LunarOScope, 10 August, Let’s Release


“Super” Full Moon in Aquarius, 10 August, 2:09pm EDT

Where Will You Feel Release and Conclusions?

Full Moons & Waning Phases Time To Reflect and Relax
Do you know your Sun Sign?
Read on to where you can expect something to release from this area of your life, by placing proper intention and focus upon it. Remember with all Full Moons as they start another Waning Phase, this two-week time frame until our next New Moon 25 August favors review and redo. As we arrive at a New Moon in the same sign within 6 months, what is concluding now will make the ultimate space for new seeds to be planted here later on.

Reading for Your Rising Sign/Ascendant
This typically will apply to your natal charts’ advice for an even more intimate perspective, which is working directly with your Sun Sign’s LunarOScope read. Do consult a professional astrologer to determine the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the specific area of life where 18 degrees Aquarius is placed in your personal zodiac pie, precisely pointing to where reflection is favored and conclusions ask for you to allow them to unfold.

Check in with Your Birthchart.
What natal planets are placed near any 18 degree points?
These areas of the life will equally receive a direct line of communication from our 18 degrees 
Aquarius Full Moon, asking to connect more clues as to how your reflections and releases will call loud and clear as we continue along our journey throughout 2014.

Waning Moons and Moon Void of Courses
The number one rule of thumb under a waning moon cycle is to carefully monitor anything beginning in the life -and as the natural Moon Void of Course passages occur- the request to remain in review of our lives is even more heightened, as a “double layer cake” of reflection is favored. Be mindful of when the Moon goes Void of Course every couple days during our business and work week especially- as these times mark the request of taking up in our solitude and engaging in quieter soul activities. (Check in with your weekly Empowerscope on Empower Radio for all Moon Void of Course times)

ARIES: Friendships capture your attention where I Socialize, relating who is staying and who should go! Changes unfold within your groups and organizations, as well as your hopes, dreams and wishes. This will not be the time to resist the calling to bring forth regeneration and change from your core. Yes, this means break-through ways to approach life ask to be considered.

TAURUS: Reflection is on within your career where I Structure, granting conclusions to emerge from your public life as current projects complete. Clear out old perceptions upon authority, as partnerships still call for your innate patience. If you feel like taking some time in solitude you’ll equally find rewards as your night-time dreams may provide unusual clues for your waking world.

GEMINI: The time is now to refresh your philosophies where I Believe. Embark on spiritual journeys reflecting upon higher education and travel, physically or in your mind’s eye. Recognizing the changing ways you choose to serve your self and others opens more doors to move forward. If spur of the moment invitations to socialize come your way, say yes to them.

CANCER: Shift any worry to concern surrounding securities, finances, and investments- as you take up in review of your entire core sense of how I Transform. Regeneration fully illuminates you at present, asking your creative nature to bring more stability to you. Allow this rebirth to restart you like never before to also trigger unexpected inspiration in your career and public life.

LEO: Release is on in full where I Relate. Those intimate partnerships -from romantic ties to business contacts- ask for reflection of their spiritual worth. If you choose ultimatums, remember the practice of courage here. Do not resist being responsible to nurturing the home and family. Remember, your beliefs continue to take those unexpected turns, realigning you for the better.

VIRGO: Opportunities to improve your health and the ways I Serve yourself and others now perfectly compliments your natural state of purity. Let go of tired habits and routines. Pets may seek your attention. Keep being responsible to restructuring how you think and communicate. This ultimately transforms you from the core of your life, so you can feel completely reborn.

LIBRA: Shine in the reflective light from where I Create! Greet this excitement with confidence behind any brain-children, as adventures here complete. Watch emotional intensities with children. Restrictions lift about your earning power when you find value with your creativity. One on one relationships are able to surprise you with guidance and support to show you the way.

SCORPIO: Are you already cleaning up the house Scorpio where I Nurture? Your home environment desires clearing and release, as rejuvenation equally stirs your family ties. Listen carefully for déjà vu experiences, as these messages are important. Dynamic changes call to shift your approaches to life. You’ll find abrupt ways your habits and routines can serve you better.

SAGITTARIUS: Innovation and reinvention asks for mental contemplation where I Communicate for this reflective passage. Siblings or neighbors may call upon you, or an unexpected short trip. Let go of old ways of thinking by spending some necessary time alone to listen. Taking time as well where you create is able to allow more originality to find you here.

CAPRICORN: You innately know about worth old Goat, and you are wise to ponder what I Have and what you value. Part with possessions weighing you down. Simply being grateful for what is, reflects a new sense of wealth. Connect with friends, groups, and hopes to bring structure to your earning power. Unexpected turns emerge in the home and family life, asking to be nurtured.

AQUARIUS: Old approaches to life now leave you Water Bearer, as the world is eager to see you differently. Original and innovative energies are ready to reinvent your impressions of who I Am. This ultimately grants solid rewards to align within your career and public life. Keep going with finding off-beat and break-through ways to be mindful with your communications.

PISCES: The inner places where I Process call for your re-examination. Embrace the spiritual and subconscious realms that now ask you to swim in the reflective light of your psychic soul on this solitary trip. When you honor more responsibility to patiently reinvent your beliefs, your waters become clear. Giving gratitude to what you have, inspires ways to value life all the more.

Other Need To Knows About What The Full Moon Means For You

Moon enters Aquarius How Our Feelings Become Humane
09 August, 9:52am EDT to 11 August, 8:55am EDT
Engage: sincerity, logic, independence, genius, progress, friendliness, altruism
Avoid: reservation, obstinacy, inefficiency, erratic behavior, indifference, detachment

Full Moon When Our Feelings Find Release
10 August, 2:09pm EDT, 18 degrees Aquarius
Consciously Aim For: Truth & Knowledge
Waning Phase: 18 degrees Aquarius to 02 degrees Virgo
Energy releases and is under review within this half of your Zodiac Pie throughout 25 August.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
10 August, 6:12pm to 11 August 8:55am EDT
Moon VOC: When the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign, it is a recognized astrological time that strongly advises us to not be in forward motion nor make any important decisions for the future. As we welcome our second waning moon of Summer, when our Waning Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury at 20 degrees Leo we will be asked to hold off and remain in pure reflection and review until it enters Pisces.

18 Spiritual – Material Conflict A Karmic Mystery to Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our energy properly, this Full Moon request at the 18th degree point indicates a powerful energy surrounding it sending home loud and clear there is astounding release upon us from Aquarius. The 18 is a number the Chaldeans saw as: “18 symbolizes materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It often associates the person or entity represented by it with bitter quarrels within the family circle- with wars, social upheaval, and revolution. In some cases it indicates making money or achieving position through divisive tactics, through war or other conflict. It warns of treachery and deception from both friends and enemies; also danger from the elements, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, tempests and explosions, electrical shock or lightning. The only way to dilute or diminish its effect on the life is by spiritual means, by unfailingly and repeatedly meeting deception and hatred from others with generosity, love, and forgiveness, by turning the other cheek, and returning good for evil, kindness for cruelty, honesty for dishonesty, honor for dishonor. In this way, the vibration 18 may be used for great success in illumination and enlightenment The 18 is known as the greatest of all testings of the soul for worthiness.”  ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Every Full Moon casts the energy off for a completely reflective feel to be fully examined from the specific area of life it peaks within. At this 18 degree point, under a “Super Moon” we are distinctly called to further understand, how much we are meant to be recognizing the value of the spiritual side of life, letting go of material attachments that no longer serve us. As always with the 18, courage must mark our every move, even if some of the endings we are seeing challenge us with conflict.  This Aquarius lunation makes a close square to Saturn at 16 degrees Scorpio, pointing to equal conclusions that are unfolding as well within The Eagle, so a different sense of structure can communicate. As we look to Uranus Retrograde at 16 degrees Aries, we find there are further contemplative messages to receive where The Ram is reviewing originality and still casting off the unexpected within our lives.

The real key to navigating this Full Moon -that will expose what needs to be felt- is to remain generous in Spirit. It is critical to not give into returning any kind of aggressive behavior that may come our way from the Aquarius slice of life, as our Lunar Lady requests that we pause to reflect upon our conclusions and release here, seeking assistance and guidance from Aries and Scorpio. May we all know the finalizing energies surrounding us are paving the proper paths to let go of what is no longer necessary so we have a clear space to plant anew within later.

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