5 Solutions for Actually Keeping Your Resolutions in 2015

It’s time again for making our 2015’s New Years Resolutions. You know, the excited “thank God this year is finally over and this next year will be better” ideas you reflect upon before the stroke of midnight every 31 December.

If 2014 didn’t end up manifesting your ultimate desires, let no one moving forward in 2015 be the definition of insanity by trying to engage their resolutions in the very same way they have in past years.  It’s time for a new way of looking at life and what is absolutely possible for us all.

If you’ve already done your Lexigram homework on the word RESOLUTIONS via What’s Really in a Word? Resolutions, you already know making them can indeed be TRUE SOLUTIONS TO UNITE OUR SOUL.

Character is the one element necessary to genuinely make commitments and remain accountable to them. To assist the journey to that accountability, here are 5 solutions to make sure our resolutions stick throughout the entire upcoming year.

1. Know Your Personal Forecast
The best way to choose the right resolutions to have lasting power, is to take a look at what our soul is already being requested to do through its’ current cycles that call to us in their unique ways for change. Between both astrology’s and numerology’s bird’s eye view, everyone can easily target their soul’s natural patterns that favor where they presently are in time, and what makes the most sense to release and improve upon in the year ahead.

2. Focus on 3 Things or Less
Instead of making a list a mile long of all things that we wish to change, we will always get much more accomplished when we simply choose a couple things to tackle. 3 is a number that always aligns one in the natural energy of the body, mind and spirit- equally allowing for calm and clarity to be present in our being. Remember, most people do not like change, so depending upon one’s personal preference- it can be overwhelming to proclaim too many things at once beyond what is realistically possible to achieve.

3.  Make Vision Boards
There is no better way to be proactive about change than to focus upon what we wish to see through visualization. By taking our resolutions, focusing upon what positive outcomes we seek from them, and making the vision of our new life- we start deliberating creating. Here, we call forth the right energy through what we can imagine in order to ordain with discipline, unfolding the dominion we seek.

4. Take Time in the Silent Listen
Silent and listen are not composed of the same letters for no apparent reason. When it comes to making our resolutions stick, time spent really listening to what is tugging at our heart strings for change- aligns us in the loyalty to want to commit to them even more. Making change because some one else asked us to, or following another’s lead, may not be the best choice for us depending upon where we are in our own soul’s individual journey.

5. Give GRATITUDE to 2014 & 2015
In the honoring of our New Years Resolutions, nothing will seal the deal more than finding what we can give our GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE for. While most proclaim they are more than happy the year gone by is leaving, when we stop placing focus upon what went wrong within it, and shift our appreciation to whatever we can be thankful for, The Law of Attraction starts to amazingly work in our favor. Equally, as we give advanced gratitude for what is already on the way in 2015, we’ve allowed the Universe to know we mean real business this year with whatever resolutions we make.


Resolutions are meant to allow us to bring our energies closer to Love and Light, and the ways we can witness our imaginations ordain magic into our realities. Lastly, having fun with your resolutions is especially important to truly unlock the fortune that turns next from another round of our Sun around our Zodiac Wheel.

To Your Infinite Success & Abundance in 2015,
Happy New Year Dear Stars!


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