Lunar-O-Scope, 06 August 2013

NEW Moon in Leo, 06 August, 5:51pm EDT

Moving From The Heart

We’ve let it all go from the last Full Moon in Aquarius upon the 22 July to now move forward in our emotions that wish to project loyalty within the fiery energies of The Lion. As any given New Moon typically brings a fresh start to our feelings, the opportunity to find forward motion to ultimately flow returns as our recent Mercury Retrograde’s Shadow period is over. This Waxing Phase promises extreme change associated with it, as a new surge here requests our seed planting where Leo organizes this heartfelt movement within your Zodiac Pie.

Moon in Leo How Our Feelings Find Benevolence
12:58pm EDT 05 August to 11:57pm EDT 07 August
Leo Lunar energy must beware of conceited, self-indulgent, and opinionated energies that may arise. When there is plenty of magnanimous leadership around, it sure can be easy to gravitate to not being able to recognize limitations. While a strong sense of pleasure-loving and dramatization mark any planetary passage through The Lion, the cultivation of humility, altruism, thrift, and attention to detail will allow this renewing lunation to reap its’ generous rewards.

New Moon When Our Feelings Find Initiation
06 August, 5:51pm EDT, 14 degrees Leo
When our New Moon embarks in the dignified energies of Leo -the sign that consciously aims for creative self-expression- the collective is primed to tap into some inspiration and faith. Be alert to the radiating gifts that are meant to unfold- as a loyal and vital force marks this new waxing phase to get those new ideas and initiations out there to assemble in the light.  Visualize a gathering force as the Moon will travel from 14 degrees Leo to where 28 degrees Aquarius’s energy falls within the birth chart, as this half of your Zodiac Pie is ready for a fresh emotional feel to come into careful play throughout 20 August.

Moon Void of Course Time To Remain in Reflection
5:51pm EDT 06 July to 11:57pm EDT 07 August
Moon VOC are passages that occur at various times all month long, beginning when the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign. In essence, it is a recognized time that advises us to not take up in forward motion nor important decisions for the future. As we welcome our second waxing moon of summer, as our New Leo Moon conjuncts our Sun at 14 degrees Leo, we will be still be asked to hold off and remain in reflection and review until it enters Virgo 07 August.

14 Movement –Challenge A Karmic Mystery To Unravel
Allowing Chaldean Numerology to assist us further in knowing more ways to guide our emotional energy properly, this 14 degree point asks us to carefully re-examine our details before making new moves to assist us in avoiding future challenges. Especially under the Moon Void of Course engaging upon the actual New Moon -while we are all so ready to move forward in our lives- just a tad more pause is necessary before moving forward. Equally any association with others whom we are paired up with must be carefully considered here as well, making sure we are not placing trust in the wrong hands just so we don’t have to be self-reliant.

Lunar-O-Scope 06 Aug 13 Where Will You Gather Up New Feelings?
The simplicity of knowing your sun sign is all you need to take full advantage of what this lunation means for you. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too for a deeper look, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice from the natal perspective. However, it is wise to consult a professional astrologer to read the accurate analysis of your individual natal chart for the precise area of life where 14 degrees Leo affects your personal zodiac pie.

Those in full awareness of their natal birth chart will wish to check any planetary placements that are placed near or at 14 degree points, for these areas of the life will receive a direct line of communication as well asking to connect more clues as to how your new beginnings will call loud and clear.

Both the sun sign and rising sign views are the two areas of your life that call for you to bring forth initiations and a fresh feel within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the Full Moon upon 20 August will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: Rams, it’s totally time for you to get out on your stage to shine and play! Focusing upon where I Create– whether a new brainchild or your physical offspring- is where you should be pioneering. A love affair flirts with you, which is easily able to move on to a relationship level if you are willing to entertain it. As you continue to reinvent yourself and all the ways you take in the perception of life, this connects with dynamic magnetism to allow more originality to find you.

Taurus: A many new things are now ready to get grounded that pertain to your home and family life where I Nurture. This passage brings new heartfelt feelings to where you feel secure and loved. As you look to your new environments, you will also see easy ways you can relate to how your inner world wishes to bring more innovative ways to assist in processing it all. That sense of déjà vu says listen to that instinct you hear, as its’ message is of karmic importance.

Gemini: You’re always thinking and catching thoughts from any direction, yet be ready for some truly inspiring ones to find you now where I Communicate. The mental state will be feeling entirely fresh as a daisy as your optimism should be especially filled with magic. Unite this with all the different ways you are finding your hopes, dreams and wishes regenerating: allowing friendly ways your perspective towards socializing with the world to think better than ever before.

Cancer: Ok Dear Crab, you should be feeling better about what I Have as new opportunities are here to bring back that earning power after the recent review. Focus upon your value system and sense of security so you are ready to fly. Give a hearty look at your possessions, and see what means the most to you, as there may be some necessary new purchases ahead. The unique ways your career and public life are changing ask for you keep your imagination healthy to do so.

Leo: The Lion always loves to be on the stage, and your whole approach to I Am is ready to put on that new mask and shine! You’ve made the space for those first impressions to change, and the world is amazed with the new you. Humility allows you to gain the real insight you seek, as it lets you see through the entire forest you have reign over. If you have been adhering to that educational calling to bring in determination to figure out what you truly are meant to believe, be ready for a hearty reward to turn your new ways of expressing them right into the gold you love.

Virgo: Logic doesn’t serve you now Dear Virgin. Those fresh energies emerging with the inner layers of your psyche, the unknown, where I Process are ready to move forward. Your nighttime dreams are a remarkable tool- study and review these well, so know required time in solitude calls so you can gain the insight that is meant to flourish. There is much that this wishes to say to how you are transforming right now from the core, so keep studying these details intensely.

Libra: A buzz of energy flows in your friendships and organizations, where I Socialize. Don’t say no to that unexpected social invitation- get right on out there and relate to it all. Fresh energy comes into your groups, hopes, wishes and dreams. What has been nothing short of the unexpected occurring within your partnerships, know these recent experiences ask you to simply learn from them, and take away what you won’t never do again if you listened to the lesson.

Scorpio: Career matters and the public life await for decisions to be made on where it is all going where I Structure. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all await significant changes, so if something different shows up, it is not the time to resist it.  While power is always around you, your view on authority looks different, which speaks to you with determination to continue to learn to find original ways to improve your service the world, your habits and routines.

Sagittarius: Your arrows aim towards gaining more philosophy and learning where I Believe. Embark on or make plans for a new adventure.  You always find ways to travel whether it be by passport or in the mind, but make sure these new ones have you in pursuing your spirit to the realms of higher education. You adore change, and if you find your creativity is equally answering this call, you’ll ace this waxing phase to unlock precious gifts that reinvent your entire approach.

Capricorn: Been patiently waiting to make those financial moves old Goat? It’s a prominent time to take a look at investments, shared/joint resources, all where I Transform. You’ll look for more intimacy in a personal relationship, but this requires not thinking about all that work to be done. As your core is regenerating in new and fabulous ways, remember to relate it specifically to how your nurture your home and family life, which looks entirely different than it ever has before.

Aquarius: Now is not the time to be detached, but look to see how to bring new life to all of your partnerships where I Relate. There should be plenty of space here for you at present to find warmth emerging. Heartfelt energy feeds your one-on-one bonds to creatively grow. However, if you are in resistance to the ways you mind is asking you to think with more innovation than you already do, you may miss the connection about how your relationships are meant to flourish.

Pisces: If your intuition is on point you innately know improvements to your routine, personal habits, health and where I Serve are abound. Definite changes deal with your ability to be of service to the world- there are now fresh and very clean waters you are meant to be swimming in. While all is equally in the process of changing your value system and earning power, continue to connect how this so perfectly wishes to speak with determination to serve you and your world.