Lunar-O-Scope, 05 Sept 2013

What The New Moon in Virgo Means for You

05 September, 7:36am EDT

Regenerating Our Feelings

This New Moon in Virgo brings forth reinventing energy that is lent a helping hand from Jupiter in Cancer to optimistically unfold powerful changes for our emotional landscapes to start a new gathering energy from. However The Virgin’s purity affects you, find out how this Lunar trigger can benefit you to regenerate what is meant to become reinvented within your soul’s feelings over this next Waxing Phase.

Moon enters Virgo How Our Feelings Find Efficiency
6:43am EDT 04 September to 3:12pm EDT 06 September
Lunar energy in Virgo calls for us to look to matters concerning health, order, routine, service, and efficiency. Being The Virgin excels at discrimination, focus of feeling is applied to discerning the purity of our lives. Inasmuch as Virgo is not considered the “psychic sign,” when this channel of energy is felt in an ultimate state of cleanliness and health, the messages it will relate will not be shy to educate anyone to know the truth between right and wrong. In this natural state of feeling, that tendency for DOUBT does not have to be told to please DO BUT OUT BUD, for it will simply not attract into the wholesome mind.

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
05 September, 7:36am EDT, 13 degrees Virgo
As our New Moon embarks in the detailed-oriented energies of Virgo -the sign that consciously aims for perfection- the collective is ready to get it all in fine working order within the Virgo piece of the Zodiac Pie. The Virgin tends to fuss over everything, but remember the virtue of healthy discrimination serves the free-will best. As a waxing phase begins, visualize a gathering force as the Moon will travel from 13 degrees Virgo to where 26 degrees Pisces’s energy falls within the birth chart, as this half of your Zodiac Pie is ready for a fresh emotional feel to come into play throughout 19 September.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
6:10am EDT to 3:12pm EDT 06 September
Moon VOC are passages that occur at various times all month long, beginning when the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign. In essence, it is a recognized time that advises us to not take up in forward motion nor important decisions for the future. As we welcome our third waxing moon of summer, as our New Virgo Moon conjuncts Mercury at 25 degrees Virgo, we will be still be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Libra 06 September.

13 Regeneration – Change A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our emotional energy properly, this 13 degree point asks us to accept the unknown and expect the unexpected within what will be emerging anew within this waxing phase. Whatever comes our way to strike up a bit of genius, will be all the more welcomed for the new coming our way. Certainly, what comes forth is meant to make us all feel reinvented whenever Virgo’s energy rest in our charts, as fresh ground is meant to be broken, and the more original it is, the better it will feel.

Lunar-O-Scope, 05 September 2013
Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?
The simplicity of knowing your sun sign is all you need to take full advantage of what this lunation means for you. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too for a deeper look, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice from the natal perspective. However, it is wise to consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 13 degrees Virgo affects your personal zodiac pie.

Those in full awareness of their natal birth chart will wish to check any planetary placements that are placed near or at 13 degree points, for these areas of the life will receive a direct line of communication as well asking to connect more clues as to how your new beginnings will call loud and clear.

Both the sun sign and rising sign views are the two areas of your life that call for you to bring forth initiations and a fresh feel within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the Full Moon upon 19 September will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: Your imagination hasn’t been running wild hinting for you to improve your routines, personal habits, and health Dear Rams where I Serve. Go now and take charge! There are new ways to be of assistance to others and be ready to keep the flames going with some fresh servitude. Pets love your attention. Look around to your environments, home and family life for genuine assistance to how these tasks can be accomplished, so you can happily nurture it all.

Taurus: The Bull takes center stage and proclaims I Create! A new artistic adventure you’ve been waiting to dive into now begins to take root. See how children can become a focus as well as exploring love affairs and entertaining. You’ve been getting some really positive thoughts and ideas flowing to you as of late, so if you also have been urged to write it all down, this could be the very brainchild that is the genius one you’ve been patiently waiting to debut upon your stage.

Gemini: Many new beginnings are about to innovatively break-through within your home and family life where I Nurture. Don’t logically think the déjà vu happening is just the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive message being channeled. You are inspired to get your environments clean, neat and tidy. Relating this to the renewed sense of value in your life and how you earn your daily bread, will connect to the pure brilliance that is emerging here.

Cancer: A whole new thought process Dear Crabs readily enters your vivid minds where I Communicate. Worry doesn’t serve you now, so shift into concern where necessary instead. New ways of thinking are ready to be implemented. Plan or go on a short trip. Write things down.  There are amazing new first impressions you have been receiving about how your approaches to life are changing, and these are beyond inspired to help bring originality to your mental capacity.

Leo: Your earning power is primed for regeneration within what I Have. Your entire value system is ready to claim some fresh securities, and breakthrough changes. A new way for you to earn your dollars unfolds. Your view on possessions wishes for a new perspective. You are blessed with optimism from the time you spend in solitude -processing it all- and make sure if night-time dreams communicate some clues here, you evaluate them properly to know what to do next.

Virgo: The new lunar light now gathers up from you, rise up in your courage to proclaim I Am renewed, and you logically can depend upon it! Approaches and first impressions to life take on plenty of innovative forms and perceptions. The world has been waiting to see the mastermind side of you -which your friendships, groups, hopes, dreams and wishes are absolutely amazed at what a difference they are seeing- and they are more than happy to work with your new visions!

Libra: Time for your Scales to become balanced as you apply focus to the inner layers of your psyche where I Process. Go within to discover a renewed peace, as matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved. Fresh energy speaks strongly to your solitude, and do pay close attention to your dreams during this waxing moon. While you may have to reign in the excitement going on in your career and public life, make sure you connect the dots here to see how to handle it all.

Scorpio: If it feels different, let innovative feelings regenerate within your friendships and organizations where I Socialize. Unexpected new faces seek to engage with you. Focus on originality and write down your hopes, dreams and wishes. Say yes when a spontaneous invitation arrives, this will serve you for the long term. All is happily relating to how your beliefs are opening up to more optimism, which is educating your higher self to grow in abundance.

Sagittarius: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions will be made on what is coming into pure intelligence where I Structure. Your public life sees innovative turns under this passage, and yes it’s time to let change take shape here. Your purpose, mission, and reputation discover unusual rewards. Authority also looks different to you, which relates strongly to how your wealth and core sense of transformation is embracing growth and happier times ahead.

Capricorn: Purifying and definitely original activity stirs within your idealisms and philosophies, where I Believe. An unforeseen trip or educational process significantly shifts you, so make the plans. This urge to travel, even if in the mind, broadens you through the experiences, which will unexpectedly surprise you. Tie it all in to your one on one relationships across the board: remembering changes can be powerful, which you know you have resisted doing for so long.

Aquarius: Financial focus, rebirth and regenerative energy is unfolding where I Transform. Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, are all well deserving of your attention as new ways to wealth seek to find you. Breakthrough ways speak about intimacy in a personal relationship, as your innate innovation guides the way. Everything connects to your habits and routines, and know that you have abundance flowing within your service to others, as well as towards yourself.

Pisces: Your personal or business contacts, catch your attention where I Relate. New partnerships formulate in unusual ways, so try a different channel in your sea to swim to here. It’s the perfect time to move forward with contracts and legalities. Your creativity is eager to allow another to help it grow, and you’ll find a surprising genius surrounding it to assist in bringing it to the next level upon your stage. Love affairs and children can aim to please you.