A Quick Word on The Pioneer…

Mars enters Scorpio

23 August
11:24am EDT

Our pioneering planet pushes forward into the most esoteric sign in the Zodiac, wherein any and all mysteries eventually come out of hiding to be solved. This transit of Mars through 06 October paves the way for Saturn, who will enter this transformational stage the day before. The energy that will be turned up as Mars brings his motivational and take action potentials within The Eagle- sets the tone for how Saturn will come in and patiently work with the entire theme of death and rebirth throughout 2014.

When Mars visits with Scorpio, it is essential to focus upon the power to relax. This choice of free-will brings forth the thoroughness necessary to look in your Zodiac Pie to see where extremely perceptive, passionate, and compelling desires will begin to dedicate themselves within this area of the life. Unresolved issues will find a probing and persistent attitude to dissect situations, as profound truths are brought into the light of day.

Wherever Mars journeys in our Zodiac sky above, we can expect the dynamic energy of courage, action, momentum, and conclusions to unfold down here below within that area of the life during his passage. Below is a “quick guide” that points from the collective perspective where now in Scorpio, our Pioneering planet will drive through with some important changes. Ultimately, this prepares us for Saturn’s upcoming transit here that is guaranteed to ask to pay closer attention to what responsibility is meant to process through our learning experiences here throughout 2014. If you also know your Rising Sign, check in with the Scorpio house in your natal chart to obtain a deeper view of how the weeks ahead will be preparing you for the patient time required here that our Karmic Adjustor will present.

Aries: ‘I Transform’ Death & Rebirth/Sexuality/Wealth

Taurus: ‘I Relate’ Partnerships/Marriage/Balance with Others

Gemini: ‘I Serve’ Health/Being of Service/Employees/Pets

Cancer: ‘I Create’ Creativity/Children/Love Affairs

Leo:  ‘I Nurture’ Home/Family/Environments

Virgo: ‘I Communicate’ Thinking/Mentality/Communications

Libra: ‘I Have’ Values/Earning Power/Possessions

Scorpio: ‘I Am’ Approaches/Mask to the World/First Impressions

Sagittarius: ‘I Process’ Inner Psyche/Clearing of the Past

Capricorn: ‘I Socialize’ Friendships/Organizations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes

Aquarius: ‘I Structure’ Career/Public Life/Authority

Pisces: ‘I Believe’ Philosophies/Foreign Travel/Education