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2016chateautarot-sstarReflections from the Chapel at Chateau Des Avenières

A definite highlight from my Summer 2016 trip to France was my visit to the Chapel at Chateau Des Avenières.

This more than picturesque setting on the border of the Swiss Alps held more than just a fancy chateau. As I was to continue to discover in the latter weeks of my trip, France is filled with esoteric wonder connecting to all kinds of ancient divination tools.

Inside the Chateau Des Avenières, is a small, yet stunning chapel that is more than unique in its décor. Its’ entire walls and ceiling are completely covered in mosaic title that brings to life the Major Arcana of the Tarot, astrology, and other mystical knowledge awaiting to be read in French.

As a both an astrologer and numerologist, one probably could guess I was absolutely in my glory here. While I do not professionally practice tarot as one of my consulting services, I have always sought out my own readings. Through decks that have been given to me, I studied tarot’s divination in my earlier years. Long before I understood my ability to channel from the planets above after receiving inspiration from Linda Goodman’s Star Signs; it was tarot that first taught me how our mighty vessels from above have a distinct connection to both astrology and numerology.

Chaldean Numerology –which is the method I practice- is considered to be loosely translated from the Major Arcana of the Tarot’s 0 to 21, as they relate to the numbers 1 to 22 in their Chaldean Karmic Mysteries. Gazing at the Chapel walls the mosaic art depicting the major arcana cards started to trigger how they do indeed interrelate.

Equally as you look to the ceiling, the zodiac wheel is displayed through the 12 astrological glyphs.  As I was taught, astrology and numerology are inseparable due to the guidance that our planets have over both divination tools. Planets are the true connective link of wisdom for our lives down here below, as their mysticism can be interpreted through astrology, numerology. Tarot undeniably unites the two through planetary wisdom as well.

Connecting the Dots
While the divination tool of tarot reading has always intrigued me through it’s visual abilities from the imagery of any tarot deck, visualization of Chaldean Numerology came to life when Linda Goodman’s Star Cards where published by Crystal Bush. As I sat in the Chapel at Chateau Des Avenières, I could not help but be stirred to truly sit and contemplate how both of these divination tools have so much to share in their ancient wisdoms.

“It is an undeniable fact that any given number is not merely one more than the previous number and one less than the subsequent number, but it is an independent individual idea, a thing itself; a spiritual, moral and intellectual substance, not only as much as, but a great deal more than, any human being.” ~The Master Therion, The Book of Thoth

As a meditative state continued to come over me in the Chapel, another perspective that also came to mind ties in to another divination deck I was also given and currently utilize in both my LunarOScopes and private consultations. Cartes de Nostradamus, is a completely number focused deck of it’s own kind depicting French clairvoyant Nostradamus’s interpretation of numbers 1 to 72, into the larger picture of life’s connectivity. Like the ancient Chaldeans, his insights still carry infinite significance for anyone to translate to bring peace of mind into their modern day world.

Below is a brief synopsis relating and comparing the key points of Tarot’s Major Arcana of *0-21; Chaldean Numerology’s channel of **Chaldean Karmic Mysteries 1-22;  Divinatory Meanings & Judgments written for Cartes de Nostradamus, 1-22.

*The Tarot’s 0 is always linked to Numerology’s 22. **After 1-9, Chaldean Numerology relates meanings of compound numbers through Chaldean Karmic Mysteries- depicting how to attain success through working with them individually. More often than not, a more direct relationship is seen within 10-22 as they connect back to Tarot.


Tarot 0 The Fool


22’s Submission Caution

0 The Fool  |  22 Submission – Caution  |  22 Truth
Tarot views The Fool through the element of Air that represents emptiness, as well as potential purity. At best, The Fool is the moment of divine consciousness. At worst, the energy is too eccentric provoking unexpected reactions and sudden impulses that do not utilize the true intelligence that spirituality otherwise is able to bring.

The 22 is a Master Number, and one that comes with great responsibility. Chaldean Numerology titled it ‘Submission – Caution’ as it denotes the similar “fool” relationship with this number: “22 is symbolized by the ancients as “a Good Man, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his back, full of errors.”  In the image he seems to offer no defense against a ferocious tiger which is about to attack him. It’s a warning number of illusion and delusion. The karmic obligation here is to be more alert, to curb “spiritual laziness,” and develop more spiritual aggressiveness- to realize your own power to change things, to prevent failure by simply ordaining success.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The divination meaning of 22 & ‘Truth’ states: “A young man with a hat of multicolored feathers like the fond thoughts in his head.” 22’s Judgment: “May the spur prick away bad habits and the bellows blow forth virtue.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot 1 The Magician or Juggler


1’s The Sun, The Initiator

I The Magician or Juggler | 1 The Sun | 1 Ambition
Tarot views The Magician or Juggler as Mercury, who is able to juggle all four symbols of the elements, words, as well as the wand of wisdom: all representing the creative force in action. At best, adroitness, skill and craft are the practical teachings of this card. At worst, cunningness, deceit and even theft are present, as interference is present with learning or intelligence at hand.

1 is the initiator, being the beginning of all new things after rebirth is experienced from the 0. Chaldean Numerology associates 1 with the planet of the Sun and the concepts of protection, creativity and benevolence. The Sun also connects to Leo in astrology, the fire sign symbolized by The Lion, who does everything in life through the heart space carried by pride, when at their best.

The divination meaning of 1 & ‘Ambition’ states: “The lion with its’ head held high shows that it is never prideless.” 1’s Judgment: “Initiative will bear fruit if accompanied with honesty.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot II The High Priestess


2’s The Moon, The Nurturer

II The High Priestess |  2 The Moon  | 2  Maturity

Tarot views The High Priestess as The Moon, who is the combination of a spiritual Isis and a virgin Artemis who are balanced to be able to bring forward necessary change and alteration. At best this card indicates purity, exaltation and graciousness are the actions in play. At worst, too much enthusiasm and emotional overwhelm cause imbalance to occur.

2 is the nurturer, and the presence of a cooperative force representing union and balance. Chaldean Numerology associates 2 with The Moon and the concepts of imagination, sensitivity and parenthood. The Moon also connects to Cancer in astrology, a water sign that is paternal and possesses the maturity to watch over the home and family life.

The divination meaning of 2 & ‘Maturity’ states: “The rod is experience and the ruler and master of all things.” 2’s Judgment: “All things are learned with time and fire.” ~Nostradamus



Tarot III The Empress


3’s Jupiter, The Optimist

III The Empress  |  3 Jupiter  |  3 Will
Tarot views The Empress as Venus, a woman in her all-embracing receptivity, incarnate womanhood holding the lotus. At best, she brings the messages of love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, and fruitful success. At worst, dissipation, debauchery, idleness and sensuality interfere through too many distractions.

3 is the optimist, eagerly seeking honesty and truth at any cost. Chaldean Numerology associated 3 with Jupiter, representing the concepts of idealism, higher education, foreign travel, and religion. Jupiter also connects to Sagittarius in astrology, a fire sign that is ever jovial, enjoys expansion, excelling at multi-tasking in life, and is rarely afraid to learn or travel.

The divination meaning of 3 & ‘Will’ states: “The red and yellow colors of the dress are the magnificence of the intellect when it is occupied by will.” 3’s Judgment: “Pursue at all coasts, the goal that has been set.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot IV The Emperor


4 Uranus, The Innovator

IV The Emperor  |  4 Uranus  |  4  Power
Tarot views The Emperor as Aries, in traditional form, typifying rule through law and order via a dominating force. At best, he portrays victory, stability, power, ambition and energy are working in one’s favor. At worst, war, conquest, strife, overweening pride, mania and ill temper accompany one’s potential outcomes.

4 is the innovator, the very force that brings new foundations to life. Chaldean Numerology associates 4 with Uranus, representing the concepts of individualism, originality, inventiveness and tolerance. Uranus also connects to Aquarius in astrology, an air sign that is always determined to bring structure via offering new life that benefits humanity through their intellectual.

The divination meaning of 4 & ‘Power’ states: “She holds the scepter of determination and the book of knowledge to give good advice.” 4’s Judgment:  “Middle age is the age of reason when everything is possible.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot V The Hierophant, The Pope


5 Mercury, The Messenger

V The Hierophant/The Pope  |  5 Mercury  |  5 Tradition
Tarot views The Hierophant/The Pope as Taurus, with a numerological reference to 5 being pictured with a pentagram, which shows his acceptance of cosmic law as well as help from superiors. At best, this card shows divine wisdom, organization, persistence, endurance and teaching are in motion. At worst, toil, stubborn strength, impatient, and scattered energies can persist.

5 is the adaptor, the energetic force that invokes permanent change and strong affect upon the masses, Chaldean Numerology associates 5 with Mercury –The Messenger- representing the concepts of movement, versatility and communications. Mercury also connects to both Gemini (air) and Virgo (earth) in astrology, two mutable signs that are natural born communicators via their natural elements.

The divination meaning of 5 & ‘Tradition’states: “A venerable-looking man admires himself in the mirror to teach himself.”  5’s Judgment: “Every action should be compared with the action of others.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot VI The Lovers


6 Venus, The Romantic

VI The Lovers  |  6 Venus   |  6  Understanding
Tarot views The Lovers as Gemini, illustrating the marriage or union of two opposites, and the intellectual process involved. At best, this card indicates intuitive, childlike, attractive, loving, and openness to inspiration energies are seeking to be embraced. At worst, instable, indecisive, superficial, shallow and self-contradictory outcomes can prevail.

6 is the romantic, and always favors attaining a sense of balance and calm within the life. Chaldean Numerology associates 6 with Venus, representing the concepts of compassion, feminine essence, and money. Venus also connects to Taurus (organized earth) and Libra (leadership air) in astrology, granting an innate peaceful energy that seeks to understand before being understood.

The divination meaning of 6 & ‘Understanding’ states: “In the goblet she holds the gifts for placating and encouraging souls.” 6’s Judgment: “Peace is obtained by winning the favor of loved ones again.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot VII The Chariot


7 Neptune, The Seeker

VII The Chariot  |  7 Neptune  |  7 Progress
Tarot views The Chariot as Cancer, captivating the subelements of the emotions, the core of voluntary sacrifice that allows inner equilibrium to become attained. At best, this card indicates triumph, victory, hope, faithfulness, health, and short-term success can be witnessed. At worst, rebellion and violent throws against traditional ideas, as well as the means of destruction most connected to lust potentially can occur.

7 is The Seeker, who is ever plunging in deep dives into the unknown for answers, enjoying solitude along the way. Chaldean Numerology associates 7 with Neptune, representing the concepts of spirituality, sympathy, mystery and sensitivity. Neptune also connects to Pisces in astrology, a water sign that is always warned to take a silent listen to avoid delusion in the life which is far more successful when the intuition is mastered.

The divination meaning of 7 & ‘Progress’ states: “She grips a thunderbolt to bring messages and renewal.” 7’s Judgment: “To be able to proceed, thoughts and actions must be quick.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot VIII Strength, Adjustment


8 Saturn, The Achiever

VIII Strength/Adjustment  |  8 Saturn  |  8  Equilibrium
Tarot views Strength/Adjustment as Libra, bringing forward the natural state of equilibrium as far as how it is ideally maintained –the very work necessary- and further reference to balance by opposites. At best, this card favors human justice, agreements and balance. At worst, it carries restrictive action until a decision is made, possible lawsuits and trails that grant strength through adjustment.

8 is The Achiever, the energy that is ever ambitious and determined not to stop until the work is done. Chaldean Numerology associates 8 with Saturn, representing the concepts of learning from the experience, patience, stability, wisdom and responsibility. Saturn connects to Capricorn in astrology, the cardinal earth sign that leads all things into material from through diligent effort and dedication. Overall, Saturn is seen as a very restrictive energy, but only if the necessary work involved is being denied or has previously been avoided.

The divination meaning of 8 & ‘Equilibrium’ states: “She holds a lead ruler to carefully observe truth of things.” 8’s Judgment: “A discrete man never strays from the law.” ~Nostradamus


Tarot IX The Hermit


9 Mars, The Finalizer

IX The Hermit  |  9 Mars  |  9 Spirituality
Tarot views The Hermit as Virgo, the one who holds the Lamp of Sacred Wisdom as it is meant to fructify the earth from behind the scenes, as well as allowing light to shine within the darkness. At best, this card conceptualizes illumination from within, divine inspiration, wisdom, circumspection and prudence. At worst, it advises withdraw from current situations is necessary to go within, while doubt should be avoided along the journey of idealism and realism in order to achieve the ultimate state of perfection, which more often than not, never exists for more than a moment in time.

9 is The Finalizer, the warrior energy which brings forward conclusions, endings and allows for closure to be witnessed. Chaldean Numerology associates 9 with Mars, representing the concepts of penetration, conflict, aggressive action and courage. Mars connects to Aries in astrology, the cardinal fire sign that pioneers and is always taking the lead head first in life. Mars is always warned to take it slower in order to avoid preventable accidents, thus, listening to The Hermit reference to listen from within is equally wise.

The divination meaning of 9 & ‘Spirituality’ states: “Dressed in modest, sad, and gloomy clothes, he searches for new light within.” 9’s Judgment: “Suffering of the soul leads to the road of perfection.” ~Nostradamus

The remainder 10 to 21 is…. To Be Continued….

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