate

With any New Moon, our Sun and Moon are in exact alignment as they are positioned within the Zodiac sky above. Energetically, emotions and feelings of humanity naturally rise up just like the oceans’ tides will equally reflect down here below. Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases on a personal level throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie alongside the collective request to do the same.

This month, our initiation request begins as our Sun and Moon meet at 16 degrees Leo. Then our Moon waxes through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn until Summer’s third Full Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius: Take Two, arrives 22 August 2021.

This eighth of 2021 and second New Moon of Summer falls within the sign that consciously aims for creative self-expression as we receive impressions, which enriches them via one’s ability to become loyal to a fertile and confident imagination upon our earthly plane. Our New Moon at 16 degrees Leo is the eighth truthful moment of the entire year, in the continual emotional activation of 2021’s Changing Global Truth human experience. 

08 August’s alignment in Leo is highly connected to owning our HEART space upon this EARTH while we take a grave SILENT LISTEN to attract rightful support for humanity anywhere this world. What must be deeply understood with the energy of this 16 degrees New Moon point, is the association it also has with former denials themselves. Especially for the world which is heavily keeping all eyes on America, now fully engaged in its’ 16/7 Personal Year favored to be Healing America from Within: Understanding a 7 Personal Year: plenty of denial seeks to be debunked for those unwilling to understand a severe energetic storm is now circulating upon the nation, especially as the forming energies of its’ first ever Pluto Return 2021 -2024 are beckoning a near death experience in order to become reborn.   

16’s vibration and frequency is a compound number that the ancients regarded as one to be in extreme awareness of. “It warns of a strange fatality, also of danger of accidents and the defeat of one’s plans.” There is a drive to understand the unseen world, but this must be done without the aide of any kind of delusion along the way. The feeling of being lost upon this vast planet often accompanies the 16, like a foreigner. Gravitating to and encompassing the world of spirit eases the intensity that the 16 can bring. Finding ways to ground the desires of escape and instead gain understanding through intuitive means allows the healing energy of this vibration to be channeled and effectively shared with others.

In its’ Chaldean Karmic Mystery of ‘The Shattered Citadel’ we are once again, all the more intensely called to look to the leveling up to a more 5D connecting in consciousness, for the 3D world of greed and deceit is not well received by the 16. In fact, those abusing their vanity and power, now will experience being the “Tower struck by Lightning, from which a man is falling, with a crown on his head.”

The patient pulse of our EARTH HEART Shift for 2021 furthers its’ evoking of permanent changes promise, wherein this month as we turn energies to arrive at the absolute need to genuinely become loyal to what the SILENT LISTEN can bring within a fixed organized fire sign: it is only through honoring the inner voice and intuition, or all new beginnings and intentions brought forth will simply, fall off The Tower in chaotic failure. 

The singular guidance of the 7 allows 16 energy to posses an extremely analytical mind that can penetrate into whatever realm it sets the mind to, often producing magnificent results that are of great benefit to humanity. The ability to concentrate and heal pain is unsurpassed; along with the talent to specialize in a specific area and become an expert. This is the 16’s gift and extreme power to share inner wisdom with the world. 

With the inner guidance of Neptune, this 7 vibration must be cautious of ever becoming aloof, critical or bitter. When impracticality, denial and dreaminess accompany too many decisions in life, the end result of drifting from reality will cause outcomes to result in the storms it promises to bring otherwise. Any kind of drug, whether prescribed or recreational, as well as all forms of alcohol need to be completely avoided in its’ presence in order for this vibration to redeem the best along this path. There can never be any kind of over indulgent behavior or flights of fancy, as these only prevent the success a SILENT LISTEN brings to flourish in freedom within the life. 

Once again the sounding bell of alarm bellows in 2021: Those choosing to deny conscious behavior, are completely promised to attract suffering and downfalls that could be absolutely avoided. The power to chose consciousness over compulsiveness, is now up to every individual. 

Once again, we are given the opportunity to work with the heartfelt call to Never Compromise Living Consciously- which is the antidote to prevent out of control emotional reactions, unhealthy attachments, healing the ego, casting off vanity, realigning a sense security, as we cease clinging to the past that is never going to return. Leo is our dignified muse of the Zodiac who wishes for us to become loyal to what we passionately feel versus allow any kind of opinionated or conceited attitude to get the best of us.

Where Are You placing proper intentions for Your Reachable Teachable EARTH HEART Healing?

Soul Homework for 08 August’s Leo New Moon 

This waxing phase through 22 August, asks us to become as still as we possibly can, make our proper preparations, and step up further into our spiritual commitments in order to plant our new seeds of initiation. 2021’s Changing Global Truth unlocks this eighth waxing phase of our year, asking for our extreme feeling attention that gathers up in new light from Leo until our next Aquarius Full Moon: Take Two.

Leo New Moon Rituals Favor:

~Welcoming What is New. The Lion affects our lives personally. We are favored to begin now, with a dignified and vital instinct specifically triggering from 16 degrees Leo sitting in one area of our lives. This initiation and reflection point may potentially wish to have other conversations with other areas of our lives within our natal charts overall, as we dive deeper into our Personal Forecast.

~Setting Clear Intentions. Our willingness to place proper focus, especially in the tense of “Welcoming The New Concerning How I CREATE….” allows us to fully acknowledge what we can now begin on a personal level.

~Working with Gemstones. The New Moon in Leo favors excellent channeling with topaz, amber and tigers eye as powerful gemstones that it specifically resonates with, to collectively allow emotions to flow with feeling, engaging our imaginations to remain open to new possibilities in order to thrive. 

~Working with Color. Tones of sunny yellow, bright orange and royal purple are wonderful choices that specifically resonate and bring out the positivity of Leo energy.

~Cleansing the Body. Leo guides our heart, back and spine. Being mindful and attentive to them surrounding our New Moon helps with energetically purifying the physical body. Spend time strengthening the heart chakra and feeling secure in the spine. Sunflowers and marigolds are also lovely flowers that pull in Leo power. At this time, we ultimately must learn to trust what our heart is telling us, as we receive from the loyal practice of what stillness and intuition are able to rightfully grant us.

As we always honor the value of taking pause for a SILENT LISTEN, we can truthfully acknowledge what we are feeling, so we can always flow with The Law of Attraction. New Moons are our perfect timing to pull in proper focus of our energy to support attraction within our lives. As we distinctly choose to consciously work with these natural cycles- we tune into our personal rhythm as we connect to favorable timing from above, allowing us to witness manifestation in our own individual ways down here below.

Summer’s second & 2021’s 8th New Moon within The Lion, aligns with our Sun renewing at 16 degrees. How will you honor The Reachable Teachable EARTH HEART Healing in your experience, Dear Star?

The other “energetic notes” are the planetary conversations this Leo New Moon has with other outer planets. Whilst none are exact, they align within 3-4 degrees astrological rule that will still strongly pull in connective energies to be aware of. As we tap into being reachable and teachable to dismantle former ego issues casting those in victimization to clear from Chiron Retrograde at 12 degrees Aries, we can better understand the foundation we are meant to be creating with Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus versus resist the stabilizing changes it asks us to make. We will be asked during this waxing phase, to take a SILENT LISTEN for the Eye of Humanity like we have never quite been asked to before, in order to avoid being part of the storm that is about to blow wide open beyond America worldwide as well otherwise.

ARIES: It is time to embrace the new concerning what I Create, relating to your brain children, manifestations, physical children, love affairs and pleasures. Not only to your children themselves, but your HEART space is deeply connected to the energetic pulse of potent EARTH changes that you must be loyal to now as you work with only the truth of what creative fires now ignite with intense intuition that speaks to you. Trust moving forward that manifestation magic is alive upon your stage, and when you deepen into really knowing the ever changing face of you to the world is healing more than ever, you will stay in tune with strengthening the very security of your sources of income as well as your value system overall.

TAURUS: It is time to embrace the new concerning how I Nurture, relating to your home, family, closest environments, psyche and paternal energies. Life at home is ready now for nourishing it in less complicated ways promising to sustain you moving forward. As you gently hone in on honoring PATIENCE and allow a more spiritual support to your new home life, you will find ease and contentment to move forward with in soul certainty as you TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE. You are favored to benefit from time in solitude retreating away from the world to assist what you are healing and repairing from within, so look forward to also reforming your approaches to life, as the world distinctly continues to witness reformative changes in the very face of who you are to it.

GEMINI: It is time to embrace the new concerning how I Communicate, relating to your thinking, mentality, mindset, short trips, siblings and neighbors. As you trust that you are completely upgrading to trust the unknown from your frame of mind, this reigns in all the more truth in every capacity of your MENTALITY and thought processes ANYTIME you need A TAME TIME. Your communication skills equally accelerate with budding new ideas, and the more they arrive from the ethereal realms versus the material ones, this is an amicable time that helps you to trust your future goals, friendships and social scenes are learning from their experiences to allow growth, as you take more time to process your past from within, allowing any pains and old wounds to release and permanently change.

CANCER: It is time to embrace the new concerning what I Have, relating to your income, values, possessions and overall sense of security. As you now establish a more vital sense of security, it is still a powerful time to remember to give GRATITUDE for the spiritual nature of things, and trust in the GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE I GUIDE, I GUARD in your own in certainty when your 3D energies are aligned in the truth. You arrive at loyal feelings that you can value the most which are more supported in a 5D perception, as you find that this connects you to work with anything needing healing in your professional life, which solidify the change of directions you must now draw into what you want your future to hold, and the friends and peers you truly wish to have next to you to socialize within it. 

LEO: It is time to embrace the new concerning who I Am, relating to your appearance, emerging self, and the mask you wear to the world. This is all about you and your emerging self, and the new you who owns their personal RESILIENCE only in the SINCERE truth I LICENSE IN. Trust and know you are meant to wear a changed face of who you are to the world, as you upgrade your spiritual approaches to it. How you OWN your NOW to see you have WON is also in powerful play, which allows you to trust you are willing to learn you can no longer be a victim to former belief systems that prevented you from standing all the stronger in your truth, continuing to offer you surprises surrounding the abrupt changes that are drawing upon originality as you further reinvent your vocational life and very structure of it.

VIRGO: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Process, relating to your solitude, retreat,  healing, inner work, your subconscious and dream state. This is a tremendous calling now to connect deeper than you ever have before, from the discerning space of taking a SILENT LISTEN, to clearly see the power of working from within, provides you with the answers you seek. Inner peace is absolutely yours when you decide to use your instinct, embracing the beauty of STILLNESS, and all the healing that is favored to allow you to see the intense core changes you are currently surrendering to that are spiritually transforming your entire scope upon your life: this end results takes your belief systems to levels you have never been allowed to take your truth to before.

LIBRA: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Socialize, relating to your future goals, aspirations, friends, groups, peers and ultimate hopes and wishes. Distinctly rise up in trusting the truth connecting to intuitive energies surrounding your friendships, peers, groups and social scenes. The entire direction of what your future holds to ASPIRE and wish from AS I PRAISE I REAP A ESP RISE says forget the lower energy of what merely “hoping” never brings to fruition. Only stand in the Force of Faith, and watch what else has you carefully listening to all the deeper ways your personal one on one relationships and legal agreements are equally healing, as more and more surprising truths you need to hear are permanently plummeting you into the process of rebirth that is happening simultaneously to transform your very own core source energy.

SCORPIO: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Structure, relating to your career, public and professional life and views upon authority. All is positioned here now to support you taking the lead in what you are meant to be recognized for. Trust in the process advancing your position and your view upon authority. In order to thrive, OWN your integrity and honor it NOW, as this accountability to your vocational life allows you to see you have WON, opening up to the favorable ways your lifestyle is channeling a healing vibe to clean up any habits and routines you no longer need to serve, as you find this time also connects to working with your legalities, and any business or personal partnership in the process of reform that is meant to be unfolding with them for success. 

SAGITTARIUS: It is time to embrace the new concerning what I Believe, relating to your willingness to be educated, abilities to grow, stand in your truth and express your philosophies. Inspiration for a permanent upgrade for your belief systems says remaining reachable and teachable is how you allow a progressive new TRUTH to enter your life for you to instinctively stand in. Be open to what may HURT in release as this reeducation process will require full removal of what no longer serves its’ highest good. Allow yourself to connect to healing moments that open your creative nature or what is happening with your children or brain children to thrive all the more intuitively from your heart space, as you work with the permanent changes that now affect a complete reinvention for your lifestyle and abilities to be of service to others. 

CAPRICORN: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Transform, relating to your wealth, sexuality, abilities to transform, regenerate and change. This lunation ultimately needs you to honor complete surrender to the past in order for an intense and potent energetic rebirth to emerge. Your ability to work from the very CORE of your being in CURES, absolutely calls to nourish your very SOURCE that powers up your home and family life to nurture it all the more loyally as you heal more of what has been holding you back in any kind of victimized situation as you are reforming your entire heart space overall, to continue the reform in play for your creative nature and any connections you have to your own children or manifestations upon your stage of life. 

AQUARIUS: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Relate, connecting to your partnerships, legal agreements, business and personal relationships. You are asked to genuinely seek to UNDERSTAND before being understood as you see the US as you READ the TRUE NATURE of both side of any issues needing your TURN in ultimate discernment. Those who stand their own truth and accountability, are the only agreements which are only meant to now be formed, which is going to change the channeling most importantly to how you work with healing your own mentality and communications overall, especially in the close connectivity to your home and family life, which now experiences complete reform as there is never any going back again to former nurturing you once had within it.

PISCES: It is time to embrace the new concerning where I Serve, relating to your habits, routines, service to self and others, and your physical HEALTH. Your ways of habitual living are in a powerful time to LET THE HATE HEAL and HEAL THE HATE as trust you are in an extremely intense cycle of allowing your lifestyle to reset itself in ultimate honoring of leveling up in your spiritual consciousness. As you listen to the wisdom of your intuition, you will undeniably connect with a potent process that greatly assists the values and securities in your life to heal and learn to trust in giving gratitude, that triggers allowance for your mindset to keep working with thinking outside of the box, casting away any negative communication skills that have only been standing in your way.

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