How Mercury Retrograde Took Away 2014’s Triple Crown


Those who were so loyally standing behind California Chrome to become the 12th horse in history to ever claim the Triple Crown title, were sadly disappointed as Saturday’s Belmont Stakes came to a close.

While it was more than poised that the answer would be yes to the question of California Chrome: Can He Claim a Miracle Mile?, it was clearly stated here that we all had to watch the current astrological transit of Mercury Retrograde. This is a powerful affect from above that when it is in action, it changes up what we expect down here below, as this cycle is notorious for causing upsets to any well-intended plan or expectation.

Mercury had just started Retrograding 7:58amEDT 07 June, and was on what is known as the station. The “backwards dance” of this inner planet that affects all associations with movement, communications and traveling in life started at the 03 degree of the Sun Sign Cancer, and when on the station, Mercury is barely moving at all- causing complete upset and rerouting of plans.

“What would be advised the most to those in the horse racing world at Belmont, is to be well aware of those “MRx glitches” that come from human error. All working parts to make the race happen should be rechecked and even “triple” checked (no pun intended) in this case for safety issues from bridles, saddles to the starting gates mechanisms, being all are part of what will be moving upon 07 June.” ~Sharita Star, 02 June 2014

The true “MRx glitch” that took away California Chrome’s Triple Crown title was the very starting gate incident with number 3 horse Matterhorn, who “clipped” him at the very beginning of the race on the front right hoof. You see now how Mercury Retrograde works. This is precisely what we were talking about, the errors and upsets that happen under this cycle to “spoil” the best well-intended plans. We never “liked” that #2 starting gate position he wound up with. A 3, 6 or 9 position would have been a totally different race, naturally- with how California Chrome’s numerological guidance reads across the board.

But, all of what was previously written in regards to how astrology, numerology and lexigrams view California Chrome still stands. What a rare miracle racer he still is. He has undeniably become a horse seen in a fine fame. Had he not been clipped at the starting gate on Saturday, it may have very well been a different finish line at Belmont. 

Looking to the victor of 2014’s Belmont Stakes, Tonalist is the other Aquarius horse that was being watched, foaled 11 February 2011. Well-rested and not ran in the Kentucky Derby nor Preakness due to an illness, here was the energy awaiting (upon the Mercury Retrograde movement changes surrounding California Chrome’s glitch via Matterhorn at the starting gate) to break on through.

We would have to agree with California Chrome’s owner that it certainly does seem “unfair” that if a horse is to claim the Triple Crown, each horse should be ran in all three races. Showing up at the last race doesn’t make all that much sense. When you look to the horses that have taken the victory away of the Triple Crown from the 12 horses poised to win it in the past 36 years: the majority of those Belmont Stakes victories have been horses that also did not run in the Derby or the Preakness.

Our forecasting call for the future: This Mercury Retrograde transit will start a reworking and rethinking of what is really fair when it comes to the rules of being a participant in the Triple Crown horse races in America. This cycle is well known to “iron out the kinks” and reroute anything involving movement, communications and thinking across the board.

The Triple Crown victory 2014 in our minds will always go to California Chrome. Again what a rare miracle racer to even finish 4th after what occurred at the beginning of the race. As the 13th horse in the past 36 years to attempt to claim the title, may the 13’s ‘Regeneration – Change’ energy here reinvent the Triple Crown playing field for the future. With the Belmont Stakes being “The Test of the Champion,” Chrome absolutely still passed the test with flying colors in all of our hearts.