The USA’s Request for Courage

So in the USA Today….
We as a nation -presently within our 8 Personal Year, guided by Saturn, who offers a slow and patience pace to the life to learn from the experience- are in that 9 Personal Month, where endings, conclusions, aggressive action and conflict are amongst the current energy field of play. Looking to Mars, the ruler of the 9, within our natal birth chart is just finishing up in the 8th house, (the upper right corner of the wheel, see the red circle with the arrow pointing out), where transformation from the core of the country’s being is on going. Death and rebirth is regenerating away within whatever our understanding is of wealth in the nation.

No surprises here about the government shut-down, today’s shooting and the seemingly pivotal state of affairs that are raising their angry heads for attention. As October continues, Mars moves into our area of foreign affairs and beliefs in the 9th house, so much more is to come about getting these details straight, especially as Mars enters Virgo upon the 15th.

The other turn of events point to Saturn, who is guiding this entire 8 Personal Year and what he’s doing to show us what we need to be ultimately responsible to within this country’s hopes, dreams and wishes as it socializes with the world. Currently in our 11th house, on the upper left side of the natal chart, (he’s the “h” looking brown glyph) and combined with Mercury’s Approach to Retrograde, oh the show is going to get rather interesting here in the weeks to come leading us into December.

October shows us a bit of a preview, as will January of 2014, of what true endings and finalizations will mark 2014-15’s 9 Personal Year for the USA, in where much of what we think we know now will leave us, to make space for a very new state of the nation to emerge in full by 2015-16. In any 9 cycle, it is the calling of courage that will counteract the penetrating energy that it can potentially present. Most certainly, within an 8 Personal Year, the practice of patience here is ultimately necessary.

Keep your hats on folks, this ride will definitely require as my dear colleague and friend Astrologer William Stickevers says, “Better buckle your seatbelts.”

The USA, President Obama’s Free-Will and Syria

So it is highly likely, we may see the USA choose not such a happy choice with all going on with Syria. See that red circle with an arrow coming out of it up in the upper right #8 section of the Zodiac Pie in the outer circle? This is the current transit of Mars in Leo, who asks for motivation and action-whenever he is presently traveling in the life. The best outcome here is to respond with courage, rather than the reaction of conflict, penetration or aggression.

In this noted 8th House, this is the USA’s expression of wealth, regeneration and change, and death/rebirth from the core of our country’s being. By 07 October 2013, Mars will be in #9 area of the pie, the one that relates to our foreign affairs and what beliefs we express about ourselves. Couple this with the 9 Personal month the country will be in by October, and whichever way it goes, there are conclusions on the way here. Fighting, could be one of them.

Let us all envision, that the 9 & Mars’s courage is the final outcome, but if you’ve ever heard of Mars being referred to as the fighter planet before, the potential is most certainly here. Mars rules the 9 month, within this 8 Personal Year for the USA that most certainly is asking, that patience is utilized. Knowing what Saturn (the planet behind the 8 year) is doing over in the #11 area in the upper left outer circle, (see the brown “h” looking glyph) this is our socialization, friends, and groups. While it may not be any hope, dream or wish that we fight, there is a responsibility asking to be heard in our “friendly” relations with the world.

On a closing note, our President, 04 August Leo Barack Obama, has this very presence of Mars up close and personal in his life right now being he is a Leo. He is also in a 9 Personal Year guided by the very same planet. His tendency to want to fight about it definitely is able to flare, and if his heart is loyal to believing this is the fight we are meant to have for the preservation of our country’s wealth, then most certainly, the choice may become obvious.

Let’s us all hold in our thought intentions, once again, that the Universal Laws innately channeling through Mars allows the deciding free-wills to prefer the choice of COURAGE -in where we can CURE OUR EGO, CAGE OUR RAGE and CURE OUR CORE- is the one that is made for the resolve and finalizing force that is coming, one way or the other. When we realize the “real” REVOLUTION, is all about the UNITE IN ONE TRUE LOVE ROUTINE OVER EVIL TO LIVE IT RITE, there may be peace prevailing upon our planet all around.

Lastly, could Syria, those in power positions and the President especially sign up for not only a Telsa sit down and get in touch with reality class but as well in a Law of Attraction course already please? May this be the motivation that Mars is bringing to our nations’s 9th house of foreign affairs, beliefs and higher learning in October. One could only hope, that the insightful perspective below, is what anyone in power can walk away with inspired awareness from.

“If you want to see wars end, you are going to have to quit manufacturing the perception of lack on this planet. Decades ago, people like Nikola Tesla gave us what we needed to have abundance. Unfortunately though, the Earth is still a nursery school for souls that can not seem to evolve beyond the age of 3. Let current events be a wake up call and not another consequence of living in fear and scarcity.” ~Sentient Tim