LunarOScopes, 16 Feb Leo Full Moon, Let’s Release

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


Healing Humanity’s HEART in More EARTH Shift: Dignified Warriors Wanted

Full Moon in Leo

11:56amEST, 16 February, Let’s Release & Reflect

Our second waning phase for 2022 casts off powerful heartfelt reflecting energies that pull in even deeper conclusions to now fire up all the more intensities within our Winter. As we are riveted to witness further emotionally charged changes surrounding the forceful and independent conflicts now needing courage concerning our experiences from Leo: this full moon wake up call, continues in Round 5 for taking humanity back to its’ rightful warrior abilities.

The global scene carries on with the need for all the more SILENT LISTEN to discern the TRUTH tones that may HURT connected to our ongoing EARTH HEART Shift, now during 2022’s Mastering the Value of Compassion promise under an equal 8 Universal Month seeking for accountability to reign supreme, all while we delicately move forward through the correction Shadow passages of both Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde for this second waning phase during our 6 Universal year.

Releasing energies within this loyalty-oriented, heart-centered and prideful sign now have rising to the challenge emotional responses under the 27 degrees mark concerning what emerges. 

What Are You Meant to Honor concerning Healing Humanity’s HEART in More EARTH Shift: Dignified Warriors Wanted, Dear Star?

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