FULL Moon in Gemini
21 December,
3:13am EST

LUNAR Eclipse
@ 29 degrees Gemini,
3:17am EST

Our Moon and Sun are in opposition once more! A FULL Moon in Gemini brings forth adaptable and inquisitive feelings as our Lunar Light joins hands with The Twins, Saturday at 10:37pm EST, until Tuesday, 21 December at 4:22am EST.

As another waning phase begins, time to take those recent new ideas and initiations out there to now reflect in the light from the last New Moon in Sagittarius upon 05 December. When our Full Moon embarks in the versatile energies of Gemini -the sign that consciously aims for establishing relationships- the collective is primed to tap into some heightened awareness. Air is Gemini’s elemental influence, so be alert to the intellectual gifts that are meant to unfold- as this Full Moon grants an observational force that the Twins wish to share with the world.

Gemini energy must beware of opportunist, crafty, distracted, and irresolute energies that may arise. When there is plenty of logic and observation around, it is easy to gravitate to scattered, unstable, and suggestible tendencies. While a strong sense of cleverness and reasonableness mark any Gemini passage, the cultivation of concentration, relaxing, organizing, and the power of listening will allow this transit to reap its’ greatest rewards.

Be sure to check the Gemini House, in particular the 29-degree Gemini spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a conclusive energy is ideally meant to unfold as the Moon peaks at 3:13am EST upon the 21 December. This is the area of life that requests an examination in the next two weeks to follow. There is an extra special treat upon the Full Moon this month, one that has not occurred in 372 years!

No sooner does our Full Moon peak in Gemini, but 4 minutes later a Lunar Eclipse within The Twins follows. What makes this an auspicious occasion? With our Winter Solstice arriving within the same 24hr period by 6:38pm EST, this marks the first time in a Lunar Eclipse conjuncts a Winter Solstice since 1638. Think that change wishes to find us?

It’s times like these that it is especially smart to have a grasp on your natal birth chart, so you can examine how the Eclipses energies particularly affect you. Whether any Eclipse conjuncts a natal point in one’s individual chart, it is the further mathematical analysis of how it may be “talking” to other natal planetary placements through sextiles, trines, squares, or oppositions.

Taking note of the very house -the particular area of life in the Zodiac Pie it will fall- is important to note to see where a trigger of energy will be felt for a significant period of time. Think of Eclipses as activators in your natal birth chart that will indicate exactly where you need to focus and expect action to take place for the long term. Thus, these regular pairings of our Lunar and Solar lunations are handy tools to keep under your astrological thinking cap to show where changes will more than likely occur for you.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. This month grants under the Lunar Eclipse, the energy of completion, where in matters within this area of the life come to a point, more often than not bringing forth permanent changes. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Always remember, it is full mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that truly indicates how the current planetary energies are uniquely affecting you.


Aries: There are some thoughts that now can be properly placed into a different mental focus. You are no stranger to striking up ideas and you may be pioneering them in the career sector at present. Take time to consider a short trip now if you aren’t already on one. You may find your siblings require your attention at this time. There is a total reflection your spirited mind is urged to take, and if you think you already ask too many questions, there are definitely more you will seek needed answers for right now.

Taurus: Your personal possessions are always of great value to you, but there are ones you may feel you should part with. How you earn your dollars may find a conclusive avenue to flow from now. While you cherish that true sense of solidarity and security, it’s time to bring some logic into the situation and maybe even ask yourself why do I feel I need this material object? All in all, you are asked to work smarter within your finances, money, and sense of values. Letting go of old roots now allows the space for the new ones to grow later.

Gemini: As this Lunar spotlight shines ultimately upon your ability to reflect, get ready for some witty, liberal, and self-oriented feelings to accompany your normal improvisational approach. It is best that you do take your time to bask within all these thoughts of completion are coming at you, so please don’t react carelessly! With your mental abilities now finding the channel for release, fully commit to taking this time to re-activate the self. There is a lot of self-renewal you’ve been working on recently, and the world is innately curious to see the completed new mask you are now ready to unveil.

Cancer: You won’t mind going into some deeper waters and take the Crab on a dive into those inner places in your life, and be sure to remember the messages from your night-time dreams right now. That romanticizing about the past that you love to do so much will allow a subconscious discovery to unfold. The spiritual, inner realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you, and mentally you will need some logic to put it all into the finalizations you will arrive at. Unhooking your pincher claws from the weight of the past now grants the space for what awaits to blossom over the next year.

Leo: Your friendships that lie within your royal court, now take your focus and attention. You already have been sensing what no longer works here, and now conclusions will be drawn. If there is a group or cause you’ve been thinking about releasing, there is no time like the present to take action. What you recently unleashed from your creative nature finds a way to be seen now. Accept that possible unexpected invitation to socialize, for there is equal mental and equal emotional satisfaction you’ll gain from attending.

Virgo: There is some harvest, stability, and reward awaiting results within your the career and public life, so this is no time to be shy! A project comes to fruition, or a recent job may come to and end. How you view your relationship to authority also requests that you take in some reflective time that you’ve not been responsible to up till now. There is a clarity that comes to you to now in how to ultimately move forward in knowing how your work is truly providing the best of service not only to others, but to your specific place in the public eye.

Libra: Inspiration is fueling the end of the path you have been taking your philosophies on now. Thinking about taking a trip to balance those Scales? You are comforted now by reflecting upon planning one, (that is if you aren’t already on one), yet you equally aim to find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. You’ll reach the peak of expansion within your ideals, as you realize just how much your recent educational and mental pursuits have brought you clarity and peace.

Scorpio: You are right at home with this months’ urge to reach conclusions about your securities and investments, as now is the time to reflect upon whether these have been for the best or not. No stranger to transformation, you’ll find there is another turn in your regenerative abilities that will find completion, and this strengthens your passion like never before. It’s no secret you typically always feel sexy, but you’ll find an intense excitement unfolding that brings a real peak as you reflect upon thinking about your power in the bedroom.

Sagittarius: Your partnerships will be on your mind, from your romantic ties to business contacts. What needs to conclude and move out of the way here? You’ll find there are people you have been connected with that no longer will be in the future picture. Look to aim your arrow to stimulating conversations that captivate your interest, and these more than likely will be about the past. There is definitely a friendly reflection you can find to bask within as you are encouraged to renew optimism with those you are closest to.

Capricorn: While your world is practically perfect Old Goat, there are things that wish to conclude in regards to your health and how you bring your impeccable service to others. There’s a routine or habit you need to shed that finds its means to an end now. You may think all of your responsible habits are serving you, but take a look around and see which ones may be too tired to keep up with your ambitious pace. Your relationship with a pet also is brought to the surface, and if they no longer can fit into your lifestyle, it may be time to say goodbye.

Aquarius: There’s a conclusive light that brings full illumination to your creativity. Whatever project you’ve been inventing and stimulating as of late wishes to be brought to fruition. While plenty of playful feelings and opportunities to socialize are around, your children may ask for your ultimate attention now. “Brain children” equally want to captivate your focus and arrive at a completion. A love affair may find it will fall out of the larger picture. Enjoy this time to unravel the final touches upon what you originate, as your creative adventures wish to see the light of day.

Pisces: Stop swimming for just a little bit and tread in the waters so you can get to cleaning your house Dear Fishes! Your home environment desires your imagination and full attention as things come full circle here. You will sense that your family life arrives at a whole different point of view, one that may see necessary conclusions. Be sure to appreciate and tune your psychic abilities to the extra déjà vu experiences that especially surround you now, as the channel will be wide open and ready for you to receive their important messages. If it feels karmic, you are spot on.

21 December, 11:30am EST
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