LUNAR-O-SCOPE, 31 August 2012

                 FULL Moon in Pisces, 31 August, 9:58am EDT
                                 Atmospheric Releases

While the current energy of our Sun in Virgo urges the cultivation of being aware to the mental and psychic realms that are ever-changing within our immediate environments, the collective’s emotional focus points to the exact opposite with the enthusiasm for sympathy and empathy. Where will you take up in the required SILENT LISTEN to know how healthy discrimination can reflect a pure imagination and sensitivity to come into fullness?

Moon enters Pisces
6:31pm EDT 30 August to 1:37am EDT 02 September

When our Lunar Lady takes a swim with The Fishes deep, inspired, and ever-active feelings are brought forth. As we take mentality out of the equation for this lunation, it is time to bring unification and intuitively let go of any deceptions in Pisces, clearing the psychic channels, as well as any harm within our soul’s multiple atmospheres. From the core of our Spirit to the realms of humanity, the layers in which we all swim in Pisces gentle and kindly waters is up for examination. Lunar passages in this more than receptive sign always advice to avoid indulgences in order to be able to receive the knowing insight that they can always provide.

Full Moon, 31 August 9:58am EDT, 08 degrees Pisces

When our Full Moon shows itself in the dreamy energies of Pisces -the sign that consciously aims for understanding- there couldn’t be a more auspicious time to receive impressions that open up our intuitive natures in pure abundance. One word of caution is to not fear the psychic energies that are born when the Moon swims with The Fishes- for if we ignore them and try to drown them out, we are missing such important information meant to be assimilated into our beings. When susceptible energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to indecisive, weak-willed, and lazy tendencies. There is great power in cultivating clarity and concentrating on instinct during this passage.

For the Collective

Any time we see the Number 8 around, our Fatherly Saturn is equally close by. This 08 degree point patiently asks as we let go this full moon, that we feel this release with wisdom and practicality; allowing us to learn from the experience which then makes the space for stability to move into this area of the life. Should you not take that SILENT LISTEN to Saturn’s underlying call here, you can bet you’ll find some lessons that will keep trying to teach you the truth of the matter.

What aides this lunation in motivating the necessary transformations it wishes to bring, is the close trine energy coming from Mars at 05 degrees Scorpio, along with the close sextile from Retrograding Pluto over at 07 degrees Capricorn. As these energies seek to work easily with 08 degrees Pisces, Mars will stimulate courageous action to allow what should release do so with energized feelings. As our planet of death and rebirth Pluto converses with our Lunar Lady, feelings become further intensified with perceptive and freedom-loving channels, which maybe even throw in a little humor for you to smile about.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE  Full Moon in Pisces, 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Remember it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Piscean House, in particular where the 08-degree Pisces spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth completion and release within the next two weeks to follow. Properly clearing up and letting go in these areas until the next New Moon upon 15 September will make the necessary room for what is next to come.

Aries: No stranger to exploration Dear Ram, it’s time to dive that head of yours into where “I Process,” the internal place in your life where a self-discovery is ready to complete. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call for you to take the lead. As you plummet into the depths of your true self, a marvelous realization speaks to where your wealth is being motivated and what’s equally undergoing regeneration within your public life and career.

Taurus: It’s time to take intuitive stock of where “I Socialize!” Friends, groups and causes will stay rooted in your life or be weeded from your garden. This time offers up the pondering of your place within any organization. Accept that unexpected invitation to socialize, for it naturally brings conclusions to your hopes, dreams and wishes. You’ll find the current drive going on to modify your partnerships is able to let in a new belief that is ready to educate you and others.

Gemini: Conclusive energy surrounds you now where “I Structure” in the career and public life. A fantastic time to reassess business, take up in serious review about your ideal place in the public eye. Reflection is favored as well within your relationship to authority- be responsible to it. As you see how this connects to the ambitious force changing up your ability to serve others, the ways you’ll find your wealth increasing brings more abundance to your already jovial year.

Cancer: Imagination fuels your feelings about what is concluding in your philosophies where “I Believe.” Remembering an old trip, or think about taking one- aides in broadening your view of the world at large. A great deal of sensitivity and intuition surround your urges to expand, be sure to tune-in to your instinct and find some cozy educational pursuits that refresh your spiritual desires. These find ways to stimulate your creative nature and those you directly relate to.

Leo: Securities and investments bring forth the pondering of decisions for the future- make sure these choices are made wisely where “I Transform.” A surge of regeneration has been waiting to unravel- a core process of change within you is about to be finished. You’re definitely feeling sexy Lion: get ready to reign that forest like never before! As fast action motivates your environments, you equally see how much you are powerfully changing the ways you serve this world.

Virgo: Toss off that logic Virgin, as now is not the time to be shy so you can better understand where “I Relate.” From your romantic ties to business contacts, people you reflect upon over this waning period will stay or go. Don’t get too fussy or worry about the details, for now is the time to hone in on what your deepest intuition speaks to you about your closest contacts. You are driven to make changes in your thinking, which readily can allow your creative nature to soar.

Libra: Your Scales, oh balanced one, are ready to embrace this opportunity with both arms to bring improvements to your health and all the ways you find peace where “I Serve.” Letting go of something within your routine allows you to find better habits to follow instead. Pets equally come into your feeling space. There is a lot of activity dynamically bringing more to what you have, and this has plenty to do with how you place it all within your immediate environments.

Scorpio: You ultimately love what power brings you, and now where “I Create” is your source of it. Excitement and confidence are behind your current projects, setting off an urge to complete the tasks. Trust and playfulness are abound, as are children. Whether it be your offspring or a “brain child,” these captivate your attention, along with love affairs. Those approaches to life are seeing some stirs that equally wish to keep transforming those mysterious ways that you think.

Sagittarius: One of your multi-tasks has you cleaning the house Archer, as you feel the need aim in your environment where “I Nurture.” Throw away what you no longer need. Your arrows are requested to target upon your family life, and relax here. Déjà vu and psychic experiences have a very open channel for you to receive important messages. You are especially sharp in your inner world at present, and this is beyond valuable to know what worth really means to you.

Capricorn: You are ready to bring on another conclusion to where “I Communicate.” Take time to plan short trip, or revisit one in your mind. A release in your thinking has been working hard to swim away from you, so be sure to remove the hook completely, and let those thoughts you no longer need escape into the deep blue sea.  This brings energy to socialize better in and makes sure you are enjoying the force in play that is asking for your first impressions to transform.

Aquarius: You are in the mood now to take stock of your personal possessions and what “I Have.” Take a look around and see what you should part with. A way you earn your dollars can also shift, as you find yourself reflecting upon ways to improve here. A deeper understanding comes which deals with what worth truly means to you most. This easily comes from time spent in solitude, and will motivate further what is meant to change within your career and public life.

Pisces: It’s your month Dear Fishes to really let it all go about what “I Am!” Your sense of old approaches, first impressions and worn-out mask to the world now releases in the full light. While your sympathetic concern runs deep for others, it’s time to be intuitive with you. Before you can return to helping with your empathy, you need your gentle care and concern. See what wisdom may come from a friend that connects to how you are presently transforming from the core.