Mercury enters Libra, 25 September

a quick word on The Messenger…

Mercury enters Libra
5:09pm EDT 25 September through 13 October

Are you really ready to hear BOTH sides of any communication issue Stars? Gear up for a true pros and cons look at your mentality and state of thinking where The Scales balance it all out within your Zodiac Pie. Now, no one said you can’t make a decision here, but you may, just find yourself wondering with Venus’s pleasures having been recently enjoying Libra’s grace, it’s time for Saturn to just lighten up for a bit?

As The Messenger enters Libra, we gear up for a little planet party (with the Sun, Venus and Saturn also invited) that will be happening here upon the New Moon 27 September. If you’ve been feeling any sense of Saturn’s restriction vs. response in this area of the life, it’s time to embrace some movement, balance and new ways of being responsible to reap your just rewards.

Mercury’s presence in The Scales casts an air over mentalities to be easily rational, comparative, and judicial. Flattery may find you, so best to utilize scrutiny here to make sure it is not the false kind. Even when he is in forward motion, his a.k.a. ‘The Trickster’ sometimes surfaces when too much charm is taking the lead.

If you have been looking for some persuasive energies to get a point across within, express yourself before 13 October. You’ll undeniably have diplomacy at your fingertips. When your topic is well-studied, you’ll come off with a polished perception that makes it all only fair.

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