Mastering Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, 2021-22

Redefining the Value of Integrity & Leadership

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022

As we will experience the close of 2021 and open the first month 2022, it will be a powerful time that will have us in a more than resounding request to honor reflection in our continuing EARTH HEART Shift. 

Unlike her neighbor Mercury, it’s been awhile since our Idealist planet took some necessary time off. The last Venus Retrograde cycled 13 May to 25 June 2020 in the sign Gemini.

Upon 19 December 2021 in Capricorn at 5:36amEST, the next cycle of review and redo commences for Venus that will conclude 3:46amEST upon 29 January 2022. If you are familiar with Mercury Retrograde, you already understand all too well the kinds of things that can happen under an inner planet retrograde. 

What makes a Venus Retrograde different from Mercury?

All of our planets from above guide over different themes and concepts as their movement affects our lives down here below.

Mercury makes things move, communicate, permanently change, blossom, think and energetically circulate.

Venus allows us to relate one on one, formulate legal agreements, be compassionate, find understanding, secure our values, intake our money, enjoy our pleasures, find our beauty via the arts and music and cherish our peace.

Both Venus and Mercury are inner planets, so when their Retrograde passages occur (Mercury every 3 months; Venus every 18 months; approximately) we are highly advised to take note about our future plans -personal or business wise- concerning what they are ultimately in charge of.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

It is more than fair to say as Holiday 2021 is engaged, it will gravely call to take heed of our Capricorn area of life, starting at 26 degrees. Venus on a normal journey through Capricorn enjoys constant, sincere, protective and pursuit of excellence energy, yet we’ll find, these qualities are not so readily available as she’ll be under review. 

Being reflection, research and review are in order- initiating plans during retrograde for future harmony and balance are best to be avoided. The energetic pace will be limited and shy, where developing self-reliance and eliminating unwanted restrictions will be extremely hard to reach. Being able to awaken and attain peace equally will feel there is an undeniable coarseness and difficulty in complete lethargy that will encompass our collective earthly channels.

Equally once 2022 officially begins, Venus herself is also “in charge” of the entirely new 6 Universal Year. To say the New Year gets off to a more than bumpy start due to her begin Retrograde all of January, is quite the understatement as ultimate awareness will be extremely necessary to navigate its’ more than intense opening pulse.

26 Partnerships & 11 A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist | Linda Goodman’s Star Cards

Reexamination of our domestic life, the simplest of pleasures, and our worldly dispositions are also highly favored during Venus’s time in Capricorn as we take to valuing being accountable and owning up to our responsibility where The Goat structures our individual lives amongst the collective. Whatever plans one may have to engage in within these realms, they will find these also not work out as originally intended, and back up plans will be necessary to utilize instead.

The Reflective Journey from 26 to 11 degrees Capricorn

As Venus begins her Retrograde stationed at 26 degrees Capricorn, this energy calls for us to seek to understand ‘Partnerships’ and the need to walk away peacefully from emotional conflict concerning any relationship for requiring reflection within our lives. We complete the reflective cycle as Venus stations at 11 degrees Capricorn, seeking to conclude our reflection stories with the serious request to unite with emotional response versus reaction in relationship to whatever needs further repair concerning the emotional divide in our lives as we will wish to apply this masterful attention in order to avoid the natural pitfalls of ‘A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist.’ 

As we look to the deeper wisdom and connectivity to Numerology, the Chaldean Karmic Mysteries of the 26 and 11 degrees beginning and end points have fair warnings to share with us.

What we truly have here with both of our starting and ending Venus Retrograde points, is more than an AMAZING opportunity for healing emotions concerning all relationships/partnerships. Equally we will notice this will extend especially into our family wounds that wish to come together in absolute accountability and responsibility to mend any fears not formerly faced. The erasing of False Evidence Appearing Real to Face Everything And Rise energies are at our collective fingertips to embrace.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, 25 January to 03 February 2022

Just when one may think they are reflecting enough, the final stretch of Venus’s cycle of reflection is absolutely energetically charged up by the additional reflection passage that arrives of Mercury Retrograde. Our Messenger planet Mercury begins his first Retrograde of 2022 upon 14 January in Aquarius, and by 25 January, enters Capricorn crossing back over Venus’s stationed starting point at 26 degrees Capricorn precisely as she turning directs at 11 degrees Capricorn by 29 January.  

Energies will sway at this time to becoming overly unimaginative, rigid, narrow, suspicious and sardonic. People will be compelled to re-examine all the more what will already be channeling in slowness, limitations, lacking optimism, flexibility, and denial of clarity concerning this very area of our lives. 

How to Successfully Work with Venus Retrograde

This next cycle of review and redo from Venus is quintessential in such a universal new year as 2021, but more importantly, what 2022 represents. As we are all asked to remember the value during the finale weeks of our 5 Universal Year of 2021’s Changing Global Truth at this pivotal time in history, as we cross over into the 6 Universal 6 Year of 2022’s Mastering The Value of Compassion, its’ very ruling planet of Venus is in some heavy and very serious reflection mode. 

Venus offering her reflection from the troubled partnerships 26 degree point at start in Capricorn, backtracking to turnaround at the more than polarized 11 degree point in Capricorn indicates an extremely challenged and very emotional time of reflection as well as coming to an melancholy understanding of what needs healing attention for humanity at large. 

This specific retrograde passage opens us to embrace a true redefinition of the value we place upon worldly integrity, those in positions of authority and power, the structure of our career/workplace, the sense of duty and responsibility, and our distinct ability to seek to understand any and all of these areas before being understood. Coupled with the riveting path of permanent changes we have already personally experienced all throughout 2021 to cross over into 2022, these promise to be austere and sobering moments humanity will witness connecting to what we are meant to be understanding the most to be a greater part of the entire whole. December 2021 and January 2022 energetically resets us like a father figure will demand we learn from the experience: taking our lessons learned with us in a new sense of absolutely serious realignment. 

The “RE Rules” Under Venus Retrograde: What To Reflect Upon

One of the Zodiac’s benefic and inner planets, Venus’s influence grants gentleness, ease, and strength wherever her graceful energy is currently visiting within the Zodiac Pie. Venus affects the collective’s values- as well as our earning potential, money, approaches to romance, and our abilities to tap into the feminine. As she decides to not “look where she is going,” the collective can expect the natural benefits of her energies to be up for review. 

1. Beauty All beauty improvements are off limits, for Venus while backtracking will, for example, probably turn original brown intended hair color into orange, you hate your new hair cut, or the house renovation color intended to be red might just turn out hot pink, by “accident.” Plastic surgery is a huge no-no during this cycle.

Simply AVOID buying luxurious items, renovating the home, or any kind of beauty enhancement.

2. Money/Finances You’ll equally notice a definite “drop in value” concerning financial affairs and money matters across the board. Venus Retrograde prefers instead of trying to “make money” under her reflective journey, we choose instead to reassess our situations and get ready for major moves later. Avoid any kind of luxury purchases is highly favored, as well as watching over-spending. Money investments with the intention of significantly increasing its’ value, can be complete future failures.

Venus Retrogrades essentially become buyer’s markets, as the victors are the ones walking away with the bargain from the seller who practically gave it away. However, the buyer may not have received the value they actually thought they were getting if the purchase involves those luxurious items. Past debts may equally surface, and these should be absolutely addressed. So, if you’ve got a money situation or a lingering legality that needs clearing up, this is a perfect cycle to focus upon solutions requiring your research.

3. Relating to Others Relationships, especially brand new ones, should be carefully monitored over this time. However, this a prominent time when old love affairs and people you once knew return: so have fun remembering, or realize why they aren’t an active part of your life anymore!

Beginning a new romance, marriage, or any kind of business contract/agreement are not particularly favored courses of action.

4. Your Personal Forecast Wherever 26 degrees to 11 degrees Capricorn rests in your natal birth chart is the precise are of life that you’ll see an ultimate renovation going on 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022. Equally, potential natal planets that will aspect Venus’s Retrograde journey are important to understand to know how to make proper choices avoiding critical mistakes over this sensitive cycle. An ounce of prevention, is a sure pound of cure. As Ben Franklin used to say, “Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” 

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5. Appreciating Venus Retrograde Rewards 

BE charitable with money, i.e. hold a fund-raiser for a great cause

DO scoop up any bargains! These are totally Venus Rx approved!

GIVE GRATITUDE for what you already own and who you already know.

REASSESS what’s worth appreciating: keep it or toss it!

REFLECT upon all your present relationships, business or personal.

EMBRACE falling in love all over again- or let it go!

ENJOY NATURAL BEAUTY by spending time outdoors.

TAKE IN ART & MUSIC Whether at a museum, gallery, performance, or through nature, Venus enhances our appreciation and understanding of it at this time.

REVISIT creative adventures already in existence, examine their progress and reflect upon ways to improve them.

The Approach and Shadow of Venus Retrograde

Every Retrograde passage has a “preview of coming attractions” as the planet crosses over moving forward, the exact degree point it will backtrack to called the Approach. We’ll start to notice as Venus crosses over 11 degrees Capricorn upon 17 November what’s going to be in full reflection by 19 December, as we properly prepare under her Approach.

Every Retrograde passage has a “ironing out the retrograde wrinkles” time until the planet crosses over, moving Direct, the exact degree point is starts retrograding upon, called the Shadow. Whatever decision may have had to happen by no other choice under Venus Retrograde will have the opportunity to smooth out the fabric wrinkles as our correction and Shadow work commences from 29 January through 01 March 2022, when she will cross back over 26 degrees Capricorn moving forward precisely back where she started Retrograding upon 19 December.

What’s Really in a Word? Venus Retrograde

Whenever a planet is actively in RETROGRADE within our Zodiac skies, it’s that necessary time when we are best to surrender, and know we’ve GOT TO REDO, and GO TO A GREAT REORDER. As our romantic and value-loving planet attaches herself to the retrograde title, how apropos the anagrams we can derive are able to spell out the truth of how we can reap personal rewards. 

























Honoring A Cycle of Reflection

This time for reassessment within The Goat allows your understanding of the value of humanity to become redefined on a personal and collective level. Once 29 January 2022 comes to pass, the activity within these degrees points (26 degrees to 11 degrees Capricorn) of the life will start to stir and reap goodness- restoring personal harmony unlike any other in quite some time.  Equally keep in mind, just as soon as Venus goes Direct, 2022’s first Mercury Retrograde will already be underway from 14 January, and will be exactly over this Venus Retrograde starting point at 26 degrees on 29 January when she turns Direct. Can we all say ENERGY in REFLECTION? 

Remember, what is deserving of being healed here comes from the acts of review under the retrograde. So rest and reset 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022, then happily gather up your rewards after reflection later! Know, the grandeur may not be what you had originally anticipated, but what is ultimately meant to become simpler here, is the real value you’ll discover that is a genuine gift you’ve been patiently waiting for.

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Turning Around Responsibility

SaturnPlutoRx2019.SharitaStarOur accountability sign known as The Goat in the zodiac skies of Capricorn is getting plenty of attention over the past week. With our most outer planet Pluto having turned Retrograde upon 24 April, one more outer planet celestial visitor of Saturn joins in the Capricorn reflection party 29 April.

While the very word “Retrograde” -especially when attached to inner planet Mercury- alarms most people who are aware of the upsets and rerouting energy it typically unfolds, it is wise to understand the difference of any inner and outer planet backtracking requests. No matter what planet is retrograding, reflective and contemplative action is at our fingertips.

As Mercury Retrogrades frequently reoccur around 3-4 times per year for 21 days, outer planet Retrogrades only occur yearly (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), anywhere from 4 to a little over 5 months at a time. If you are familiar with Mercury Retrograde, you already know there are plenty of those do’s and don’ts “Rx rules” that apply to it due to it’s proximity to the earth, casting off much stronger energetic affects for us to navigate.

Equally, there are very few times when no planets in our zodiac skies are in Retrograde motion, coined as All Planets Direct Motion, which has already graced us in 2019. As we close out the remainder of this year, one if not up to five planets will be retrograde at varying times.

Let’s get back to Pluto and Saturn, who are the focus of this conversation.

The next 5 months unfold plenty of reworking and “interesting events” in our worldly affairs concerning authority, power, wealth, banking and leadership upon the entire planet. Equally, wherever Capricorn is placed in your natal astrology chart, will also see this reflective and correction period story play out on a personal level via your current forecast.

SaturnPlutoRx2019.SharitaStar2Pluto Retrogrades from 23 degrees back to 20 degrees Capricorn by 03 October.

Pluto is our big power hitter -as small as he may be- to bring ultimate transformation, regeneration, change and intense shifts to unfold through the channels of rebirth. Within Capricorn where he has been transiting since 27 January 2008, the stimulation of ambition, persistence, efficiency, conservatism, materialism and organizing executive ability have all been on the radar. There is an obsession for recognition that unfolds, yet this is accompanied by a compelling need for self-discipline in order to successfully do so. Until January of 2024, this long-term cycle is at work wherever Capricorn affects the personal life.

SaturnRx.2019SharitaStarSaturn Retrograde from 20 degrees back to 13 degrees Capricorn by 18 September.

Saturn is our karmic redeemer- as challenging as his lessons may ever be- to take ultimate responsibility, rise up to authority, become accountable, and reset the structure that may be out of place. There is diligent work to be done, and it must be done right. Within Capricorn where he has been transiting since 19 December 2017, the striving to develop self-control, organizing ability, integrity, and rightful effort all have been on the radar. There is a need to cultivate perseverance and the will to serve, yet this can be blocked back lack of confidence and originality. However removing the fear of going unrewarded grants the ambition to be successful through this time, knowing patience is the virtue to see all matters through to fruition. Until 17 December 2020, this long-term cycle is at work wherever Capricorn affects the personal life.

Under Retrograde, as both Pluto and Saturn take their reflective turn for 2019 simultaneously, there is an undeniable request to understand the slowing down and deeper concentration the Capricorn area of our life will require until the early Autumn. Once again, unlike Mercury Retrograde, outer planet retrogrades do not have the same “rules of thumb” as their backtracking affects are felt on a more subconscious level. Yet, what one really needs to know is, what is it that may challenge me during these months ahead?  Moreover, where am I meant to honor a subtle cast of reflection, and understand there is a correction period going on?

Your Personal Forecast contains all of the guidance and answers you need to become acquainted with how Capricorn seeks to work with you.

Capricorn is also under our Eclipse microscope during 2019. We saw a Solar Eclipse/New Moon here upon 05 January, seeking for us to reign in new beginnings from this area of life for up to a year, “Our Duty to Heal Materialism Intuitively.”  Summer 2019’s Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon will also fall here 16 July (during the year’s 2nd Mercury Retrograde), revealing a powerful cleansing and clearing period through the holidays as this Eclipse is very involved with Pluto Retrograde. Just after Christmas, 26 December’s Solar Eclipse will also draw in more new beginnings to unfold from this very same area of the life where the already ongoing work must continue to be done only with integrity and ultimate responsibility, will remain undoubtedly and undeniably required. By this point in time, the reinvention of this area of the life will be fully set into motion.

In other words, your Capricorn area of life is in a serious passage of readjustment. The most profound work to restructure, tear down the old foundation and build a new one is in full play during 2019. If you are not personally responsible to this, well, astrology is here to tell you that you will have a many lessons to keep learning. Life will appear harder than it has to be if you avoid the soul work to be done.

The good news is, with patience, integrity and wisdom at your side, you will find there are absolutely amazing rewards you will harvest. Things you have perhaps been waiting to change in your life for a very long time.

The question is, are you ready to take action to turn around your responsibility in Capricorn? This is the calling of 2019, Being Reachable & Teachable. What are you going to learn from the experience?