A Grand Trine in Nine

A Grand Gift in Earth

A very cool cast from our planets above down here below…

At 9pm EDT, we see an intense Grand Trine in our Earth Signs.

Venus and Jupiter at 09 degrees Taurus (House 7, right side of chart)

Mars Retrograde at 09 degrees Virgo (House 11, upper left of chart)

Pluto at 09 degrees Capricorn (House 3, lower center of chart)

At the 9th degree, this more than optimistic communication between our Earth Signs is requesting a true alignment in the practicality, solidarity, efficiency, stability and true worth of our lives down here below. Take a good patient look around your world. What can you be truly grateful for, even amidst any  apparent flux that Mercury Retrograde may be causing? There is a half full glass for you to grab somewhere.
Venus and Jupiter undoubtedly have called forth the harmonies we are seeing for an extra early Spring, as the signs are everywhere about it’s bursting even as we are still within the last licks of Winter with our present Sun at 23 degrees Pisces. Taurus is the sign to “fix” us into Spring, and here, we have the very two planets transiting with these realms. Who isn’t feeling the fever from The Idealist and The Optimist? 
Mars is cleaning up big time in the realms of The Virgin, where life here is motivated to be reviewed in fairly intense ways. Driving energies seek to spin out what is no longer necessary within the areas of health, being of service and how pets are handled. Known as the sign of the auditor, Virgo is finding those details to be raked over and it’s mutable ground is getting a true fertilization. By the time 13 April comes along, The Pioneer will return to making sure proper direction and action returns to this area of the life.
Pluto, slowly but surely, is capturing all the scope from the wisdom of Capricorn. The Transformer is bringing everything back to being tried and true, and will not tolerate that which is not being done with the utmost integrity. Those trying to cut corners and make short cuts to the long term goal, will be taught serious lessons from this grave mistake. This planet is about power, and power comes from the slow and steady choice in this day and age.
So at 9pm EDT 13 March 2012 on the East Cost, we have another interesting capture as we cast the here and now chart. With an 18 degree Libra Rising in on the horizon, we have another understanding of the 9 here. The 18 as we have been seeing from the last 6 Full Moons at the 18th degree of the sign, is requesting once more we take a closer look at the balance of Spiritual-Material Conflict within our lives. The material no longer matters, at least the obsession of it as it has been created to appear within this disposable and fast paced greedy world. Getting “Spiritual” and truly in touch with the nature of relating, now, that is what the 18th degree of Libra wishes for us to unite our innate dependency with.
With Libra in the lead and all Cardinal Signs in charge of this 9pm EDT 13 March “As Above,” Pluto is transforming the thinking, Venus and Jupiter are thrilled to be creating harmony in relationships, and Mars says rethink all hopes dreams and wishes in what society really is doing for us all down here below. This Trine in Nine is asking for conclusions to how these 3 areas relate and work in ease with one another. Conclusions are being asked to formulate, or simply, they will fall into place without question.
Also of interest to note is the Medium Coeli (Mid Heaven) in the area of how structure is formed for the collective, and where the individuality stems from, ideally. This point is at  21 degree of Cancer, that of The Crown of the Magi. This number is also happy to report that the soul testing is over and some higher learning is upon us that must be nurtured. New philosophies and beliefs are ready to grow within humanity’s outward expressions. Now, does that precisely mean no more heartache?
No. In fact, there may be more heartache ahead than we have ever seen in quite some time. But, if we are not consumed with the material, our spiritual soul will know how to handle it, and the conflict will cease. The only soul testing we have had is not recognizing enough spirit within our lives. With all of this 18 and 9 going on, it is truly time. Time to let go of what we thought we knew. What we thought we already understood. It’s final. It’s over. The world we all were so damn comfortable in. It doesn’t exist anymore, and it doesn’t work.
Get practical. Get real. Get rooted. Return to tradition. Be efficient. Be happy. Exercise patience. Get healthy. Educate yourself. Think for yourself. Live in Spiritual and Universal Laws. Be silent. Listen. Turn on the deep love in your heart to evolve on this earth. This is our future. It is time to say, “WE are NEW.”

The Grand Trine in Nine has spoken.  Namaste.

On a personal note….

This alignment means everything to you from the collective perspective, as well as from your natal birth chart. A quick handy guide is below that points to the collective’s vantage point of how these 4 planets from above are able to work with you down here below. Depending upon the exact mathematical cast of the natal birth chart chart, you can also gain further insight on a more personal level by seeing how 09 degree points of the Earth Signs align for you.

Your Collective Alignment in A Grand Trine in NineThe connection of how 09 degrees Venus/Jupiter in Taurus, 09 degrees Mars Rx in Virgo,
09 degrees Pluto in Capricorn works from the collective horoscope.

Harmony/Wisdom of what “I Have” Values/Earning Power
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Serve” Service/Health
Transforming Power in how “I Structure” Career/Public Life

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Am” First Impressions/Approaches
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Create” Creativity/Children
Transforming Power in how “I Believe” Higher Education/Philosophy

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Process” Subconscious Process/Inner World
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Nurture” Home/Family/Environment
Transforming Power of how “I Regenerate” Wealth/Sexuality/Core Change

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Socialize” Friendships/Groups/Hopes/Dreams
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Communicate” Thinking/Mentality
Transforming Power of how “I Relate” Partnerships/Marriage

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Structure” Career/Public Life
Motivating review and Drive of what “I Have” Values/Earning Power
Transforming Power of how ““I Serve” Service/Health

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Believe” Higher Education/Philosophy
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Am” First Impressions/Approaches
Transforming Power of how “I Create” Creativity/Children

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Regenerate” Wealth/Sexuality/Core Change
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Process” Subconscious Process/Inner World
Transforming Power of how “I Nurture” Home/Family/Environment

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Relate” Partnerships/Marriage
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Socialize” Friendships/Groups/Hopes/Dreams
Transforming Power of how “I Communicate” Thinking/Mentality

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Serve” Service/Health
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Structure” Career/Public Life
Transforming Power in what “I Have” Values/Earning Power


Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Create” Creativity/Children
Motivating review and Drive of what “I Believe” Higher Education/Philosophy
Transforming Power of how “I Am” First Impressions/Approaches

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Nurture” Home/Family/Environment
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Regenerate” Wealth/Sexuality/Core Change
Transforming Power of how “I Process” Subconscious Process/Inner World

Harmony/Wisdom of how “I Communicate” Thinking/Mentality
Motivating review and Drive of how “I Relate” Partnerships/Marriage
Transforming Power of how “I Socialize” Friendships/Groups/Hopes/Dream

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