Year of the Earth Ox, 26th January 2009

EARTH OX YEAR, January 26th, 2009 to 13 February, 2010

Always upon an Aquarian New Moon here in the West, our friends in the East ring in their lunar New Year. In the legend of how the Chinese Zodiac Wheel came to be, Buddha asked the animals to come to him and the Ox was the second in line. And so we find this Universal New Year of 2009 to be the continuance of the new beginnings instilled over 2008’s cycle of the Earth Rat. The Year of the Ox, Earth Year- coupled with 2009’s singular Two vibration only means all kinds of sensitivity, nurturing and reflection are on the agenda for the year ahead.

Integrity and conservation will be rewarded in 2009, as the collective can expect this to be a time of consolidation, consistency and one where the value of money and industry will be revisited. Material prosperity is highly protected when it is acquired through the means of hard work and loyalty. Now as the collective experiences the 2nd year within a 9 and 12-year cycle, the seeds planted in the previous one will reap intense harvest further on down the road, but the 2009 Year ahead marks the time for a return to paternal instincts.

All is set to grow tranquil and steady in an Earth Ox Year as we build upon another new cycle, encouraging us to continue to embrace the new beginnings we were introduced to in 2008. Even though we are amidst not so happy financial times on multitudes of levels- remember we are meant to be re-evaluating our value towards money in this reflective year. The Ox represents a Yin Water energy, one that offers opportunities to find rewards in solid markets, backed by intelligence. Risky investments are cast off in such a year where return to tradition and a sense of classicism thrive.

Those who will turn the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 82, 94, 106- (and so on!) this year, are native Ox’s and will experience from their Chinese Zodiac perspective, an “Ox Return.” Every 12 years our Chinese animals are represented by 5 different elements, pointing to where auspicious occasions will arise over a complete 60 year cycle. This same animal return year also links up with Jupiter’s cycles here in the West, where the planet of luck simultaneously blesses one with luck and optimism over the year. Your animal year typically will match-up with your Jupiter Return in the West’s birth chart.

Be on the look-out for the Ox in 2009 whenever you see an enduring and resolute spirit. These natives are strong, enjoy efficiency, take responsibility, have determination, love fighting for the status quo, find common sense solutions, and prefer secure pursuits to obtain familiar and safe results. Their external character is seen in the Yin, the feminine energy representing the passive force that naturally understands the emptiness and negativity of life. Even more emotional ability is granted to this Water animal in which the inner process is equally the feminine perspective that nurtures through quiet restraint and diplomacy.

Depending upon that element that guides any animals’ year of birth, more insight is available to add to the depth of character that makes up their innate nature. Par example of an Ox we are all too familiar with these days, is the USA’s 44th President Barack Obama, born in a Metal Year of the Ox. Any metal born animal strengthens their element, therefore a Water Ox is all the more hardworking, self-sufficient, resourceful and intuitive.

Let’s tune into more reasons why reflection is upon us, with this Universal 2009 reducing to the singular Two. The numerical guidance of the 2 + 9 =11, which numerically the Chaldeans understood to be, ‘A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist,’ lends some of the following ancient advice: “It represents two opposed situations where compatibility of interest is lacking, and interference from a third force must be conquered. Difficulties may also arise from the illusion of separation. It’s necessary to unite divided goals to avoid a sense of frustrated incompletion. The origin of the separating force must be identified, an attempt made to seek compromise. Occasionally, conflicting desires within one’s own self are seen as in a reflecting mirror. Yet, each must remain individual, even after being joined, for each possesses its own worth.”

Thus we are in the perfect numerical match for Earth Year of the Ox. When we hone in on hard work and reliability while honoring the home and family, one is bound to redeem security-oriented rewards. This Earth Year coupled with a 11/2 Universal Year requests the same traditional values, co-operation, practical energy, and foresight within the 9 to 12 yr cycles, be adhered to.

Look to more signs of adhering common sense to the progress of the job and housing markets throughout 2009. As Saturn currently Retrogrades in discriminating Virgo until 16 May, expect further restructuring in both of these sectors. As Saturn goes Direct, the peak of the “bottoming out” will have occurred. Expect around the time when Saturn enters co-operative and balancing Libra upon the 29 October, these will be the first markets to be on the slow up swing once again.

Your own Western Astrological current transits and Numerological cycles are where you can find the necessary formula to take in the abundance within this Earth Ox Two year. Being aware of the lucky link of Jupiter to the East’s animal years -where Aquarius is currently transiting in your natal Western Chart- tells where to be on the look out for positive change this year. Couple this with your current Personal Year’s guidance and you’ll know exactly where to optimally bring the energy guiding your soul to a place of calm, allowing resolve and co-operation with others to bloom.

In as much as we do belong to a period in history that is speeding up faster and faster, bear in mind that the planets move no quicker today that they did 10,000 years ago. Check history and you’ll certainly find validation that the planets have always offered our ancestors the knowledge to unlock the magical wisdom they possess. It remains here for all of us to benefit from. May we never forget to take the planets into account to not only better understand ourselves, but to innately affirm and filter what we hear surrounds us from the world at large.

May your Earth Ox Year and 2009 bless you with a plenty of cherished re-evaluations, persistence, and steady growth resulting in classic moments that only can be measured in your heart.