LunarOScopes, 21 Aug New Moon & Solar Eclipse, Let’s Carefully Begin

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We intentionally create our lives through what we feel, which in turn, directly affects our thoughts as The Law of Attraction promises. Lunar energy from above is astrologically in charge of how the messages of our human emotions play out in precise timing, always offering us the chance to evolve down here below. As we honor our emotions, we can make them powerful allies in our lives- verses ignoring the truth, missing our opportunities, and neglecting to heal whatever they ask us to focus on.


Lexigrams: Let’s Spell Out the Truth from SOLAR ECLIPSE

Each month, a New Moon opens a waxing phase of initiating energy favoring creation until we reach the Full Moon, opening up a waning phase allowing for natural correction, reflection and release. LunarOScopes capture the forecast of these cycles indicating what is meant to begin or conclude, timing when and what specific area of life our Sun Sign benefits by applying our focus through feeling.

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Leo, 2:30pm EDT, 21 Aug, Let’s Really Begin
Waxing Phases favor actions involving planting anew and moving forward, as energy increases throughout one half of your Zodiac Pie from 28 degrees Leo through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius until the next Full Moon at 13 degrees Pisces 06 September 2017. This third New Moon of Summer (and second within Leo) -whose impact is long lasting- seeks for us to be well aware of expecting the unexpected to bring forward radical new beginnings within our lives. Equally we are called to be ultimately responsible to what is starting from where The Lion asks for our loyalty and to be careful in matters of trust concerning it. Should we choose to deny our accountability, we will experience chaotic outcomes that otherwise could be avoided. As we recognize we are the only ones in charge of what we are able to manifest, we are completely able to navigate our new opportunities with success.

Our third New Moon of Summer 2017 is coupled with a Total Solar Eclipse, packing an energetic punch that outlasts the normal waxing phase for 6 months up to a years time, indicating what is naturally meant to begin from this area of the life has true staying power for the long term.

*This waxing phases aligns in equal reflection requests from Mercury Retrograde that transits 12 August to 05 September.* Remember with the beginnings we will naturally see from the potency of the Solar Eclipse, we need to apply careful attention and ultimate awareness concerning anything we truly choose to start under Mercury Retrograde. 21Aug17.SolarEclipse.SharitaStar

ARIES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Create.
Your children or brain-children completely capture your attention, as creative adventures really have you feeling something is powerfully flourishing with them. A personal responsibility to work with the reinvention in play for your approaches to life aligns you in truth for directions your future will take.

TAURUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with how I Nurture.
New life flows within your home and family life, and if déjà vu finds you, listen carefully to it. As your closest environments ask for intent focus, take necessary time alone to process what is revealed to you in solitude. Honor this, and transformations for your career are primed to shine moving forward.

GEMINI: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Communicate.
Brainstorms welcome absolute excitement for your state of mind, and how you are meant to work with refreshing ideas. As surprises equally arrive to allow your future goals and social scenes to go in different directions, equally be more than willing to align your partnerships in a friendly new truth.

CANCER: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Have.
Value opens new doors as increases to your earning power and security are ready to commence. The reinvention in play for your career gets kicked up another notch as more breakthroughs are revealed, working further with responsibility to your habits and routines, granting more rebirth to your wealth.

LEO: It’s time to focus upon the new with who I Am.
The world is ready for your appearance to change, as your emerging self and approaches to life intensely align you in the mantra “if it is new it is for you.” As regeneration presses on for your philosophies, beliefs and sense of truth, take creative stability to your partnerships and find balance you can rely upon.

VIRGO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Process.
Intuitive answers arrive by honoring your solitude and inner work. Note any messages dreams contain for your waking life. As rebirth reshapes your entire scope of life in more than astonishing ways, your home life seeks for you to work with different habits and routines to unlock your ultimate success.

LIBRA: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Socialize.
Initiating energy excites your future goals along with your hopes, wishes, new friends, organizations and groups. Accept invitations to mix and mingle, as amazing opportunities are presented to you. Expect the unexpected within your partnerships, utilize patience in your communications and witness your creative rewards blossom.

SCORPIO: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Structure.
As your career is poised to receive recognition and reward, your public life is ready for more responsibility. Habitually, surprising turns change up your routines as your service to self and others as serious ways for you to value life works with life at home seeks so harmony and balance can find it.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new with what I Believe.
Your philosophies experience intense changes, as education & spiritual pursuits find you journeying afar for the truth, as you gravely recognize you are a student once again. As erratic energy circulates around your children and creative nature utilize your patience to allow peace of mind to keep you calm.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Transform.
Regenerative energies in full play ask you to embrace an intense rebirth concerning your overall state of wealth and sexuality. Your source energy absolutely knows that there is no going back, provoking more reinvention for your home life as you take time alone to ponder ways your earning power can find more security.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Relate.
New agreements are favored within your business or personal relationships as well as legal matters. Be especially on alert to break-through ideas coming out of no where concerning them, for these are important to capture, assisting you to align future goals in peaceful outcomes for harmonious new approaches to your life.

PISCES: It’s time to focus upon the new where I Serve.
New beginnings activate your ability to serve others, your health, habits and routines with positive changes. You’ll find there are even more unusual and innovative ways your earning power and overall value for your security shifts, involving attention upon your career granting pleasing news for your wealth.

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