Rejoicing in Regeneration: 03 Nov 2013 Solar Eclipse In Scorpio

Some astrological details on this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio, for those who enjoy the investigation. I have been leaving this out of the Lunar-O-Scopes as we really like them to be as clear and “jargon free” as possible to relate to everyone instead of being intimidating. But this Solar Eclipse calls for some deep thought, so if you are a lover of going there and learning how astrology is such a profound tool for increasing the results in your everyday life, keep reading.

If you are going to tap into grasping astrology for yourself and have a little more fun with looking at the chart above, you’ve got to learn your glyphs.  Check out the guide to the glyphs under Explore –or click on your right up there on our nav bar – and play on our Star Secrets Wheel, (grab a free intro reading too if you want!).  Glyphs are the symbols used in astrology that represent each planet or sign, which is the decoding system you are actually seeing in any birth chart or current forecast, which is the Solar Eclipse EST chart above.

Looking today’s Solar Eclipse EST capture, our planet glyphs are in color, and the glyph of the sign they are in is in black. Astrology measures our zodiac from the 360 degree wheel, divided into the 12 different signs, each occupying 30 degrees of space, depicted from 0 to 29 degrees. Each piece of the pie is called a house (or room of your life when looking to the natal birth chart), and thus gains its’ characteristics and qualities it governs from the natural order of the zodiac.  As any current forecast chart is seen, the energy flowing through it is determined from the earth’s perspective of what sign is rising on the horizon at any given moment in time.

At the time of 03 November 2013’s Solar Eclipse in EST, the Sun, (circle glyph with a center dot) had recently risen from the darkness of night. Solar Eclipses only can happen upon a New Moon, when the Moon is right at the very same degree point (conjunction) as our Sun, (which is why, on a New Moon, you don’t see it for a few days).  Today this is at 11 degrees Scorpio, in perfect alignment with our Sun.

Notice the “planet party” going on in house number 12. Here is why this Solar Eclipse is “so intense.” The brown “h” looking glyph of Saturn is right next to it at 13 degrees Scorpio, again another close conjunction, which basically can also be related as having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” More than two conjunct planets are a complete concentration of energy within one sign at any given time, which casts off an extremely strong channel to handle. With Saturn involved here, we are always looking to a slow process evolving, which in Scorpio right now is asking for ultimate responsibility to learn from the experience and allow this to bring a level of stability to our lives. Patience is Saturn’s “m.o.” and when we do not listen to his current call for it, he absolutely will -just like a father figure- toss you another lesson to understand how to utilize this practice until you “get it.”

Having Saturn conjunct a New Moon and Solar Eclipse will slow down the new beginnings it promises to bring, which also will appear in our lives as rather karmic in their experiences as they emerge. Yet, if we listen closely to this area of our life, we also will find plenty of reward with what comes along with them. As we see this in the transforming energy of Scorpio, action is occurring associated with a process of death going on- a true presence of a powerful regenerative force that undeniably will display a rebirth. Those in resistance to what is leaving the life to make room for the new here, will certainly find that age old expression of being futile to be all the more true.

In the same 12th house on our EST chart,  Mercury Retrograde, is also here only 4 degrees away at 07 degrees Scorpio, who is in an exact conjunct from the North Node (blue upside down horseshoe glyph). At present, Mercury is in his backwards review and redo show, so while a trigger of new energy is beckoning at our doors, there is another warning to not make important decisions for the future until he starts moving forward again after 10 November. As our New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurred, Mercury and the North Node -in their planetary recipe- are asking for a true emotion and feeling review session from this area of the life involving how our communications are being received and expressed. Our North Node asks for extra work and effort in order to see the progress within this area of the life to unfold, which will allow the energy unfolding in the opposing South Node (lucky horseshoe glyph across the way in house 6 in Taurus) to be able to flourish much easier. Typically, the work the North Node asks us to do is the processing of what is blocking us emotionally here to be able to allow that extra effort to heal us. Wherever our current North Node is, there is healing to be done- and if we do our soul homework- this compliments us with rewards seemingly effortlessly with strokes of “luck” where the South Node is bringing in a completion in life.

This is the second New Moon in Scorpio (which only happens once a year) that has a Solar Eclipse attached to it. Solar Eclipses are the powerful punch that not only promise new beginnings with a New Moon, but will continue to bring them into our now for up to one years time from this same area of the life. 13 November 2012 brought one, and Saturn had just entered Scorpio at this time. Once again the way they are coming persists and calls for our ultimate patience as they come in. Life in Scorpio is slow for these two years, and seemingly extremely so. For those expecting the fast and furious, typical high paced “insta now” pace here, don’t kid yourself. Saturn doesn’t move on to Sagittarius until the start of 2015.

What is occurring within Scorpio right now is nothing short of profound. This sign of secrets, mystery, the esoteric, death/rebirth, that “eagle eye” scope of seeing the entire picture, and powerfully forcing us to feel the depths of the core of our beings- will not back down for a while in calling us from above to step into our truth and live it down here below. 03 November 2013’s Solar Eclipse is here to trigger not only to stop being irresponsible to what needs to change, but recognize that change is always what brings more truth to our lives.

Other planetary conversation that we see motivating this second Solar Eclipse in Scorpio to instigate change comes from the sextile (harmonious, easeful energy) from Mars, (take a look at the red circle glyph with the arrow pointing out of it from house 10). Also at the 11 degree point but in Virgo, Mars sextiling this New Moon and Solar Eclipse lets us know there is an even more stimulating force in how these changes will take place. What’s coming will be more than straightforward, asking that we “stop beating around the bush” to recognize what does need to shift and improve to that ultimately freeing level of rebirth within our lives. As Mars equally sextiles the entire current planet party going on in Scorpio, it will bring intense conclusions to be communicated to us from Virgo, equally coupled by logic, a touch of purity, and really getting these details totally in place. As Mars penetrates in the mutability and earthen nature of Virgo -he currently at this moment in time- brings to all that is progressing within Scorpio’s depth of perception and rebirthing from it’s fixed watery darkness, the promise to unfold the TRUTH. For some, this may HURT, but these realizations will be the key to what moving forward upon this earth in freedom is really all about.

As we all have one more week under Mercury’s Retrograde until 10 November, let us all take our time to really feel what’s happening from the Scorpio area of our lives. There’s no need to react to it, but as we honor this requested time of reflection in response- what will undoubtedly be coming forward in stunning new beginnings here soon enough will be all the more well-received and understood. Remember, you always have your collective view from knowing your Sun Sign, but there’s nothing like the precise road map and blueprint for life that you were given from the time your first took breath upon this earth (your natal birth chart) to really see how this Solar Eclipse is calling like one has not done in quite some time to be ultimately responsible to the changes that are underway, and will continue to patiently rebirth here.

It’s time to rejoice in regeneration within The Eagle! Happy Soaring to your new beginnings, with the pleasure of AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE of PATIENCE to be able to ENJOY YOUR JOY along the JOURNEY.



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