Realigning Your Leadership: The Calling for Regeneration – Change


The Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014

Is life feeling especially restricted for you these days between certain areas of your life? And if your free-will is totally in-tune and the answer to that question is no, then we invite you to take another look around. Can you observe this theme of tension occurring for people you know in your life? What about the world at large?

Most people would agree right now the world collectively is going through some pretty interesting changes, some appearing good- while others lean towards the negative and seemingly naturally disastrous.  Personally, many are experiencing a sense of crisis some where within their current state of circumstances in life: albeit within their relationships, money, career, health, family, or personal fulfillment.

We’ve never been closer to a point upon this planetary existence called Earth in a long while that will cause such a transformative affect to every living being some how, some way. Upon the days leading up to and surrounding 23 April 2014, there will be a surge of events, powerful circumstances and rather intense formation of situations within our world at large and our individual lives that will have the opportunity to be cleansed, released, and regenerated. It is time to say adios to the old ways we have become accustomed to, as we are all beckoned to surrender to change.

Say Hello to The Grand Cardinal Cross The Leadership Signs Change Directions
There is a pattern of energy working hard between 4 different areas of our lives wishing to remove an existing structure that is worn out. What is already in motion, is a request to shift to a different space, in turn allowing us to never look back. This reflection is a result of 4 planets in their current transits above us within the Cardinal signs of leadership: those of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People on earth who are born to these signs all tend to excel when they are in a position that allows them to be in charge of something. Each of these signs listed, have a planet journeying through them at present.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is special because it is one of the more rare occurrences in astrology. While significant cycles in life are always happening all around us that we can witness within our outer world and our personal experiences- this alignment truly asks us to take notice of it. Each of the planets currently within the leaderships signs indicate particular areas of our life that are seeing the current courses of action significantly changing directions right now. What happens precisely from 20 April to the 23, is that these 4 particular planets all line up above to create 90-degree angles to one another, while equally the pairing of their 4 corners create 2 powerful oppositions.

If you remember your geometry, four 90-degree angles equal and compose a 360-degree square. Giving a little 3D dimension to our picture, the corners of opposition create the alignment that looks just like a pyramid, with the 4 corners as its’ base.

This precise “squaring off” and opposing energies unfold as follows:
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries 3:29am EDT/12:29am PDT
20 April: Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 7:26pm EDT/4:26pm PDT
21 April: Uranus in Aries squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 3:21pm EDT/12:21pm PDT
22 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer 3:28pm EDT/12:28pm PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries 3:08am EDT/12:08am PDT
23 April: Mars Retrograde in Libra squares Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 9:38am EDT/6:38am PDT

Say Goodbye to Your Old Life It’s Time For A New Foundation
Now when you have 4 separate areas of life pushing and pulling against one another, this naturally can create a cornered and boxed in affect that certainly allows for extreme tensions to rise up from them. So high in fact that life can be found to be full of painful results and unhappy circumstances because resistance to the undeniable force of change is the typical reaction.

However, if the planned response of surrendering to the old life that no longer works is adhered and committed to, those former painful results become successful future outcomes. The experiences we witness thereafter are yes, absolutely simpler, becoming ones that put a wonderful smile for the miles upon our faces. As we embrace a new foundation of cooperation that is ready for us to utilize as we recognize it fully- our success moving forward is completely unstoppable.


Say Hello to Uranus, Jupiter, Mars & Pluto Our Four Planets Taking the Lead
Take a look at the chart above where it’s all spelled out for you. See how these planets are all “squared up” and precisely opposing one another at the 13th degree of the sign they are in? Here’s the very areas of our lives, where we can all take a look at our present circumstances and notice that we are seeing distinct patterns through our experiences here.

Notice as well how these 13-degree points are equally creating a pyramid, as you view how the two oppositions occur simultaneously along with the 4 direct squares. Collectively, these planets ask us to see how their overall presence within the signs they are journeying in, wish to change the world in a positive way, rather than be fooled into believing everything is meant to be only tense and negative.

Uranus in Aries:  Breaking Through the Mold of the Old
Engage: Reinvention, Independence, Break-Throughs, Originality, Pioneering Pursuits
Beware of: Rebellion, The Unexpected, Detachment, Destroying of Caution

Jupiter in Cancer: Ringing in Abundance & Growth
Engage: Growth, Learning, Foreign Travel, Luck, Optimism, Beliefs, Nurturing
Beware of: Over-cautiousness, Emotional reactions, Smothering, Worrying

Mars in Libra: Motivating Courage & Being The Warrior
Retrograde: Currently Under Reflection/Review
Engage: Motivation, Dynamic Action, Drives, Conclusions, Courage, Compromise
Beware of: Careless movement, Conflict, Indecisiveness, Aggressive Behavior

Pluto in Capricorn: Letting Go of the Past & Allowing Rebirth
Retrograde: Currently Under Reflection/Review
Engage: Transformation, Death/Rebirth, Power, Ambition, Self-discipline, Efficiency
Beware of: Obsession, Materialism, Dominance, Resistance, Restriction, Perfection

Where is Your Grand Cardinal Cross Forming?
Remember the Zodiac is sub divided into three different categories by task, or purpose (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and identified further through an elemental guidance (fire, earth, air, water). These pairings for any given sign brings forth a responsibility that they are pretty much innate at.  The Cardinal Signs (Leaders), naturally, are intensely being affected by the Grand Cardinal Cross, while the Fixed (Organizers) and Mutable (Communicators) will still experience immense change, but in different areas of their life.

Below you’ll find your Sun Sign’s personal formula for the Grand Cardinal Cross as it will precisely fall over the dates leading up to and surrounding the most precise alignment upon 20 to 23 April 2014.

Aries: Cardinal Fire
Uranus in Aries I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Jupiter in Cancer  I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Relate to Partnerships
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Structure the Career/Public Life

Taurus: Fixed Earth
Jupiter in Cancer I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Uranus in Aries I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Gemini: Mutable Air
Jupiter in Cancer  I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Transform through Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Uranus in Aries I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Cancer: Cardinal Water
Jupiter in Cancer  I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Relate to Partnerships
Uranus in Aries I Structure the Career/Public Life

Leo: Fixed Fire
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Uranus in Aries I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Jupiter in Cancer I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Virgo: Mutable Earth
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Uranus in Aries I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Jupiter in Cancer  I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Libra: Cardinal Air
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Uranus in Aries I Relate to Partnerships
Jupiter in Cancer I Structure the Career/Public Life

Scorpio: Fixed Water
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Uranus in Aries I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Jupiter in Cancer I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Sagittarius: Mutable Fire
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Uranus in Aries I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Jupiter in Cancer I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

Capricorn: Cardinal Earth
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Am of Approaches/First Impressions/Mask to the World
Uranus in Aries I Nurture within Home/Family Life/Environments
Jupiter in Cancer I Relate to Partnerships
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Structure the Career/Public Life

Aquarius: Fixed Air
Uranus in Aries I Communicate through Thinking/Mentality
Jupiter in Cancer I Serve to Others/Health/Habits/Routines
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Believe a Higher Education/Truth/Foreign Travel
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Process the Subconscious/Dreams/Solitude

Pisces: Mutable Water
Uranus in Aries I Have of Possessions/Earning Power/Values
Jupiter in Cancer I Create with Children/Ideas/Brain children
Mars in Libra Retrograde I Transform Wealth/Core Transformation/Death/Rebirth
Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde I Socialize through Friendships/Groups/Hopes Dreams/Wishes

The Calling For Regeneration – Change at the 13 degree
Chaldean Numerology understands every compound (double digit) number has a significant association with it, known as a Chaldean Karmic Mystery.

Part of the many leading changes we must surrender to, is to stop being so distracted by the technology our very world co-exists within. The 13 is all about innovations, but also the delicacy of power we must have with any of them.  Humans by design, can simply not handle it and function optimally like they are innately supposed to. A lot of what the Mayans talked about with the coming of 21 December 2012, distinctly foretold there would be “too much energy” going on, and a shift back to simplicity is what will be necessary to prevail. Few really understand this, and they will continue to pay that price moving forward by remaining on overload within their lives. The key to our future is being responsible to simplicity- and not that we will live without our modern conveniences, but we must redefine our relationship to them.

The capture of energy upon 20 to 23 April 2014, from the “as above” clearly asks for a new foundation to be formed between the leadership area within any of our lives “down here below.” See how the square also indicates the pyramid above it rising up when you see it in 3D. These 13 degree points of opposing and squaring off energies is the Chaldean’s numerological understanding of Regeneration – Change and within the Cardinal Leadership signs, it is the letting go of the old up till now to begin to build again a better understanding of how to lead with new life across the board for our future moving forward.

Said the Chaldeans of the 13’s Regeneration – Change: “13 is not an unlucky number, as many people believe. The ancients claimed that he who understands how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion. The symbol of the 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down men in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. 13 is a number of upheaval, so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purposes, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for he negative. 13 is associated with genius- also with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries of all kinds.” ~Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

Your Final Peace of Mind Get Out Your Natal Birth Chart
Aside from the collective understanding of knowing your Sun Sign, you have one more layer of profound insight to deepen your self-knowledge by the critical view of how the Grand Cardinal Cross sits where all the 13 degree cardinal natal points align in your personal birth chart. When any astrologer asks for your full date of birth, time and place- this simple data casts your natal birth chart. Here in lies the much more intimate map we also wish to observe to really gain the specific ways that any current transit via astrology affects your life aside from just knowing your sun sign. Don’t have a natal birthchart? Check out Sharita Star Services because there is no time like the present to know what your birth chart can do to help you have more ease, feel empowered and reduce stress during the cycle of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

To all the incredible discoveries that await you as an amazing new foundation is yours for the simple taking where you lead within your life Dear Stars.

A Reinventing Grand Water Trine: 17 July

Trines are a 120 degree astrological aspect between planets from above that create a flow of energy that easily communicates to us down here below.


Get out your Birth Chart Today, 17 July! Where does the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune at 04 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces affect your life?

Our planet of luck and joy Jupiter officially sends optimism to responsible Saturn at 1:31pm EDT, and later on in the evening he shouts out to our seeker planet Neptune at 8:14pm EDT. By Friday, 19 July, Saturn and Neptune align to complete the trining process at 9:20am EDT.

What is a Trine?
Trines are a 120 degree mathematical relationship from our Zodiac Skies that creates open, flowing, and easy communication for two planets to channel their energies from as they align at the same degree point between signs of the same element: that of fire, earth, air or water. A “Grand” Trine is when three different planets align simultaneously to make up a full equilateral triangle from above that casts down the opportunity to be wowed by a true interconnected force down here below. As this occurs between three outer planets in our water signs, the receptivity it brings is one that wishes to establish a new sensitivity as well as ways imagination and intuition can be seen between how these water signs and the current transits within them are presently working within your life.

What About You? Look to your current transits!
Jupiter has just started to bring a new educational process, enthusiasm and growth to where Cancer’s energy always asks for nurturing to thrive within the life. You can be assured that what is attracting to your life here right now will continue to expand and find plenty of ways to allow a positive flow to bring a sense of luck and good fortune to flourish.

Saturn -who has just gotten through with asking for a recent review period of bringing more responsibility to the Scorpio piece of the Zodiac Pie- has been slowing down the action in this area of life so you can take the time and patience to learn from your experiences here and find the stability he is asking for you to pay close attention to.

Neptune –who currently Retrogrades in Pisces, where The Fishes swim in your life- is in request of reassessing what you may need to do to reconsider the courses of action that are appearing here. With Neptune being a planet that brings immense depth of understanding and urges us to become aware of what may be deceiving us, it is time in the SILENT LISTEN, that will surely unfold the answers to the questions that are more that likely up close and personal here right now.

The Collective Experience: What It Means For The World
The channel between our personal instinct, emotional control and mass emotions will be ready for profound refinement in our concentration of ideals, our approach to authority, and tempering our enthusiasm with more practical, contemplative, and honorable means of attaining these goals. On the warning side: this energy is easily able to take the entire emotional landscape and create despondent, severe, hysterical, superstitious, scandalous, selfish, and egotistical reactions. Checking in where the 04 degree water points fall in the personal Zodiac Pie will grant the individual understanding of how the practice of patience, listening, and positive thinking will result in desirable outcomes for ultimate progress, rather than attracting negative situations surrounded by delusion, unpractical, and unprofitable motives.

A Time for Originality: Aligning at the 04 degree point
Remember at the 04 degree point, this grand alliance is meant to unfold in original, unexpected and innovative ways. Intentions backed by trusting in change, thinking out of the box, and overcoming obstacles will see sound and intense opportunities for growth between these three areas and how they are casting their channel to us all to reap reward from. There is a new way life can be reinvented in a matter of sorts for the collective at large, in where humanity is requested to emerge in a different sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. As Uranus’s energy backs the characteristics coming through at 04 degrees, it is a big fan of equality. Should one remain stuck, it can bring the opposing forces of resistance and judgment. Even more importantly, as you start with your personal experience of how these planets connect so strongly at this time within your Zodiac Pie, when you look to the individuality that asks to be heard from the 04 degree Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces areas of the life, you certainly will find there is a calling to dare to do something unique if you patiently listen to it.