Lunar-O-Scope, 25 February

Full Moon in Virgo, 25 February, 3:26pm EST

Releasing Old Wounds

We’ve gathered from the new light in Aquarius to now find completion and release where The Virgin brings a natural and pure feel to your Zodiac Pie.  As the 3rd Full Moon in a row peaks at the 07 degree of the sign, we are asked to step further into another SILENT LISTEN as to what should be releasing from this area of our lives, which has Chiron, our Wounded Healer, right by our side to tap into the core of things that must heal from the deep. Don’t forget the first Mercury offering for review of 2013 is also in motion, which equally calls for a dynamic pull of reflection from the opposing area of the life.
Moon enters Virgo,
1:52am EST 25 February to 8:02am EST 27 February

Our planet of emotion is not always at ease when teaming up with the sign that is logical and discriminating about almost everything life. As the tendency for analysis channels into worry, many times instinct and imagination have no other outlets but to feel quite limited under this passage. However, by engaging in service to others, choosing to focus upon health, cleaning-up and allowing a sense of purity to come into emotional play can be stellar ways to reap success. Virgo Moons feel best when practical needs that result in effective outcomes and studying all the details are met, casting a collective request to become engaged in more reserved feelings that just may exhibit a little shyness.

Full Moon, 25 February, 3:26pm EST, 07 degrees Virgo
The Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie points to where you will feel quite an intensity unfold, as well as the specific area of life to focus upon reflection within for the next two weeks until our next New Moon upon 11 March. The final lunation in a 3-month series since our Full Moon in Cancer 28 December 2012 at the 07 degree, the acknowledgement of taking time in solitude is asked from The Virgin to bring humanity to a deep acceptance of this spiritual need. With the concentration of opposing planetary energy within Pisces, we are asked to plunge into appreciation of what we have within the pure and innocent place of our lives. This allows the equal recognition of all that the opposing spiritual side of life brings the necessary balance to, for the future of mankind completely depends upon it.

For the Collective
We have some interesting aspects affecting this Full Moon. Our emotional attention also focuses upon Chiron, the planet that represents the Wounded Healer within our lives, and where we hold the most of our childhood impressions from a look at any natal birth chart. At present, Chiron is in opposition to our 07 degree Virgo kick off point as it closely conjuncts our Sun at 09 degrees Pisces. This is a powerful pull that asks for a finalization to unfold about what wounds may be present where The Fishes swim within your life, which can emotionally release because you choose to spend time in solitude to address and clear out old pains that have been suppressed within the conscious memory. As Chiron transits within Pisces, there is plenty of feminine integration that is requested of mankind, asking us to get into touch with this side of ourselves and heal whatever wounds may exist from it, no matter what sex we may be. Knowing this is the time in humanity that strongly asks any soul to get into their HEART space, the feminine of Mother EARTH is certainly a great place to start.

Jupiter over at 07 degrees Gemini communicates to both our Sun, and Moon from that 90 degree aspect called a square, which to most astrologers causes conflict, or results in the typical cornered-in sensation. However: squares are not to be feared. The tensions they can cause are necessary, so that new ground can be formulated, for what solid and strong foundation is not made of four squares? This is precisely when the examination of the pain they may be causing, is what brings forward the profound “ah-ha” moments within our loves when the HURT of the TRUTH can set you free. Take a good look at how these mutable energies within Gemini, Virgo and Pisces at the 07 degree point to a new structure forming, one that develops further because we took the time to heal ourselves, and allow change to be ultimately embraced.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Virgo 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Virgo House, in particular where the 07-degree Virgo spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.)

Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth release and conclusions within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing letting go in these areas until the next New Moon upon 11 March will make the appropriate space for the new to be planted later.
Aries: You feel drawn to let go of worn-out personal habits and health related routines Dear Rams where “I Serve.” It’s imperative you listen up for there is a tired fashion you are being of service to others. Unrest may be present with your co-workers, but let courage take the lead. Pets require your attention, or a choice comes to pass about them. Allow some new ways of abundance to continue to flow from your thought processes, and recognize the wonder to be gained from time in solitude, but not in selfishness.
Taurus: The Bull is thrilled to see an adventure come to a conclusion where “I Create.” Children, the arts or brain-children captivate your attention now.  You’ve been feeling open to love affairs, yet it is best to take a stance and ponder where they fit upon your stage of life, and some curtains may have to close. While you recognize the optimism returning to your sense of value and what you have, remember all connects to how you socialize; as well as what dreams, hopes and wishes you should be focusing upon.

Gemini: Emotions swirl as you arrive at conclusions that pertain to your home and family where “I Nurture.” Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu is the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive messages being channeled to you. Your normal routine within your environments is about to change course, and the urge to truly clean up and clear out here begs for the details to align. This brings the full go ahead for those new approaches as all the dynamic turns in your public life soar.

Cancer: An out-dated mental process Dear Crab must be released where “I Communicate.” You instinctively know it’s best not to worry and only have concern, so cozy on up to this shift in thinking. Reflect as well on not being so nit-picky and discriminating here. Think pure and polite, and let your thoughts serve you. Neighbors or siblings can also be of focus. Remember all of the benefits from time in solitude will help change up some new beliefs that wish to find you learning something that soothes you.

Leo: Focus calls to your values, earning power, and what is it all worth with what “I Have.” Time is well spent reclaiming and reviewing your sense of security. Take a hearty look at possessions, swallow up the pride, and let go so new values have proper room to grow later. Plenty of action speaks about upcoming transformations and what future moves will happen to your wealth. Figure out what pieces of the puzzle are missing by appreciating the fortunate energy where you socialize, hope dream, and wish.

Virgo: Don’t shy away from this magical spotlight of release where “I AM!” Let go of old approaches and first impressions in life that don’t truly serve you. Your innate humility takes this more sensitive time for self without raising the ego bar too high. You shouldn’t doubt the emotions you feel here now, but you can let the world say goodbye to that tired mask you’ve been wearing. With the excitement booming in your career and public life, be sure to understand the partnerships in your life who ask to be a part of it.

Libra: The inner layers of your Scales look for more solitary time to even it all out where “I Process.” Your psyche vibrantly releases internal messages from matters concerning the subconscious, where resolve is seen. Recording your dreams brings balance to your waking world when you document and decode them. Take this and see what further kinds of beliefs can abundantly find you, which equally teaches you something about what you are meant to do to serve the world better that ever before.

Scorpio: Take a pure look at routines within your friendships and organizations where “I Socialize.” What doesn’t serve you here asks to be let go. Reflect upon the roles you play in your groups, and your wishes here are sure to blossom later on. Ponder deep within hopes for the future, and dream well. Accept that unexpected invitation from a friend- it’s part of the larger picture to flourish. Strength steps in from taking time to invest in your creativity right now as well, which will transform you from the core.

Sagittarius: Career matters ask you to look for conclusions to be made on where it is all going were “I Structure.” Transition and reflection is currently unfolding within your purpose, mission, and reputation. Make logical reassessments here now to serve you best. That toy with authority brings a better understanding to your partnerships. Meanwhile, know where you nurture your environments and home life dynamically are seeking their own courses of change, and compassion will sooth the waters here.

Capricorn: Your philosophical outlooks are in review and which ones serve you best for the long-term where “I Believe.” An important trip finishes now, or you reflect upon past ones. An urge to grow and learn somehow speaks as idealism is surely by your side, so let old patterns go here. It is a great time to study or re-examine something you’ve already learned. As growth equally streams from your ability to serve the world, you find ways to communicate that make sure the bright side is what you choose to see.

Wealth and financial matter ask for reflection and revisions where “I Transform.” Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? This passage reflects upon bringing in a true regenerative process here, for this is no time to remain fixed in resistance. It’s time to totally break on through to the other side as your entire core is up for peeling away the layers- which happens easily when you enjoy your creative nature and remember what it is all truly worth by giving gratitude to what you already have.

Pisces: Those closest to you -personal or business- captivate your attention where “I Relate.” You’ll innately sense the release and conclusion here. As people logically come and go, your intuition serves you to recognize these kinds of changes are all part of that vast ocean of choices you swim in. As all kinds of new energies and equal changes surround your immediate sense of self, these are able to find strength by connecting further where you nurture your life as the home and family can teach you plenty.