LunarOScopes, 27 September 2015, Let’s Really Release

Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Aries, 27 September 2015 | Where Will You Feel Release & Conclusions?

How Does Your Sun Sign Feel? Know Your Point of Attraction
The Law of Attraction promises that our feelings guide our thinking as we create our lives. Lunar energy is astrologically in charge of how our human emotions play out down here below. Each month, a New Moon marks a waxing cycle promoting start up energy while a Full Moon unfolds a waning cycle allowing completion, reflection and release. LunarOScopes capture this natural rhythm with specific forecasting advice, timing when your Sun Sign naturally benefits from initiation or letting go.

Being our Moon changes Zodiac Signs every couple of days, so too do our feelings down here below mirror these precise patterns that ultimately change our moods and sensations. Keeping our emotions healthy allows us to properly manifest our individual lives, as these cycles flavor us all uniquely.

Full Moons start Waning Phases, Let’s Release
This two-week cycle favors to let go, review, redo, reflect and heal energetically throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie until the next New Moon of 2015 arrives in Libra 12 October. Beyond the normal waning phase requests, as this Full Moon is coupled with a Total Lunar Eclipse, the releasing and conclusive energy can be felt for up to a years time.

Moon Void of Courses (Moon VOC) Time Out Periods
Especially under our monthly waning phases, Moon VOCs promote a “double layer cake of reflection” to be adhered to, and as Mercury Retrograde is in full progress, call for a “triple layer cake” whenever they occur to exercise mindfulness. You will not wish to plan, plant, purchase or initiate anything of importance is when the Moon is Void of Course. This astrological passage occurs every couple days during our business and workweek, marking the critical request to take up in more reflective acts in solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. Check in weekly with Empowerscopes on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times.

In Progress: Mercury Retrograde 17 September to 09 October
The request to review, reflect and redo since 11 June’s actions.
Mercury Retrograde passages specifically favor engaging in reflection, review and renew over its’ 3 week passage. Careful planning must be met so we -to the best of our free wills’ ability- do not start new things that we wish to have long-term success with. Mercury guides all forms of communication, thinking, mentality, movement & travel of any kind. During a Retrograde cycle, his backtracking through the Zodiac creates natural interruptions, rerouting and flux concerning these areas and within our schedules. Having our back-up plans ready to go is recommended as we anticipate change and honor the value of this natural offering to rest, reconnect, recharge and release.
Approach Began:  28 August
Shadow Ends: 24 October

What’s Your Sun Sign?
The simplicity of your natal sun sign is a marvelous focal point to align peace of mind about what is naturally releasing and healing within your life for this lunar month.

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon release with who I Am.
Energy stirs up your originality about the mask you wear to the world, your first impressions of it and your appearance. Pesky parts of your personality and worn out approaches to life exit, as your genuine beliefs ask to take time to pause and thoroughly explore what you still need to learn about.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon release where I Process.
Honor your solitude to work within is where your intuition benefits now, as private time is required to process it all. Be sure to note messages from your dreams to tell you exactly how. Connections requiring your core source energy to be involved will have your wealth feeling completely reborn.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon release where I Socialize.
This opportunity to refresh and release finds your focus shining upon friends, groups and your future hopes and wishes, and absolutely say yes to that unexpected invitation to get out in the world. As your relationships are brought into this picture, you’ll need to have a good one on one conversation.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon release where I Structure.
Your career and public life is poised to reset its’ recognition and rewards, as your responsibilities across the board shift. Step into the space of feeling completion, and ways you are about to change how you serve the world and yourself through habits and routines will find their truth to work for you.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon release with what I Believe.
Philosophies, beliefs, spiritual values, or any higher education you hold dear all have the opportunity now to reboot their synthesis and break through old patterns. Long journeys or travel call to you, and these are meant to start to involve your creative nature to work with your synthesis and growth.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon release where I Transform.
Rebirth allows you to recognize true wealth is not only your individual financial picture, as conclusions arrive from the depths of your core. Look to your home and family life where you nurture for the real clues that have more answers to provide, letting go of any doubts your source energy is in charge.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon release where I Relate.
Let go and reconsider who is for real where your partnerships are concerned, whether business or personal, as there are plenty of surprises that will shake up what you might have been thinking. It’s your mind now that requires patience and diligence within your communications for harmony to reign.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon release where I Serve.
Awareness shines releasing light upon your habits, routines and service to physical health and others in this world. This reflection calls for retreat so you can connect as well to what you have, taking the time to ask, what it is that holds your truth concerning how and what you earn? Ponder here deeply.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon release where I Create.
Look to completing current projects as powerful creative changes are upon you, whether these be with children, brain-children or old love affairs. Your entire approaches to life reset in a patient and responsible fashion for these next couple years, so it is the time to put down your arrows and listen.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon release where I Nurture.
The right time is now to honor letting go for a recharge and renewal to be seen within your home and family life, which may involve some literal cleaning. This reflection makes space for blessed changes in how you honor your private time, as a required calling to sharpen your inner saw now carries on.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon release with how I Communicate.
Let go of any resistant thinking preventing you from owning your peace of mind. Honor reflection for your mindset, and you’ll find you can truly believe like never before. What this speaks to the most is what is asking for your patient hand concerning your future goals and how you socialize in this world.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon release with what I Have.
The time is now to focus and fully let go of possessions and material things you no longer need to value, which may also be a source of how you bring in your daily dollars. As you now are asked to be ultimately responsible about the truth within your career, allow these changes for your growth.

Other Need To Knows About What September’s Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon Mean For You

Moon enters Aries How Our Feelings Find Motivation
27 September, 3:29pm EDT to 29 September, 2:57pm EDT
Engage: courage, moderation, patience, forethought, humility, enthusiasm, assertiveness
Avoid: restlessness, disobedience, aggression, conflict, anger, selfishness

Lunar Eclipse Where Intense Letting Go & Completions Unfold
27 September, 10:47pm EDT, 04 degrees Aries
When a Total Lunar Eclipse equally peaks in the pioneering energies of Aries you’ll see an extra force calling for careful listening to know how to guide patience and courage for what is releasing and asking to be healed from this area of the life. This completing energy unfolds for an extended period of time after the waning phase ends 12 October, where the effects of letting go can last as long as 6 months for up to a year.

Full Moon When Our Feelings Find Release
27 September, 10:51pm EDT, 04 degrees Aries
Consciously Aim For: Leadership
Waning Phase: 04 degrees Aries to 19 degrees Libra
Energy releases and is under review within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 12 October.
Moon Void of Course: 3:45am EDT to 2:57pm EDT 29 September, Moon enters Taurus

This Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon lunation calling at 04 degrees Aries resonates the strongest with positive communications for release to Saturn at 0 degrees Sagittarius, who is just at the beginning of his journey within The Archer.  We will find there is an undeniable responsibility concerning what will be letting go from our Aries area of life, as it connects to what is starting to change about our truth where Sagittarius affects our lives.

Ideally, this Eclipse & Full Moon contain tremendous opportunities for us to experience profound growth as we bear witness to how Aries and Sagittarius relate within our life. Deep feelings will be felt through serious and practical means. This is a powerful time to embrace our feelings as our teacher so we can learn from them. Being gentle and patient towards how self-acceptance flows within our lives allows this calling for reinvention and transformation to balance any energy out of sync within Aries.

Chaldean Numerology Karmic Mysteries to Unravel
At 04 degrees -while no karmic mystery guides the singular 4- we must honor the channel of Uranus, the planet that casts off original flavors as well as surprises us from time to time with the unexpected so radical change can occur. This lunation’s degree point equally asks us to deeply understand the difference of what we are no longer meant to tolerate, but rather, allow from this area of our lives. Within Aries, there is a strong calling to see what needs to be reinvented here so individuality can shine with progress for the future, that have never been attempted before.

Star Meditations Utilizing Mantras for Mindfulness

Affirmation for 4:
Power | “Middle age is the age of reason when everything is possible.” ~Nostradamus

Divination for 4:
There are no boundaries in your life, only horizons. You are on a mission, seeking originality and change. Linda Goodman once said the Four is “a time of mystical happiness in the ethers.” Continue to follow this path of transformation; it is refreshing. Visualize a lawn with its vegetation dry and sun-parched, then how it looks and feels after a heavy shower of rain. There may be a few broken branches, but smell the freshness and re-birthing that is taking place. New life is all around. For you, opportunities abound. Expected the unexpected.

Reflection for 4:
Should you face the challenge of this vibration, you may be feeling restricted and impatient for action, displaying a low tolerance level and acting peculiar. This high-strung energy should be kept in check. Keep negativity at arm’s length. You have been surprised by recent events which took you unawares,  and you have retreated into your world by the force of this change that has been imposed on you- let go! When we say goodbye to the old, it is usually with some fear and trepidation in welcoming the new order of things. Smile with gladness, don’t cry with sadness; for it’s off with the drab rags and on with the new.

Divination & Reflections: Crystal Bush, Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

What’s Your Birthchart Say? Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
~Consult a professional astrologer to receive an accurate analysis of your natal chart.
~Your natal chart points to where more intimate conclusions unfold this month.
~Look to your natal planetary placements: do any aspect this lunation’s degree point?
~Your natal chart’s view always works directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScopes read.

Wishing You Aligned Emotions and Happy Attracting Dear Stars! Namaste.

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