Numbers in Everyday Life: Seeing 909

If you are on the East Coast, one opportunity to take up with the energetic call of the 909 will be beckoning Tuesday evening, 05 June at precisely 9:09pm EDT as Venus gets completely warmed up by the Sun at the 15 deg Gemini mark. But, you may catch this number in multitudes of other sightings in life anywhere in the world, so exactly what is it trying to tell us?

The 909 makes an 18 –which is the ‘Spiritual – Material Conflict’ understanding from the Chaldeans point of view of numerology. A number that is packed full of Mars drive and motivation; this is not to be steered towards the material means. It prefers to take the courageous road that brings forth a true sense of self which is more than just in touch with it’s own innate wisdom. Here you see the 1, the Life Force of self, in pairing with the 8’s karmic knowledge of stability, patience and learning from the experience.

Add 1 and 8 together, and Mars is the 9 planet that will take the action into his Warrior hands- always anxiously wish to finish things and draw upon conclusions within the life. While a lively and at times aggressive nature is seen from any 9 vibration, this particular 18 one says slow down self and TAP IN AN ANCIENT PEACE PACE to realize what PATIENCE is here to teach you as you choose within the life. Action should not be taken in until this true honoring of response is done.
909 as a whole has Mars dynamically and dually bringing forth finalizations that are fairly deep and profound as the Pluto guided 0 here is nestled between them. Mars and Pluto are talking to you to KNOW endings and rebirth are here whenever you may come across a 909 sighting in the life. As you may note this -whether it be in an address, the time, a price you pay for something, a license plate- again it is the monitoring of your thoughts at this moment to determine what the Universe would like for you to pay closer attention to. Regeneration is asking to speak with you, and it will purge from the core to do so- as you are able to arrive at the proper clearing and cleansing to make room for the new that promises to be on the way.

Numbers in Everyday Life: Seeing 808

A client recently inquired about repeatedly seeing the numbers 808. Our musings….

The 808 makes a 16- which is the ‘The Shattered Citadel’ a “tricky” number in that one must adhere to LISTENing and being SILENT to really navigate well within the life. Kinda like having to always move with the eye of the storm and forget about getting caught up in the winds. As the singular energy of this 7 number brings Neptune into the underlying picture, careful attention must be placed to calm and intuitive deliberate creating.

With the individual cipher making up this compound number- it has a very important message to relate about utilizing wisdom, responsibility, and patience in order to transform and build successfully within the life through stability and learning from experience.

This is a very powerful number- but greed and materialism can never be the intentions of it- while the material may very well be enjoyed- it is more of a empathetic or humanitarian quest that will reap the rewards.

If this is a residence, then these kinds of principles should be adhered to within all activities performed at it. If this is a time that is being seen or just “random” in life, then equally the same ideas apply to what the Universe is trying to get you to pay attention to. We definitely do not see what we see in our day by coincidence, and when we start to really see the connectiveness of it all via numbers and all else as you know, the patterns can get really fun to observe.