IT’S A THREE Thang… 03/12/2010

Just a quick numbers observation…

Welcome to the 12th day in the 3rd Month of the year 2010!

See a pattern in the numbers here? 3, 12/3, 2010/3. This date adds up to a 9 Lifepath, of which 3 is the square root of.

Any soul born today will only have energies of the 3, 6, and 9 in their numerological birthchart. One certainly can’t complain about Jupiter, Venus, and Mars all hanging out together. Such blessings from the Universe!

Numerically, all three period cycles are governed by the 3, Jupiter ruled. The four pinnacles cycles calculate at 6, 6, 12/3, and 6 again. These denote long-term influences of time that a soul will experience in any incarnation.

Up until 11:48amEST, the current transiting Sun will also be vibing to a 21 degrees Pisces. This is truly a Jupiter party! Even the currently transiting Jupiter in Pisces falls at the 12th degree in Pisces today.

So WHAT are you waiting for!? Grab on to this Universal offering for fun, optimism, expansion, and growth! If you continue reading to the next entry, you’ll find Jupiter also has a say in what goes on in matters of Love. Undoubtedly one might also claim the collective energies are truly LUCKY today, considering Jupiter loves a gamble. We recommend however trying on learning something new today or honing in on a fresh philosophical pursuit.

Also check that Pisces piece of your Zodiac Pie and see where jovial and fortunate opportunities await to be discovered. Just be sure Jupiter’s enthusiasm doesn’t get too carried away! Mutable fire is a hard thing to stop once out of control…

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