Make it a Mindful Mercury Retrograde 17 Sept to 09 Oct 2015

What’s going to bring you into the space of calm, clarity & peace of mind during 2015’s last cycle of reflection?

Do you always find Mercury Retrograde cycles are filled with aggravation & frustration?

Did you know Mercury Retrograde can absolutely bring you benefits & rewards?

Sharita Star’s Mastering Mercury Retrograde program was specifically designed to help you navigate these cycles of reflection with success. Isn’t it time to stop resisting what is when it is Mercury Retrograde and practice the mindfulness that ultimately allows you to thrive?

Mercury Retrograde cycles in Libra 17 September to 09 October 2015. This is the year’s last offering to reflect, reboot, regroup, recharge and renew. Honoring what reflective time in Libra asks for us to do via our “soul homework” holds the very keys to grant us the rewards that a cycle like Mercury Retrograde is more than able to provide for us.

Would you like to go from fear and frustration to peace and clarity in the next few weeks?



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