03 February 2011
23 January 2012

We collectively celebrate the Chinese New Year on 03 February 2011: The Year of the Rabbit/Metal Year. The Chinese Zodiac can lend anyone insight into their personality and natural tendencies, like our Western Zodiac can provide. Our friends in the West take their Zodiac and divide it into 12 signs as does Western Astrology, yet one animal sign influences an entire year verses one month.

The intricate link in understanding the common ground of these two systems is the transits of Jupiter, which take approximately one year to transit through one Zodiac sign in the West. Here in the West it only takes that same years’ time to represent all 12 signs on our Zodiac wheel, while our friends in the East take 60 years to complete a full cycle, as each animal every 12 years is depicted through 5 different elemental years of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

Diplomacy and agreement will be rewarded in 2011, as the collective can expect this to be a time of peace, settlement, sensitivity, and one where attention paid to home and family is fortunate. The energy of comparison to stimulate agreements and conciliatory measures encompasses the political landscape. Advances within the medical field, welfare reform, and the arts all take center stage as the months within 2011 unfolds.

Now the collective experiences the 4th year within a 9 and 12-year cycle, where the seeds planted in 2008 are still in their incubation to eventually reap a harvest further down the road. With Uranus guiding the singular 4’s energy over 2011, there is originality, restructuring, and innovations to be found amongst the Rabbits urges for peace. 2011 marks the time when revolutionary ideas that are accompanied with a non-violent approach will bring us to a deeper understanding of the very world we all live in.

Grasping the true wisdom behind REVOLUTION plays a wise role in securing the future. At last a real one can now begins as this word calls to us to ponder: LET LOVE RULE NOT EVIL. For when we UNTIE IT IN A TRUE LOVE ROUTINE, we will all surely adapt smoothly to what virtue and refined energy of the Rabbit -especially within the added strength of the Metal Year- ultimately requests of us all.

All is set to the cozy lairs of our home environments and family life in a Metal Rabbit Year as we allow our sensitivity to co-operate. The Rabbit asks that we awaken a fertile and mothering instinct within ourselves. Once more under the Metal influenced year, these qualities are intensified and yearn to be strengthened all the more. With the Rabbit representing Yin Wood energy, what transpires over the year ahead brings forth longevity from the actions instilled.

As the Moon is closely connected to the Chinese understanding of the Rabbit, there is a great deal of mystery and intuition marking the energies we have access to. The choices of discreet, principled, refined, and honorable decisions are intelligent and respected ones within a Metal Rabbit Year.


*YOU ARE IN the company of a Rabbit when you see a peaceful, practical, articulate, and perceptive spirit that happily shows that life is to be savored by enjoying the quieter things in simplicity.

*THE TYPICAL RABBIT is diplomatic, at times unpredictable/timid, enjoys conversation, makes their surroundings comfortable, pays attention to detail, enjoys routine, prefers entertaining at home verse going out, possesses an intense love for the family, dislikes arguments and avoids unpleasantness.

*RABBITS ARE Yin Wood energy, where the internal feminine represents the nurturing role and gravitating to reflection, privacy, and comforts. The symbol of wood allows for an flexible nature to emerge. The energy of the Rabbit can become unbalanced when irritable and confused under sudden changes and unforeseen events.

*RABBIT YEARS in history mark a time for balancing and opportunities to unfold for advancements within the arts, medical fields and our domesticated lives. 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1962, 1975, 1987, 1999, all saw large-scale changes within these areas on a global level, as will 2011, being all the more intensified and strengthened by the Metal energy guiding this particular year. As the months ahead pass, we will be called to engage our sympathy, understanding, and nurturing more and more as situations requiring comforts prevail.

Chinese Zodiac FUN Facts:

*The Chinese New Year is always celebrated upon an Aquarian New Moon here in the West.

*Legend has it how the Chinese Zodiac Wheel order formed is that the Ox was the second animal in line when Buddha asked the animals to come to him.

*At the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 82, 94, 106, typically one experiences a very positive year as their animal returns. Coinciding with West’s planet of luck, Jupiter, returns to its’ natal point also every 12 yrs.

*At 60, the Chinese believe one’s greatest wisdom begins to unfold as one full cycle of their wheel concludes. Simultaneously In the West, the 2nd Saturn Return, in agreement with this passage also marks the soul being released into the finest period of self -expression and inner power after learning our most important life’s lessons over the previous 59.

‘What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number?’
Special Guest Astrologer Chris Flisher and Sharita dived into a hearty discussion of East meets West, and what both Zodiac perspectives indicate is to unfold as 2011 continues.

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