LunarOScopes, 02 Jan Capricorn New Moon, Let’s Carefully Begin

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


Reinventing Awareness of our EARTH HEART Truth

New Moon in Capricorn

1:33pmEST, 02 January, Let’s CAREFULLY Begin & Initiate

Our first waxing phase of 2022’s Mastering The Value of Compassion, arrives in contradiction to be ever careful about what we may begin, as we are already in serious contemplation of what stands in reflection within Capricorn, The Goat. Now as our Lunar Lady’s precise focus asks us to look to what can be planted within our zodiac sign of integrity, ambition, leadership and authority along with our willingness to utilize caution and conservation, we must be prepared to take a SILENT LISTEN while tapping all the deeper into the ability to remain the kneeling submissive student.

This first New Moon of Winter and 2022 opens the year in further reflective undertones alongside Venus Retrograde, all while The Approach to Mercury Retrograde builds to begin by 14 January. The continuing call to answer to what upsurges once again to specifically learn from at the 12th degree for the collective to embrace this month -as we already did in November and December 2021 and will continue to do so for the next 2 months of our New Moon alignments- rings louder for us all to equally personally listen to.

Where are You meant to honor Reinventing Awareness of our EARTH HEART Truth, Dear Star?

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“There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to become companions with it.” ~Rumi

Mastering Mercury Retrograde in 2022

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2022 Mercury Retrograde Cycles of Reflection

As we look to our regular Mercury Retrograde (MRx) passages (which always occur about three times during any given year) we have additional timeframes to be acutely aware of due to other inner planet cycles of reflection that will intertwine along with them.

Understanding Mercury Retrograde and what it actually is meant to positively do for anyone is wise timing is everything wisdom to always take into consideration for our planning and scheduling needs. These recurring astrological cycles are mistakenly overly associated with fear and frustration, which absolutely is not the reaction we are ever meant to have with them.

Mercury Retrograde is always first & foremost: A Cycle of Reflection.

~Sharita Star

Read that last statement again.

The only reasons Mercury Retrogrades “trip up” anyone is that:

One: most people are unaware it is in affect because they have never been introduced to the value of astrology, and naively choose to make initiations for intended long term success during them. 

Two: those who are aware of it are fooled into believing they should fear it every time is comes back around because they are simply misinformed.

If you know what not to do, and most importantly, what you absolutely can do under these reflective, recharging, reassessment and ultimate “time out” periods: you will always be in the energetic flow of Mastering Mercury Retrograde.

Before we get into when all of 2022’s cycle of reflection periods will urgently ask us to have the heads up in our calendars, let’s give you some astrological tips and tools to implement during any of them.

Why Are We Not Favored To Move Forward Under MRx? 

Mercury is our Messenger planet from above that guides all communications, thinking, mentality, movement, electronics, transportation, travel, changes, perceptions, adaptability and all exchanges of information that occur down here below.

When in Retrograde -due to the backtracking energy that is cast off from Mercury- all of the matters it watches over do not function nor move forward optimally. Precisely why, anyone is well advised to utilize these periods of time for pause, redoing, and only focus upon reworking what already exists.

Human error is always highest under Mercury Retrograde than any other time of the year. Naturally, forward thinking and planting for future success under this time is equally not well supported. 

Therefore, hold off on important decisions such as: starting a business, signing contracts, launching a product, getting married, buying a new car, engaging in any kind of new relationship, purchasing new technology, or buying a new home. None of these initiating actions will turn out well for the long-term, and if implemented under MRx, it is an astrological guarantee they are energetically tied up in faulty foundations that never have the genuine ability to sustain themselves for success.

What Are We Favored To Do With Success Under MRx?

Taking the first rule of thumb that Mercury Retrograde is a cycle of reflection, we are promised to flow with this reassessment time when we honor staying in this exact frame of mind. By only placing our attention upon what already exists, and choosing to wait and see about the future, our personal mastery of this cycle absolutely unfolds.

Getting out our “RE” vocabulary is one of the best ways we can discover ease and peace of mind.

Rerouting, reconnecting, reconsidering, recharging, resting, relaxing, reorganizing, researching, retreating, remembering, replanning, reframing, rescheduling, rekindling, repairing and replacing are all wonderful ways to reap the rewards of what this cycle of reflection is absolutely all about.

Mercury Retrograde is a marvelous time to work with: unfinished projects, revisiting existing creative outlets, reconnecting with old friends/former associates, reassessing existing business plans, practicing the pause, expecting rescheduling of plans, anticipating delays and set backs, having backup plans ready to go, replacing objects in need of repair (yet make sure these are done correctly), doing research, retreating away from the world, and above all, remembering to take a silent listen for oneself (extra meditation, journaling and yoga time please!).

Mercury Retrogrades & YOU! 

For anyone’s individual experience, taking a look at your Personal Forecast is always extremely favored to know the precise and specific areas of your life that each one will be seeking your reflective focus within.

As everyone collectively experiences any and all MRx cycles, each one is energetically different from the last, making no two MRxs exactly alike. While the same rules of thumb will always apply, the pulse will always cast off unique affects being Mercury is in another zodiac sign each time. Equally, the other positioning of the planets above any MRx also will relate to, also are never in the same configurations.

So, where is change and necessary reflection asking for your attention during any given year, and especially this one? Is it your income, lifestyle and vocation? Or your home/family life, wealth, and inner healing? Or how you approach your life, heart space and beliefs? What about your communication skills, relationships and hopes for the future? 

Take the 21 Day Journaling under MRx Challenge!

2022 Mercury Retrogrades 

Wherever Mercury Retrograde lands in your life or business, know this: it is always time to sharpen the saw within it. The value of astrology is, you always have a precise map and blueprint to help personally guide you through any of them.

Each Mercury Retrograde lasts for approximately 21 days (3 weeks). All have an Approach period, (date when Mercury crosses over the degree point it will fully Retrograde back to) and a Shadow period, (date when Mercury moving forward crosses back over the degree point it began to Retrograde upon). The Approach alerts us to what MRx reflections and matters are on the way to be resolved, while the Shadow allows us to tie up the loose ends and recorrect any natural errors that occur during the Retrograde itself.

14 January to 03 February in Aquarius & Capricorn

Approach begins 29 December 2021; Shadow completes 23 February

Mercury Retrograde under Eclipse Season, Spring 2022: Watch What You Need to Know

10 May to 03 June in Gemini & Taurus

Approach begins 26 April; Shadow completes 18 June

09 Sept to 02 October in Libra & Virgo

Approach begins 20 August; Shadow completes 16 October

29 December to 18 January 2023 in Capricorn

Approach begins 12 December; Shadow completes 06 February 2023

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Let’s Spell Out the Truth

Tapping into the mysteries of Lexigrams, we can also clearly spell out the truth here: BATHE THE HEART RATE, BEAT THE HATE and ever wisely from that grounded state, BE THE EARTH EAR. 

Take a look as well, for more energetic tips as we Spell Out the Truth for this cycle of reflection: What’s Really in a Word? MERCURY RETROGRADE

Remember, reflection and reassessment success always can be absolutely ours, but one must choose to consciously slow down. Pause. Take those deeper breaths. Stop forcing matters, and quit the grinding, societal falsified illusion of maintaining the incessant and constant busy bubble rush.

Mercury Retrograde passages come back around in our lives in their appropriate timing is everything cycles, to be our perfect opportunities to restore, recharge and reboot. Without this necessary timeout and downtime, humanity is a mere stone that gathers no moss.

To Your Continual Attainment of Soul Certainty in Our Uncertain Times.

2022: Mastering The Value of Compassion

Understanding a 6 Universal Year

Once we own our perspective, we will never argue with anothers’ because we understand how to respect it.~Sharita Star

Now, it would be undeniable to say that the past 5 Universal Year failed to deliver its’ complete promise of 2021’s Changing Global Truth for humanity to experience, for anyone who owns a HEART upon this EARTH. Whether or not one has noticed, our global connectivity most certainly has changed its’ channel of the truth, no matter how “back to normal” one equally believes things are or are not: as our 5 Universal Year comes to another layered in uncertainties close, just like 2020 undeniably did.

What 2021 has asked humanity to deeply accept, is it has permanently changed everything. There simply is -if one honestly chooses to OWN and stand in their NOW to have WON- no longer the previously existing “normal” to go back to. One does not ever go back in a 5 energetic year, whether a universal or personal one. There is only moving forward with irreversible change, and having to adapt accordingly. 

What now awaits upon the next 6 Universal Year horizon for 2022, is beginning to find peace of mind with the permanent changes that just unfolded during 2021. 2022 will now distinctly ask humanity to be “Mastering The Value of Compassion.”

Our abilities to hold space for others will be completely unprecedented as they will be called upon.

It will be quintessential to keep our personal vitality clear and energetically well-oiled, so we can continue to do this LOVE to EVOLVE compassionate calling soul work without becoming physically exhausted, mentally overwhelmed or health compromised.

A 6 Universal Year shifts from what we have been witnessing in 2021 concerning global truth connectivity across the world that has forever changed for humanity. Now it is time to focus upon coming together, seeking to understand before being understood, and being reachable and teachable enough to always discern both sides of any given situation at hand before making any decisions for the common good. 

Not only will compassion, understanding, discernment and the practice of gratitude be absolutely required: 2022 will equally focus upon connecting to the very values surrounding our closest relationships, luxuries, financial stability, securities, legalities, beauty, nature and families.

As the New Year begins, any HEART will resoundingly notice, the opening gates of 2022 will seek to capture one’s compassionate attention right away in order to embrace the alarming humanitarian need for healing the divide energies that will continue to cascade and absolutely elevate all the more intensely across our EARTH in even more harrowing and polarizing ways.

Humanity was pinned against its’ very self in the myriad of confusion that circulated from information, persuasions, false prophets, authoritarian power figures, and manipulations, as 2021 undeniably promised would unfold for the collective who did not choose otherwise to stand in ultimate awareness to become the keen observer concerning the truth. Those who stood in neutrality that regularly took their SILENT LISTEN, did not fall into the deceptive trap that was laid for humanity to collectively become all the more caught up within.

As we look to the very warnings and solid advice we had to remain reachable and teachable before we entered 2021, those who did not heed this past year’s forecast, will be paying a severe price in 2022, if they will equally choose to ignore its’ very theme: Mastering The Value of Compassion.

The Pratice of Gratitude in 2022, No Matter What

Another important point is the very need once again to remember all throughout 2022, is to practice gratitude. As the collective energies will be absolutely spreading fear upon fear surrounding the energy of all that will be presented in what is in LACK, the only way to combat this is to shift to giving gratitude for what we already have in order to allow attraction to still flow to us. This year will most certainly bring to anyone’s attention how very much Ben Franklin’s wise statement will be profoundly witnessed: “Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” 

2022 is a universal year to be extremely prepared for. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. Financially. And over all else: Spiritually. If you have all these components and give gratitude for what you have daily, there is no other way through but to witness the thrive versus the survive within the uncertain times ahead in one’s soul certainty. 

Why does 2022 ask not only for compassion, but to master the value of its’ energy? 

The 5 Universal Year planetary ruler of 2021, Mercury, will pass the baton to Venus -who takes over to wayshow and guide us to successfully work within a 6 Universal Year. It is through Venus’s very principles that now show us how we can tap into the knowing of seeking to understand before being understood; thoroughly examining all angles of a situation before deciding; giving gratitude for what we already have; and the mastering of our compassion is what will undeniably be required to navigate it. 

Those who allow the principles of Venus to grant them the value they absolutely need, will be an all the more important part of the healing the divide current during 2022, and will undeniably feel the need and harnessing of the compassion necessary as human experiences will unfold to find solutions for.

Aside from being known as The Idealist planet, Venus’s natural energy is quite known to be extremely favored to bring in balance and justice. Her ultimate wishes are for harmony to prevail and in the case of humanity’s now, to become restored after Mercury has left a whirlwind of changes to pick up the understanding pieces of. Family, legalities, relationships, money, values and once again: compassion for all of them is how Venus channels her gentleness and simply wants peace as she is more than the fair judge.

As we have already understood from the beginning of our current “Roaring 20’s” decade, the last 2 digits of the whole year have an additional message and via Chaldean Numerology: an equal karmic mystery to strongly take into consideration. As we look to the presence of the “22” composing 2022, we find we are looking at a Master Number, that of ‘Submission ~ Caution.’ 

Master Numbers always hold us to great responsibility. In 2022, humanity will be asked to distinctly master a many things in order to find they can thrive, versus merely survive. 

22, Submission Caution | Chaldean Karmic Mystery 

22 Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

“22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.” In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. It indicates a good person (or entity) who lives in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late. It warns of mistakes in judgment, of placing faith in those who are not trustworthy. It represents exercising caution and watchfulness in both career and personal matters. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success. When this personal responsibility is recognized, practiced, and finally mastered, the 22 person can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others, and will see ideas achieved and dreams realized.”  ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

In what you seek to understand and draw upon your compassion for in this New 6 Universal Year of 2022 Humanity: keep an eye out for those ferocious tigers, up the ante concerning your spiritual aggressiveness, and cast away any spiritual laziness you many have holding you back from seeing any plausible illusion and delusion surrounding you. It’s not too late to no longer be blinded by the folly of others. It’s time to rise up and proclaim you are Mastering The Value of Compassion.

Further Breaking Down 2022: Understanding the Underlying 2’s & 0

2022 as a 6 Universal Year, is equally rare as the individual digits composing it, are all the same, minus the 0. Numerology sees this as a more than powerful and pay extremely close attention energy, as we absolutely need to understand the very nature of the 2 itself. If you are also Seeing Aligned Numbers these days, check out what they really mean!

2 energy is lunar guided via The Moon. It instinctively pulls us into the realms of what we are feeling, favors we utilize our emotional intelligence in response versus reactions, value our abilities to nurture and nourish, and make sure we take any worry and precisely shift it to the space of concern for attracting rightful solutions as any natural challenges in life may arise. The 2 appreciates all of what our imagination is able to grant us, yet this will never work amicably from the space of worry: which is merely imagination out of control with no direction to go in.

2 energy equally is extremely focused upon our home and family life. These will become all the more important for humanity to be in keen attention of, as the expression “Home is where the heart is,” can easily become a powerful mantra for 2022’s calling for healing as well.

The 0 in the midst of the three 2’s is regenerative forces in play via Pluto. As we work all the more closely with our home and family, we will see there are very strong pulses of transformation surrounding them, allowing us to awaken to the very value and especially the entire perspective of the wealth concerning the very structure and foundation they provide for our lives.

Aside from the need to bring compassion into our family and home life, humanity will also notice they will be doing a lot of relocating in 2022, to connect to and ultimately rediscover, “There’s No Place Like Home.” What home means to humanity, is about to find out, it has a powerful rebirthing process it will need to embrace. 

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Why 2022 isn’t a “Hitting the Ground Running” New Year

Venus Retrograde 26 to 11 degrees Capricorn,
19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022

Anyone expecting to ring in this New Year with the “old normal” excitement, push to grind one’s way to new success in energies that normally fizzle out about mid January when the typical blues arrive, and keep any intended plans for beginning, launching and “starting anew,” let’s just erase ALL that out of anyone’s expectant head now. 

Venus who is “in charge” of 2022, has already been in serious reflection leading up to Christmas, and will continue to do so for the entire first month of the New Year. It is highly important to deeply understand now, this is a New Year that distinctly asks to start it off in an undeniable calling for a SILENT LISTEN.

While we can find amicable forward motion to embrace in 2022, it will not be favored until this necessary cycle of reflection that Venus will be engaged in as it begins, has completed. 2022 will finally “feel” like it is actually moving forward once February arrives: YET, this will still even be somewhat “delicate.” We can expect, once her Retrograde Shadow work is over by 02 March, that the year can truly start to take flight. Nevertheless we must remember, it is not in any way, shape or form, working from the “old normal.”

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022

Approach Begins: 17 November 2021, Shadow Ends: 02 March 2022

Once again as it is in need of being repeated: in our 2022 New Year, be in the absolute know that the ruling planet of this 6 Universal Year is amidst a more than powerful cycle of reflection as she is handed the planetary “now you are in charge” baton. While Venus Retrograde only reoccurs about every 18 months, her reflection cycles precisely point to taking a critical and absolutely necessary “timeout.” 

Whether it be from a planet like Venus, or our more frequent recurring passages of reflective time like Mercury Retrogrades, they are all to be taken seriously and remain in full awareness of concerning our well-intended plans. Like any other year, our choices and decisions for their future success made under any inner planet retrograde are merely extra amplified in errors, unstable foundations and complete confusion. Honoring reflection, observation, review and returning to what already exists: are extremely key practices in order to truly thrive during any of these “timeouts.” 

As both Approach and Shadow passages precede and follow any Retrogrades themselves, our astrological advice here is to absolutely properly prepare for reflection under the Approach, and then sort out what is necessary moving forward under the Shadow. Depending upon where they equally will personally play out in our Personal Forecast, will be essential to discern for our individual experiences, and as always, ultimately allow us to be armed in our soul certainty empowerment to work with them all as amicably as possible, as uncertain times promise to carry on.

The Astrology & Numerology Planetary Play by Play Forecasting for 2022!

The Timing is Everything Rhythm Story of 2022

Venus as the natural way shower guide of our 6 Universal Year, spends 23 weeks in the elemental energy of Earth during 2022, which is just under half of its’ 52 week span. This will begin within the very leadership earth energies of Capricorn while in Retrograde, and conclude the year having touched upon every single sign within the Zodiac, before returning to the leadership earthen energies once again of Capricorn to conclude 2022.

The focus upon Venus spending the majority of her time in EARTH energy during 2022 is all part of the valuable reassessment, attaining of harmony, balance and compassion for it. Venus will ask humanity to work with grave understanding in these areas in order to not only unite the divide, but ideally heal what has become severely broken within the very HEART space of humanity itself: all across the globe.

Look forward to weekly and monthly guidance during 2022 with Sharita’s new Soul Certainty Community on Patreon to deeply dive into the specific details of how our 6 Universal Year will unfold step by step.

Venus’s JOURNEY to ENJOY OUR JOY in 2022

Her First 9 weeks are in Capricorn, the element of Earth via Leadership

Total of 16 weeks (4 Months) in Capricorn from 05 November 2021 to 06 March 2022

06 March to 05 April Venus in Aquarius: Air via Organization

05 April to 02 May in Pisces: Water via Communications

02 to 28 May in Aries: Fire via Leadership

28 May to 22 June in Taurus: Earth via Organization 

22 June to 17 July in Gemini: Air via Communications

17 July to 11 August in Cancer: Water via Leadership 

11 August to 05 September in Leo: Fire via Organization 

05 to 29 September in Virgo: Earth via Communications

29 September to 23 October in Libra: Air via Leadership 

23 October to 16 November in Scorpio: Water via Organization

16 November to 09 December in Sagittarius: Fire via Communications 

09 December to 02 January 2023 in Capricorn: Earth via Leadership

What is an interesting layering in other reflective cycles pattern, is how each time Venus is visiting within any Earth Sign during 2022, we see other inner planet Retrograde Cycles overlapping them, from both Mercury and Mars. Mercury Retrograde Cycles also will spend valuable time in reflection in all three of our Earth Signs during 2022. These important reflective passages will be also extremely connected to what will be in powerful realignment concerning the stability of our planet, and once again, the very need to be completely exercising Mastering The Value of Compassion.

14 January to 03 February, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn

10 May to 03 June, Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus

09 September to 02 October, Mercury Retrograde in Libra/Virgo

30 October 2022 to 12 January 2023, Mars Retrograde in Gemini

29 December 2022 to 18 January 2022, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Moving Universal Month to Month Within 2022

Within the flow of any Universal Year, is a specific month to month energetic pulse that we always have at our forecasting fingertips, to further understand how collective human experiences are favored to emerge. 

As we begin 2022, it simply beckons for an incredible SILENT LISTEN from Humanity in order for it to deeply understand: there is nothing more than honoring reflection in order to reap success. 

During the 1st month of this 6 Universal Year as we are under the realms of both Venus and Mercury Retrograde (14 January to 03 February) alongside it, we also bring in the 3rd layer of a 7 “inner work” universal month as we see will unfold.

This same 7 universal month will cycle back later on in 2022 for October. As you will notice below, the same energetic patterns repeat for February mirroring November in the 8, and March mirroring December in the 9, via how the forecasting math computes within 2022. 

January 2022 is an absolute “all bets are off” kind of energy. Once the 1st Full Moon as well arrives upon 17 January, the remains of the month equally reflects in a natural waning phase though 01 February. 

Sit Super Tight Humanity. Buckle Up. Stay Grounded in Your Compassion. And be extremely well-prepared for this quadruple reflective energies ride especially past 17 January.

January 2022: 7 Universal Month under Venus & Mercury Retrograde

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon:Insight, Observation, Spiritual Pursuits, Healing, Processing, Honing Intuition, Inner Listening

Beware of Collective Energies: Withdrawal, Seclusion, Addictions, Being Anti-Social, Feeling Anxiety, Illusions/Deceptions

February 2022: 8 Universal Month under Venus & Mercury Rx Shadows

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Wisdom, Discipline, Accountability, Responsibility, Stability, Practicality, Patience, Work Ethics

Beware of Collective Energies: Greed, Dishonesty, Limitations, Restrictions, Confinement, Bossiness, Guilt, Stagnation

March 2022: 9 Universal Month

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Courage, Triumphant Conclusions, Universal Love, Generosity, Truth, Elevation, Kindness

Beware of Collective Energies: Conflict, Intensity, Anger, Aggressive Action, Selfishness, Naivety, Impatience, Oppression

April 2022: 1 Universal Month

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: New Ideas, Ambitions, Will Power, Creativity, Heart-Centered Leadership, Loyalties, Initiations

Beware of Collective Energies: Impulses, Misjudgment, Intimidation, Cynicism, Confrontation, Vanity, Ego-Self Centeredness

May 2022: 2 Universal Month under Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde 

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Co-operation, Caring, Responding with Emotional Intelligence, Healing, The Home, Imagination

Beware of Collective Energies: The Melodramatic, Moodiness, Laziness, Defensiveness, Worry, Emotional Reactions, Unclear Vision

June 2022: 3 Universal Month

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Attraction, Inspiration, Optimism, The Truth, Self-Expression, Integration, Learning, Growth 

Beware of Collective Energies: Extravagance, Waste, Scattered Energies, Global Disturbances, Hypocrisies, Blatant Lies

July 2022: 4 Universal Month

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Concentration, Solidarity, Originality, Securing a Foundation, Allowing, Individuality, Invention

Beware of Collective Energies: The Unexpected, Delays, Challenges, Obstacles, Judgments, Frustrations, Tolerance, Shock-factors

August 2022: 5 Universal Month

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Adaptability, Fast & Permanent Changes, Adventure/Movement, Information, Ideas, Communications

Beware of Collective Energies: Lack of Focus, Unreliability, Discontent, Over-Analysis, Gossip, Ignorance, Misinformation

September 2022: 6 Universal Month under Mercury Retrograde

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Compassion, Love, Warmth, Romance, Understanding, Relationships, Values, Balance, Justice

Beware of Collective Energies: Self-sacrificing, Co-dependency, legal losses, laziness, ugliness, vanity, suspicions, frivolousness

October 2022: 7 Universal Month, Eclipse Season & Preview of 2023’s Coming Attractions

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Insight, Observation, Spiritual Pursuits, Healing, Processing, Honing Intuition, Inner Listening

Beware of Collective Energies: Withdrawal, Seclusion, Addictions, Being Anti-Social, Feeling Anxiety, Illusions/Deceptions

November 2022: 8 Universal Month under Mars Retrograde & Eclipse Season  

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Wisdom, Discipline, Accountability, Responsibility, Stability, Practicality, Patience, Work Ethics

Beware of Collective Energies: Greed, Dishonesty, Limitations, Restrictions, Confinement, Bossiness, Guilt, Stagnation

December 2022: 9 Universal Month under Mars Retrograde & Approach to Mercury Rx

To Cultivate Collective Success, Focus Upon: Courage, Triumphant Conclusions , Universal Love, Generosity, Truth, Elevation, Kindness

Beware of Collective Energies: Conflict, Intensity, Anger, Aggressive Action, Selfishness, Naivety, Impatience, Oppression

OWNing Our NOW to See How We Will Have WON

So we move into our 6 Universal Year of 2022 not only being prepared to be mastering the value of compassion, but equally ready to attain our collective soul certainty, as we will pause to seek to understand before being understood: all as we practice our gratitude for what we already have. 

The energetic promise of maintaining equilibrium to balance humanity distinctly channels from it’s guide, The Idealist planet of Venus during 2022. Underlying with the tone of the Master Number 22’s forewarning of exercising our ‘Submission – Caution,’ we are able to rise up in our Warrior abilities to become spiritually aggressive and curb any spiritual laziness. This most certainly will only be attained as one absolutely remains both reachable and teachable. 

Humanity -on both a global and personal level- are you ready to own your compassion, master it, and work in your most spirited and grateful presence yet that 2022 will absolutely require to maintain, in order to thrive and not just merely survive? 

This more than realigning and seeking to bring balance and peace of mind back to any willing HEART in this continuing Great Awakening EARTH Shift already sees the answer only lives within you. Where the free will of choice, is always, completely, up to you. 

May Safety, Sovereignty and Spirit Always be with You in the LOVE to EVOLVE. 

Connecting the Dots Further

Looking Back Upon Our Global Perspective leading up to now:

8 Universal Year 2015 asked us to reap the harvest, find the recognition & accept the reward. Only practicing responsibility, patience & honor allowed this stabilizing energy to flourish.

7 Universal Year 2014 asked for the “soul homework” the inner work and required reflection in order to heal. Solitude, listening & remaining in the eye of the apparent storms called to be heard.

6 Universal Year 2013 called for understanding, compassion, adjustment, and balance. Justice, judgment & harmony asked to be aligned and embraced.

5 Universal Year 2012 brought forth blossoming, new information, rapid movement and permanent changes. Communications, mass changes & no going back unfolded for humanity.

4 Universal Year 2011 formulated roots that secured the initiations of 2008 within a foundation. The unexpected, breakthroughs & over coming obstacles called to all.

3 Universal Year 2010 burst open those seeds, aligning in new knowledge and education. Beliefs, philosophies & growth were stimulated on a global level.

2 Universal Year 2009 nurtured those seeds within it’s emotional and sensitive energy. The home, family & sense of co-operation called across the board.

1 Universal Year 2008 Started ANEW, “if it was NEW it was for the WORLD,” The Life Force Focus, manifestations, beginnings, and all channels of birth. Fresh Loyalties formulated via seed planting within it’s creative, heartfelt and initiating energy.