LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW MOON in Libra, 2011

New Understanding

This New Moon in Libra offers the opportunity for true forward motion since Mercury’s last Retrograde passage. This lunation equally brings initiations building from energies relating to Saturn, who has been slowly and surely requesting responsibility within The Scales since last fall. Be open to a path of friendly light to now bring forth diplomatic, tolerant, and sincere feelings throughout this Waxing Phase until 11 October.

Moon enters Libra
27 September 12:51am EDT to 29 September 12:05pm EDT
When you have our Lunar Lady passing through the balance of The Scales, we have the ideal opportunity for comparison and co-operation to emerge within our lives. By tapping into a sensitive instinct, there isn’t a better Moon passage to gravitate to peaceful, hospitable, charming, and friendly feelings under. The emotional imagination becomes refined, as it eagerly looks to please and engage in harmonious channels. Be aware however of any possible lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

New Moon in Libra, 04 degrees, 27 Sept 7:09am EDT
This lunation marks the first of three empty nights we’ll see for Autumn 2011. As with any New Moon our feelings have the capacity to become fresh, and take on some initiating energies to bring improvements to our emotions. The area of life that 04 degrees Libra falls in your natal birth chart, is the one which you can see a new light to emerge within, bringing much originality and innovation to life as we then wax and increase for these next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon upon 11 October.

For the Collective
Saturn is currently at 18 degrees Libra, not too far away from this New Moon’s kick-off point. While the Moon will continuously make its’ short visits with Saturn each month when it returns to The Scales- The Karmic Adjustor is slowly and patiently moving in this sign until the Autumn of 2012. Each and every month, we explore our emotional side here and allow changes to unfold at Saturn’s preferred pace. Being in the recognition of how this long-term passage is gradually but surely bringing responsibility, wisdom, and learning through experience to the Libra area of our lives will result in our stability to manifest.

It’s equally a true “planet party” in Libra for this month, as we also see Mercury and Venus close by at 02 and 15 degrees Libra, respectively. Communications and the pondering of values are all swirling within this Universal offering for starting anew. One can certainly say, after the recent Mercury Retrograde, the essence of Libra to align some balance back into our lives is more than welcomed. All is set for a new level of understanding to reveal itself wherever The Scales harmonize for you.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal (natal) charts’ advice. It is, however, always recommended to have your natal chart cast by a professional astrologer to ensure you are in the know of how the true mathematical relationships of the Zodiac Wheel work individually for you as life moves ever forward.

Aries: Take a look outside yourself to all you relate to, personal or business oriented. As Saturn has been letting lessons be learned within this area of life, it will now be time to take on more responsibility with those you partner with. While you are normally fearless to strike up conversation, the ability to flirt away at present is strong, and matters of love are on your mind. A wonderful time to embrace new co-operative acts, know they most certainly are for you!

Taurus: Like you haven’t been reminded over the past year to bring improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Bull. We know you like to take your time, but you can expect to see impressive progress within this long-term process that is unfolding, as there are more ways to seek balance here. Look at the way you are being of service to others, there is a fresh way to take your stance to do so. Forget about being stubborn, for peace is looking for you.

Gemini: The Twins are definitely ready to make something new! There is an artistic or creative adventure just awaiting your cleverness to engage within it. While you may have been feeling Saturn’s restriction here over the past year, expect a little lightening up with Venus and Mercury here to inspire you. Children can be on your mind, or require your focus now. A new love affair may also be entering upon the stage of your life, and it is more than ok to be responsible to it.

Cancer: While home and family are always on the Crab’s radar, there are issues concerning them that will find new ways to blossom now. Harmony awaits to find you where you refuel. Saturn may have not always made it seem easy here in the past year, but remember, it’s all about learning what’s truly important about your security. You love a good déjà vu – and the ones you’ll receive now have extra special instinctive messages to channel to you.

Leo: Time to even out your thinking your Royal Highness. If you’ve been a little caught up in Saturn’s restrictions here, it’s time to wisely listen. Every Lion knows it’s only best to think positive thoughts, as those experiences have only been for your own good. With Mercury in the mix, moving forward and applying a steadfast patience here opens your doors wide to write, educate, or learn. It’s time to truly roar within your new thoughts, new forest, and new heart.

Virgo: Stop fussing and worrying about the earning power- this is the first thing to logically bring a new energy to! Forget about attracting more worry- instead refine those detailed-oriented skills you have that love serving others. Your value system has been seeing a slow and methodical restructuring, be patient here. Look to Venus to aide in claiming your securities, and make the necessary plans that will grant them proper room to grow. Treat yourself to something new.

Libra: You always show the good side of your Scales, and now, there is more weigh to carefully add to them. Remember, Saturn wants you to do nothing in a rush or be too-risky at present. As you see new approaches saying hello right now, these wish to bring a fresh face to how the world grabs its’ first impressions of you. While it’s always a pretty mask you wear, you really feel at peace with trying some different shades and hues that will enhance your “I AM” all the more!

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy wants to take you to regal Eagle. You’re wise to not deny the retreat from the world, as you have been sensing the deep responsibility to your inner world and dreams last fall. As this area of life is activated strongly by all of Libra’s current transits, it’s time to go further within- you will find some amazing resolutions for the spirit. Enjoy these mysteries that wait for you to solve them.

Sagittarius: Your attention to your friendships and organizations has certainly been requested from you over the past year, and you have been wise to place it here. The recent roles you’ve learned about in your groups allow your dreams even more room to blossom. You’re preparing yourself for ultimate responsibility here that still has one more year to work through, so don’t lose your focus before completing the task at hand Dear Archer, be sure to look before you aim!

Capricorn: Cast off the worry old Goat. What you love so much –work, toil and career- are amidst a long patient process of change. Those feelings coming on since last fall about where your public life is headed; make one step closer to the answer you’ve been waiting for. Your purpose, mission, and reputation are restructuring for the long term, as you continue to learn from your experiences. For now, seeing what’s new here is happy to communicate with you.

Aquarius: Responsibility has been visiting your philosophical outlooks since last fall, creating changes even the prophetic thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. There’s an important a trip you are about to embark upon -even if it is only in the mind- a fresh pursuit wishes to bring your aims to higher education. While Saturn may be trying to curtail old worn our beliefs, it’s time to allow some new ones in, and Venus and Mercury are gladly here to help you originate them.

Pisces: It’s a good time to bring some new life to any lingering financial revisions. Investments, taxes, inheritances, shared/joint resources- any of these have good energies coming from Venus to balance things properly. Remember however, Saturn will not reward impulsive or greedy decisions here right now. Equally, there is a new current of intimacy taking you to some lively waters in this area, intuitively allowing you to make some serious sensual waves.

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