Lunar-O-Scope, 10 February 2013

NEW Moon in Aquarius,  10 February,  2:20am EST

Gathering Friendly Truth

Ego is not part of the humanitarian picture as we get smart and initiate emotional energy in the sign that loves to bring us closer to the friendships within our life. As our friends in the East celebrate The Year of the Snake, it’s time for another New Moon in Aquarius, as another waxing period of gathering begins. Where can some love of mankind coupled with a progressive and ingenious energy transform all kinds of fresh feelings within you in the next two weeks?

Moon enters Aquarius, 2:16pm EST 08 February to 4:20pm EST 10 February
Aquarius passages are the perfect time within our winter’s wisdom to lock into some more clues that ground us firmly to the season at hand. This recognition rewards us later with the keys to our soon to be Spring, now only 5 weeks away. Aquarius never wishes for the ego to focus on the dread of winter, but discover within its’ retreat, the joys of where the intellect can take you on its journey. As our Lunar Lady renews in the inventive energies of The Water Bearer -the sign that brings new life to everything- it is a great time to prophesize and put forth ideas we wish to implement and watch develop for the entire year ahead.

New Moon, 10 February 2:20am EST 21 degrees Aquarius

This is truly is a humanitarian moon on multitudes of levels. Again we see another waxing phase begin at the 21st degree of the sign, wherein Jupiter through the singular 3 here is asking yet again for the truth to be told, something that Aquarius equally finds by being friendly to mankind. This further opens up the door to the key that is part of EVOLUTION moving forward, and that is the know of LOVE. This love of the truth that the 21’s ‘The Crown of the Magi’ promises, equally understands that the soul’s testing is over. The more we assimilate the love of truth into our beings, the more suffering ceases to exist.
Our Moon Void of Course also begins in sync with the New Moon, for our Moon conjunct Sun is the last major aspect it makes before moving into Pisces. While reflection and considerate are favored, be sure to not move forward with future intentions for this waxing phase until after 4:20pm EST 10 February.

For the Collective
Another quality of Aquarius is tapping into prophecy, which equally is intensified as The Chinese Year of the Water Snake also now begins. The Snake is always known for its’ intuition, and in a Water elemental year, this will be heightened tenfold where psychic energies will be all the more available for the collective to better understand. Like Aquarians, Snakes are intellectual thinkers that can give splendid advice. Both equally possess a reserved and controlling nature that engages their mental capacities to prefer working out solutions and bringing forward progress, coupled with an intrigue for the esoteric and spiritual practices for the human and soul cause.

There is a true emotional structure being set into motion upon this lunation as well. As we find most of our planets aside from Jupiter in the second half of the Zodiac with a concentration in Aquarius and Pisces, this New Moon directly squares off to our North and South Node, at 21 degrees Scorpio and Taurus, respectively. These fixed energies seek to lock in a new understanding of truth within our lives. As the North Node indicates the area of life to place attention on emotional responsibility -so that the South Node can easily bring in balance from the opposite area- you’ll find a transformation occurs as a deeper perception of what you previously knew unfolds. As the current transiting Nodes provide structure to this New Moon, get ready to not resist the truth that wishes to unveil itself to you.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Aquarius, 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Aquarius House, in particular where the 21-degree Aquarius spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 25 February will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: New pals await where “I Socialize!” Groups or causes equally welcome your pioneering spirit, who has Uranus streaming those break through ideas to you clearly. While you are never shy, you’ll find you can talk to just about anyone. Should a social invitation show up you weren’t expecting, attending it is of great importance for the future. As you continue to see how much core transformation is working, your earning power and value system equally sees the benefits.

Fresh growth now emerges where “I Structure” in the career and public life for you. Promote or birth a new business, for recognition comes your way if you’ve done your proper legwork to receive it. Find a friendlier way to view authority figures. Recognize the extra responsibility in play to your one on one relationships, and you’ll know with out any doubt how much the world is seeing you differently than it has in quite sometime, as new approaches flow.

Your mind is always working overtime, but you’ll unlock a different direction to take your philosophies now where “I Believe.” A spiritual adventure engages your higher education and urge to travel. Plan for a long journey, if you aren’t already there. You are excited to learn. There is a responsibility tugging at you about changing how you serve this world, which receives answers from the time you spend alone and pondering your inner world so you can stand united.

Cancer: If you’ve been worried about your securities and investments, it’s time to make decisions where “I Transform.” Remember Mercury starts Retrograding on 23 February. Look out for found money or ways other people’s money can help you. A new view on sexuality wishes to speak with you. Let out a regeneration from the core, for this works with the creative calling you must listen to right now, that opens the doors to new found social scenes to express it within.

Leo: It’s your month to place focus upon where “I Relate” and think about those intimate partnerships. From romantic ties to business contacts, there are a many new blessings about to shower within your closest relationships. Legal bindings here are equally favored to flourish far into the future, just make sure everything is signed before 23 February. The attention upon where you nurture is paying off so that you will naturally shine in your career and public life.

Virgo: True to your natural self, you’ll cherish bringing improvements to where “I Serve” Dear Virgins. Look around to the workplace and see what is meant to reform and improve, especially with co-workers. Implement a new routine, or take on some better habits concerning your health. New furry friends may seek you as their master. As you keep up the hard work where you communicate, those beliefs seem to magically shift and serve you like never before.

Libra: You shine with your innate balance upon the stage where “I Create!” Excitement and confidence surround new projects, and original ones inspire you. Playful interaction with children is favored, whether they are your own offspring or “brain children.” A new love affair may birth something you’ve not expected up till now. Yes, there is extra effort required for earning power and values right now, but these bring in a welcomed regeneration soon enough to your wealth.

The house needs some cleaning Scorpio, as you also put forth some new ground rules within your home environment where “I Nurture.” An innovative energy requests you rejuvenate ties with your family life. Old judgments no longer can be tolerated in this fresh friendly space. Déjà vu will speak to you, so listen carefully. As you handle Saturns’ changes, these emotionally shape a new you to be seen by the world, allowing your partnerships to truly soar.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been thinking about sending off your arrow to improve your thinking and mentality Archer, go ahead and aim high where “I Communicate!” New ways of the minds’ channeling has you feeling like a genius. You’re probably also thinking about travel as usual, and if you’re not already on a short trip, plan another one. Siblings or neighbors are friendly. Remember the time you spend in solitude grants more keys to how to serve the world better.

Capricorn: You enjoy understanding value old Goat, and you are in the mood to take stock of your own personal possessions with what “I Have.” Something new is in the works about the way you earn your dollars. Take this time to visit your sense of security, and try something original to improve upon it. There may be a new purchase, but be sure it holds its’ worth for long-term. As you continue to closely examine your social life, this opens more ease and flow where you create.

Aquarius: No time to resist or detach, for the world is ready to see you a bit differently, and take on a new way to receive your first impressions of all that “I AM.” Be ready to get intimate with some self-focus and attention to your approaches. Cozy right on up with yourself and be the bearer of new life to that entirely is ready to birth an original new YOU! Those career and public life changes are happening for a reason, which makes you realize what you need to nurture.

Pisces: Hidden and intuitive waters call to you Dear Fishes where “I Process.” It’s time to explore those inner places where a deep break through awaits. While dreams always tell you things, they especially hold the clues that bring improvement to your waking world. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-up of life ask for a solitary journey. You must be responsible now to changing your beliefs, which makes you communicate oh so much better.