A Cancer Heir to the Throne

Thank goodness Kate is a-ok as the Moon was in her Sign for her process of labor, which does bring the vitality of one’s energy and stamina down a bit. By now we have all now heard the amazing news that A BOY was born just shy of 32 minutes of the Sun changing into Leo. As we posted earlier, it was some on the edge of your seat astrology as we all awaited the news Will William and Kate’s Baby be Cancer or a Leo?

As we say a huge Congratulations to Prince William, Kate, and all the Royal Family, astrology strikes it again, at 4:24pm British Summer Time, as a 29-degree Cancer Sun Boy is now the third in line to the throne. With a 27 degree Scorpio Rising, wow, what perspective he will have to do so with a Capricorn Moon in his natal 2nd house. Kate, you truly have your new best friend, who will absolutely adore you like no one else, and William you too. You could not have a more harmonious child to come to two parents, and this one is from soul mate energies of the past, who now wishes to gel and blend amazingly with this life’s Capricorn Mom Kate and Cancer Dad William.

England’s new baby has a “loaded” 8th house, with all the Cancer planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars) in his chart here, guiding him with energy that is equally coming from the Scorpio inner world to express itself as a nurturing Cancer throughout the life. His identity, communications, drive, motivation, luck and fortune all rest here, but deeply come from a place that enjoys investigation, passion and will see transformations be a natural part of life’s journey.

The Grand Trine that collectively kicked off on 17 July is still close within his chart, which connects his natal Jupiter in the 8th house, to his natal Saturn in the 11th house, to what Neptune is doing in the 3rd house. What’s all that mean, you ask? That luck and fortune that will seek to nurture in powerful ways, easily allows this to happen amongst humanity, which will be the place he will need to be the most responsible to in his life. Should he resist this, restrictions resulting in dynamic regeneration where he socializes will keep presenting themselves. Yet with Saturn here so easily able to talk to Neptune in his thinking and mentality, the channel here has been ideally set up so he can connect back how to take his power and use it for the benefit of others within his groups and organizations in life.

This grand trine grants him quite the draw to not only long for mystery, see the bigger picture, and the unknown- but he’ll more than likely understand the value of having an astrologer on hand to guide him, unless he becomes one himself! His other innate ability is the incredible scope he will have to do so, as with that many natal planets placed in the 8th house, his soul is granted a most powerful way to see through the many layers in life while knowing how to organize them. Combine this with his Cancer Leadership, and you do have an heir to the eventual throne that hasn’t been seen in history quite like this before.

What an intuitive and powerful leader someday he will be! Another numerological note is the 27 on the Rising Sign placement, which is completely pioneering, courageous and poised for taking people to a better place, and he’ll be driven to do so over all he ever approaches in life. The 27 means The Sceptre, which specifically the Chaldeans said of it: “This is an excellent, harmonious and fortunate number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the person or entity it represents with a promise of authority and command. It guarantees that great rewards will come from the productive labors, the intellect, and the imagination. All of these creative faculties have sown good seeds, which are to reap a rich harvest. People or entities represented by the 27 should always carry out their own original plans and ideas, and not be intimidated or influenced by the diverse opinions or opposition of others. 27 is a number of karmic reward, earned in more than one previous incarnation.”

Now while that may getting into a little deeper cross referencing than should be allowed here, more goodies from the numerological side of things are seen with this date of birth. Aside from being a natural born leader, he also is a Master Number, born to a 22 karmic path. The way he will lead will be innovative, different, and with originality. He is not favored to cast judgment upon others, for the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood is strong with a 22/4 channel. There is a strong humanitarian foundation that he came here to build, which is meant to come from the mastering of him uniting two sides within the life, allowing co-operation to reign.

While being that breakthrough leader, our new Cancer 22 heir will be walking the 35 Lifepath of Partnerships. Here’s where the karmic connection between the 4 and 8 comes into play once again. These numbers, whenever they do show up in one’s astrological chart, seem to follow one another around. While we are still awaiting the name of England’s new bundle of joy, we can bet it has some 4 and 8 vibrations waiting to tell us more. Along the 35/8 Lifepath however, what a soul will do is follow the tried and true, strive for stability, learn from their experiences, and spread a profound wisdom as they do so. While it is a given this child will not worry ever in his life about money or security, he has been given the reins to be able to counsel others in how to walk the path of responsibility within their life. And so will he, do the very same, especially backed up by his 2nd house Capricorn Moon that equally asks for security with all that is of value in the life.

Prince William and Kate will find as their caring Cancer Boy learns and grows, he will be super historically and family oriented, yet with a natal Uranus in the 4th house- this will insure he does “shake up the family” a bit. The way he will do things down the road will be eccentrically viewed for sure, and sometimes he will be viewed as misunderstood, because his ability to be the prophet for future trends and patterns bringing forward ideas that people may not grasp at a first glance. His intuition here 9 times out of 10, will be spot on. Couple that with the 22 karmic path and he’ll become an enigma to those that really know him. This one’s here for humanity, where his visions and prophetic abilities will be exactly what the world will need by the time he reaches the throne. We are sure he’ll let us know just what he can do long, long before that.

And to think, I, your author,  will be able to see this in my lifetime, when I am still reading charts at 90 years old, I will remember this day for sure when our new Royal Baby will be approaching 50. We look forward to the announcement of the official royal name, so we can dive into some Lexigrams and see what potentials can be derived from it as they always affirm, what’s really in a name.

Again, to be continued….
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Will William and Kate’s Baby be a Cancer or a Leo?

SharitaStarlogo13Talk about edge of your seat astrology! Will William and Kate’s Baby be a Cancer or a Leo? If the Royal Bundle is born prior to 11:56am EDT, then we’ll take the Cancer at the 29 degree mark. At 11:56am EDT and after, 0 degrees Leo would be the sun sign. The Moon is still at 29 degrees Capricorn until 2:07pm EDT, and the Full Moon peaks minutes later at 2:16pm EDT at 0 degrees Aquarius. Hmmmm. With Kate being a Capricorn, and William being a Cancer, we agree with Astrologer Eileen Grimes, the Mom/Dad connection there is too strong not to follow astrological suit. But time is a ticking away here!

Only thing we can wager via tossing in some Lexigrams is KATE MIDDLETON, TIED TO A MAIN LEO KID…. oh what will happen next? Her name spells out LEO KID, while oddly, PRINCE WILLIAM, A REAL PRIME CANCER, but that is really just about him. Wow though, is this one down to the wire!

Considering the connection that William and Kate have to the 29, being this is the anniversary date of The Royal Wedding, one may not be surprised here.  Another interesting thing we noted from Kate’s birth name also uncannily is telling the story of our present day:



To be concluded….

A Cancer Heir to the Throne



You actually don’t need the Stars to tell you that as Prince William married Kate Middleton, they appeared to certainly be genuinely in love. Last Friday’s most anticipated wedding of the century was witnessed by billions from around the world as they took their vows within Westminster Abbey. Can our planets above validate this actually is a real life “fairy tale” that is meant to endure the test of time?

A Marriage Chart: 11am 29 April 2011, Westminster Abbey
Astrology indicates this to be a strong marriage, rooted in plenty of responsibility and wisdom as it was initiated under an 8-degree Taurus Sun. 8 is the number of connections, stability, patience, and infinity. Taurus is the most favored sign in the Zodiac to be married under. Coupled with the security and equal patience that The Bull brings- as the Sun in the marriage chart is placed in the 10th house of Public Life/Career- they’ll be multitudes of recognition and reward they will gain together as a couple, furthering upon the energies of Taurus. Queen Elizabeth was the first to respond to this astrological promise with her wedding gift that involved some titles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will find themselves doing their fair share of world-traveling as a royal couple. With an empathetic Moon in Pisces, they’ll be concerned for the world and their part in helping it, especially with a 9th house placement. The remainder of their 9th House of Foreign Travel/Beliefs/Higher Education has all of the planet power of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter pioneering here in Aries. Undoubtedly there will be amazing experiences throughout the globe they will be able to influence and bring good fortune to in their own original way.

Numerology favors this to be a very sensitive, protective, and imaginative bond through the 29 calendar date. Even though the 29 represents Grace Under Pressure, as long as this Capricorn and Cancer pair remain charitable, exhibit grace under challenging situations, and truly co-operate as a team; balance will be theirs. It’s definitely no coincidence the couple set up a charity fund people could donate to instead of receiving wedding gifts. The 29/11 reduces all the way to a singular 2, wherein the Moon is very present: marking family-oriented, emotional, and nurturing energies to guide them as well.

Like any human soul, our marital initiations can be examined by the details of numbers. Looking to the Lifepath, we find the 19’s The Prince of Heaven blesses the entire journey of the marriage. This equally assures that our new Duke and Duchess will be seen on the stage of life, and they will also initiate many benevolent, creative and enterprising things together. There will be a protection around them that is quite fortunate to keep their bond exciting; fueling inspiration, and sparking new beginnings they will continuously share throughout it.

Are They Soulmates?
Astrology is always ready to give solid answers to this question that says absolutely yes. William and Kate definitely have known one another in more than one lifetime when you look to the details of how their natal planets “talk to one another” within their birth charts.

Kate’s Venus trine William’s Pluto
This is one of the strongest indications of a past life connection between charts, not only verifying soul mates, but that of twin souls. This planet contact between Venus and Pluto assures that once they met again in this lifetime, being separated would become extremely hard. It is a deep karmic bond in which they share, and there is an irresistible draw they have towards one another, that struck them like lightening when they first met.

Kate and William’s Mercury’s trine Saturn
What a delightful mirroring affect from this astrological gem! While both were born with a native Saturn in Libra, Kate’s Mercury in Aquarius and William’s Mercury in Gemini bring a double whammy of communication plus, allowing one to rarely be demanding over the other. The richness in their ability to be fair and friendly stems from lifetimes ago, as this strong Saturn contact brings back once again the good karmic ties they have already experienced. When the communication and mental compatibility is this good, longevity in the relationship can’t help but wish to stick around.

Why Do They Get Along?
William DOB: 21 June 1982 | Kate DOB: 9 January 1982
Born only 6 months apart, William and Kate share many similarities within the signs their natal astrological planets are placed in. Their emotions, motivations, wisdom, self-reliance, originality, and ability to transform are all in matching energies- as the planets in their individual charts representing these qualities happen to be placed in the very same signs.

Kate’s Sun oppose William’s Sun
Now, the Stars just had to spice something up a bit with all of the other planets adjoining within their charts. Here is a total case of looking to character identity alone, that opposites sure do attract. Oppositions -when approached properly- thrive on complimenting one another, and this truly seems to be the case here. Kate’s practical and classic Capricorn presence makes her the yang to William’s yin with his innate sensitive Cancer style. Cancer men are fairly brilliant at creating romantic environments, while Capricorn women will appreciate the perfection put into these efforts.

Kate’s Moon conjunct William’s Moon and Sun
Six months after the Full Moon in Cancer Kate was born under in 1982, William was born just hours after the New Moon in Cancer. Emotionally, our Royal Couple possess the same sympathetic, sociable, cherishing, and sensitive behavior in regards to how they feel. They each bring their personal sense of the extremes of starting and completing emotion to their union, (one more way they totally compliment each other). Exact Moon Signs can indicate telepathic abilities, which when placed in the sign of Cancer is even more prominent; so for William and Kate, going with the gut instinct is always highly advised.

Anytime in comparison charts, if the Moon is in the same sign as the partner’s Sun -as Kate’s is to Williams- you can best bet that your pair will not separate for too long. This aspect, guarantees from the Stars above that even if a parting should occur, the door will be wide-open to smooth things over later. William’s personality is undeniably soothed by the emotional nature of Kate. The ties they share in this lifetime are impeccably graced with a rare harmonious blanket as cozy as Cancer: one in which they also enjoy sharing plenty of time snuggling in together at home.

William’s Sun sextile Kate’s Jupiter, Kate’s Sun trine William’s Jupiter
Again, another mirroring affect in how the planets are “talking” to one another in William and Kate’s charts. When the Sun and Jupiter are in positive aspects as their sextile and trine is (William’s Cancer Sun to Kate’s Jupiter in Scorpio/Kate’s Capricorn Sun to William’s Jupiter in Scorpio), the best of social prestige, abundance, wealth, and plenty of seemingly good luck is never too far away. Should troublesome spots be around, these planet relationships greatly aid in optimistically moving them right out of the way.

William’s 21/3 Karmic Path to Kate’s 9 Karmic Path
Numerologically, a 21 and 9 are a fine team and have a genuine and honest way of relating to one another. Both Kate and William enjoy their freedom and independence, and as long as they respect this about the other, this Jupiter (3) and Mars (9) understanding will have a endless joy spreading idealism around and motivating one another to learn and grow. Not to mention, these two definitely like having FUN together as a couple, but as we may see, as much as they will be in the limelight, they will make sure their private time is respected and granted.

Divine Timing
Ever wonder why some things last in life and some don’t? There isn’t a doubt that timing has everything to do with it. The current transits within our birth charts are a valuable tool to indicate appropriate timing within out lives. We also spin in time in 9 year cycles. Certain years are more favored than others to make important choices and changes within as well.

Mutual Saturn Returns in Libra
Even though William and Kate met when they were quite young within their growing years back in college, they waited until their Saturn Return to make a lifelong commitment to one another. Saturn now currently transits in Libra, and hasn’t spent time within The Scales since the couple years surrounding 1982. Astrology strongly advises against making any permanent life-long decisions before the first Saturn Return, for the soul has not learned enough through experience yet about what it truly likes and does not. Once the Saturn Return is in motion, if things are meant to stay within the life, they will solidify, otherwise, they will dissolve.

Kate’s 5 Personal Year
Kate is currently within her Mercury guided year of permanent changes, movement, and blossoming in her life from the previous 4 years work as the magical working of the 5 allows her to not return to what she once knew. How often does a “commoner” become a Duchess? There will be plenty more changes to show up within Kate’s 5 year, that is now only one-quarter of it’s way through. By the time she enters her 6 Personal Year in January 2012, there will be even more irreversible changes that she will discover will unfold. (We won’t “predict” it, but it may be of no surprise that with Jupiter passing through Kate’s collective 5th house of children over the entire next year- if it isn’t a further heir to the throne, certainly her creative nature may birth some brain children.)

William’s Natal Chart: Sun transiting 4th House
Looking to William’s natal birthchart, his 4th House of Home and Family has a positive boost as the Sun transits here now in Taurus, as we see him make benevolent changes in this area of the life. He is quite surrounded by emotions, and especially those of the past at this time. Certainly that was evident as reflection was placed upon Princess Diana’s (also a Cancer Sun Sign like William) absence, and although William was evidently more than happy, both he and Kate seemed especially tuned-in to one another as the Pisces Moon waned on. As they took their vows, feelings were more than open to their already innate sympathetic nature. Deja-vu is often known to happen with 4th house transits. The church the world witnessed The Prince marrying Kate in, Westminster Abbey, just so happened to be the very same church he last said goodbye to his Mother in almost 14 years prior. Memories indeed.

It’s All in the Name
Lexigrams share the last piece of star secret intrigue. These are the phrases created out of the anagrams from a name, that uncannily enough tell a story that nine times out of ten, is wildly accurate to the one we see unfold in real life.












Heartfelt Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is a blessing to have the Universe in favor of it all down here below. While our new Duke may be sorting more of those feelings from the past out- Princess Diana, undoubtedly from above, equally sends her royal approval down here below accompanied by the warmth of Love.

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