A Quick Word on The Messenger….

Mercury enters Capricorn
08 Jan

1:34am EST

Now that we are one week past the Shadow completing of the recent Holiday Season’s Retrograde passage, Mercury has brought all of his communications through within The Archer until October 2012. Time now to get back to some serious business when it comes to our thinking and mentality as he takes up with the ambitions of The Goat.

For the collective, communications can find a passage of reliable, conventional and careful means of expression for the next couple of weeks. This is an absolutely fabulous time to hone in on clear, methodical, and resourceful methods of collecting thoughts and grounding them.

Energies from our thoughts may seem dry and at times rigid, yet as our Messenger journeys with The Goat, you can not ask for a better time of year to truly sit with slow and patient perceptions. Quick decisions should be avoided. Rather, taking up with some profound pause and caution is highly recommended.

Look out for secrets to be unveiled and intense transformation to stir as Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Friday the 13th January. Viewed as an unlucky date by some, The Chaldeans honored this vibration to represent ‘Regeneration and Change.’ Couple this with where 07 degrees Capricorn lives in the life, and you’ll find some kind of shift is ready to unfold right before your eyes. Remember, it is the letting of what is no longer necessary here that sets up the perfect alignment for the lines of communication to be wide open to receive a rebirth.

Check your personal Zodiac Pie to see where Mercury is presently requesting this adaptability within your life. You’ll find, in this specific area of the life throughout 27 January, that you have some innate conservation to tap into to make smart decisions here. By listening to the stability and tradition that Capricorn is presenting for anyone to embrace, we will be all the more prepared for the inventions and new life that Aquarius will be eagerly awaiting to bestow upon us as Winter’s wisdom continues.

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