LunarOScopes, 18 March Virgo Full Moon, Let’s Release

“Emotion is the indicator of how much power you’ve got.” ~Abraham


Healing Humanity’s HEART Power of EARTH Shift: Warriors Last Call

Full Moon in Virgo

3:18amEDT, 12:18amPDT; 18 March, Let’s Release & Reflect

The 3rd Full Moon for 2022 casts off powerful and purifying reflecting energies that place further depths of conclusions surrounding the healing Humanity has intensely experienced during our Winter. As we are cast further into fired up emotionally charged changes surrounding the forceful conflicts still needing courage concerning our collective healing now from being of service and health-oriented Virgo: this full moon wake up call arrives with the final Round 6 for taking humanity back to its’ rightful warrior abilities.

Undoubtedly global experiences absolutely are feeling the amazing conscious calling to take this final SILENT LISTEN to discern the TRUTH tones that may HURT from the 27th degree connected to our ongoing EARTH HEART Shift, now during 2022’s Mastering the Value of Compassion promise.

Concerning America 
This Full Moon is “hit 2” from the area of the nation’s chart that guides foreign affairs, its’ belief systems, and what is perceived as the truth. This month, we have the second energetic release point, and this one is in equally direct play with the current America Pluto Return and natal Pluto for the nation as this Full Moon is in direct aspect to them both. **Sharita returns to The Medium Channel 21 March, 7pm for another not to miss Livestream about our Collective Spring as well as America’s detailed forecast.**

Releasing energies within this practical, modest, systematic and attention to details sign now experience these rising to the challenge emotional responses concerning what emerges.

What Are You Letting Go of involving Healing Humanity’s HEART Power of EARTH Shift: Warriors Last Call, Dear Star?

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