What’s Really in a Word? Hallelujah


My trusted colleague Spiritual Advisor & Life Coach Lewis Mabee recently asked me to “perform my magic” and investigate the word hallelujah. I have no idea why I didn’t ever take the time before to dive into how numerology and lexigrams viewed this fine word.

First off, I sincerely thank Lewis for this inspiration which is needed this time of the year, and it’s definitely been awhile since I wrote a Word Ponder. Equally I am ever so grateful to have this opportunity to share the awesome vibe on this gorgeous word and how it magically does spell out the truth concerning what we do with it.

The classic text book definition of hallelujah:

1. used to express praise or thanks to God
2. used to express relief, welcome, or gratitude

Whenever we speak our words, aside from understanding their definition, we equally sync with their vibration through how numerology energetically interprets them. Equally any words’ lexigram potential engages us in a distinct course of action when we choose to utter any word.

Numerology: The Name Expression of Hallelujah
No matter what name, title or word we are looking at, numerology is always able to assist us with insight by calculating the combined values of the letters that compose it. Name expressions in their mathematical wisdom, always provide the keys to know what points of attraction of our names, titles and words contain. Herein lies priceless guidance, of appropriate choices our conscious actions can take through our words, as we focus and deliberately create our lives.

33, Love and Magic | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

Chaldean Karmic Mysteries: Ancient Meaning for our Modern Day
The Chaldean practice of numerology utilizes the profound understanding of karmic mysteries with compound numbers. One should not be surprised ‘hallelujah’ carries the Chaldean’s understanding of the Master Number 33’s Love and Magic, which is one of the compound numbers they considered to be associated with the contagious optimism, truth, blessings, joy, peace and magical love. Within the 33’s Chaldean Karmic Mystery, we find accurate concepts which indeed apply to what it means as we are expressing our need to say Hallelujah!

Said the Chaldeans of the 33’s Love and Magic: “The 33 carries the same meaning as the 24 karmic path of Love, Money – Creativity – except that the magic of love, the extent of originality and creativity, and the promise of eventual financial success are deepened and increased. Due to the double 3, the name expression of 33 is more fortunate in every way when involved in a harmonious partnership, extending to career matters as well as romantic and marital relationships. This is a number of well-deserved karmic reward. 33 energy is advised not to abuse the astounding luck, which will descend upon situations during the life by allowing it to tempt them into laziness, over confidence, and a feeling of superiority. When a sense of humor and genuine humility accompany the 33 vibration, it’s a wonderfully fortunate number.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

24, Love – Money – Creativity | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

24 “One of the fortunate and karmic reward compound numbers; justly earned in past incarnations, particularly when it’s the birth number. It promises the assistance of those with power and indicates a close association with the people of high rank and position. It greatly indicates financial success, and the ability to achieve happiness in love. It denotes gain through romance, the law, or the arts, and a magnetism, which is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. The only warning related to the 24 is self-indulgence and a certain arrogance in love, financial, and career matters because everything comes so effortlessly. It’s wise to remember that if the 24 is abused in the present life, it could revert back to an 18 or some other extremely difficult birth number in the next. So one is warned not to fail to appreciate the benefits of this compound number, and not allow such good fortune to cause selfishness or a careless attitude toward spiritual values. The temptation to indulge in promiscuity must be avoided; likewise a tendency to overindulgence of all kinds.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Within the rejoicing of hallelujah, doesn’t one immediately find there is a level of love and seemingly magical way we are absolutely allowed to feel good -and more often than not lucky- about our current energy overall? Talk about relief!

The Roots of Chaldean Numerology: Planetary Guidance
Back to the Master Number 33, and the properties of Venus that guide the 3 + 3 = 6 singular guidance here. Wherever we find The Idealist planet around, we know something lovely, peaceful, harmonious, and filled with beauty is coming our way. Claiming our hallelujah is deeply attached to these principles, as we all know what the practice of gratitude is able to do to create magic within our lives. As long as we remain humble and do not start taking life for granted -remembering the healing vibration of this word as it connects us to Venus’s compassion as well- we have a wonderful practice to embrace to promote balance within our lives.

Lexigrams and HALLELUJAH: Let’s Spell Out The Truth
The mysteries of Lexigrams support further meaning within HALLELUJAH. By taking the anagrams we can derive from words, and spiral them into poetic phrases, the Lexigram process brings in one more piece of the puzzle to place into our mastery of life about what’s really hiding within any of them in truth. How else can we reap rewards by proclaiming our HALLELUJAH? The healing we can assimilate into our human experiences, is as always, ready to be spelled out from the very letters that compose it.





May your Holiday celebrations rejoice in HALLELUJAH that finds you luckily holding your Love and Magic all the way through our One Universal New Year 2017.

Brightest Blessings Dear Stars!