A Cancer Heir to the Throne

Thank goodness Kate is a-ok as the Moon was in her Sign for her process of labor, which does bring the vitality of one’s energy and stamina down a bit. By now we have all now heard the amazing news that A BOY was born just shy of 32 minutes of the Sun changing into Leo. As we posted earlier, it was some on the edge of your seat astrology as we all awaited the news Will William and Kate’s Baby be Cancer or a Leo?

As we say a huge Congratulations to Prince William, Kate, and all the Royal Family, astrology strikes it again, at 4:24pm British Summer Time, as a 29-degree Cancer Sun Boy is now the third in line to the throne. With a 27 degree Scorpio Rising, wow, what perspective he will have to do so with a Capricorn Moon in his natal 2nd house. Kate, you truly have your new best friend, who will absolutely adore you like no one else, and William you too. You could not have a more harmonious child to come to two parents, and this one is from soul mate energies of the past, who now wishes to gel and blend amazingly with this life’s Capricorn Mom Kate and Cancer Dad William.

England’s new baby has a “loaded” 8th house, with all the Cancer planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars) in his chart here, guiding him with energy that is equally coming from the Scorpio inner world to express itself as a nurturing Cancer throughout the life. His identity, communications, drive, motivation, luck and fortune all rest here, but deeply come from a place that enjoys investigation, passion and will see transformations be a natural part of life’s journey.

The Grand Trine that collectively kicked off on 17 July is still close within his chart, which connects his natal Jupiter in the 8th house, to his natal Saturn in the 11th house, to what Neptune is doing in the 3rd house. What’s all that mean, you ask? That luck and fortune that will seek to nurture in powerful ways, easily allows this to happen amongst humanity, which will be the place he will need to be the most responsible to in his life. Should he resist this, restrictions resulting in dynamic regeneration where he socializes will keep presenting themselves. Yet with Saturn here so easily able to talk to Neptune in his thinking and mentality, the channel here has been ideally set up so he can connect back how to take his power and use it for the benefit of others within his groups and organizations in life.

This grand trine grants him quite the draw to not only long for mystery, see the bigger picture, and the unknown- but he’ll more than likely understand the value of having an astrologer on hand to guide him, unless he becomes one himself! His other innate ability is the incredible scope he will have to do so, as with that many natal planets placed in the 8th house, his soul is granted a most powerful way to see through the many layers in life while knowing how to organize them. Combine this with his Cancer Leadership, and you do have an heir to the eventual throne that hasn’t been seen in history quite like this before.

What an intuitive and powerful leader someday he will be! Another numerological note is the 27 on the Rising Sign placement, which is completely pioneering, courageous and poised for taking people to a better place, and he’ll be driven to do so over all he ever approaches in life. The 27 means The Sceptre, which specifically the Chaldeans said of it: “This is an excellent, harmonious and fortunate number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment. It blesses the person or entity it represents with a promise of authority and command. It guarantees that great rewards will come from the productive labors, the intellect, and the imagination. All of these creative faculties have sown good seeds, which are to reap a rich harvest. People or entities represented by the 27 should always carry out their own original plans and ideas, and not be intimidated or influenced by the diverse opinions or opposition of others. 27 is a number of karmic reward, earned in more than one previous incarnation.”

Now while that may getting into a little deeper cross referencing than should be allowed here, more goodies from the numerological side of things are seen with this date of birth. Aside from being a natural born leader, he also is a Master Number, born to a 22 karmic path. The way he will lead will be innovative, different, and with originality. He is not favored to cast judgment upon others, for the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood is strong with a 22/4 channel. There is a strong humanitarian foundation that he came here to build, which is meant to come from the mastering of him uniting two sides within the life, allowing co-operation to reign.

While being that breakthrough leader, our new Cancer 22 heir will be walking the 35 Lifepath of Partnerships. Here’s where the karmic connection between the 4 and 8 comes into play once again. These numbers, whenever they do show up in one’s astrological chart, seem to follow one another around. While we are still awaiting the name of England’s new bundle of joy, we can bet it has some 4 and 8 vibrations waiting to tell us more. Along the 35/8 Lifepath however, what a soul will do is follow the tried and true, strive for stability, learn from their experiences, and spread a profound wisdom as they do so. While it is a given this child will not worry ever in his life about money or security, he has been given the reins to be able to counsel others in how to walk the path of responsibility within their life. And so will he, do the very same, especially backed up by his 2nd house Capricorn Moon that equally asks for security with all that is of value in the life.

Prince William and Kate will find as their caring Cancer Boy learns and grows, he will be super historically and family oriented, yet with a natal Uranus in the 4th house- this will insure he does “shake up the family” a bit. The way he will do things down the road will be eccentrically viewed for sure, and sometimes he will be viewed as misunderstood, because his ability to be the prophet for future trends and patterns bringing forward ideas that people may not grasp at a first glance. His intuition here 9 times out of 10, will be spot on. Couple that with the 22 karmic path and he’ll become an enigma to those that really know him. This one’s here for humanity, where his visions and prophetic abilities will be exactly what the world will need by the time he reaches the throne. We are sure he’ll let us know just what he can do long, long before that.

And to think, I, your author,  will be able to see this in my lifetime, when I am still reading charts at 90 years old, I will remember this day for sure when our new Royal Baby will be approaching 50. We look forward to the announcement of the official royal name, so we can dive into some Lexigrams and see what potentials can be derived from it as they always affirm, what’s really in a name.

Again, to be continued….
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