Lunar-O-Scope, 13 December 2012

NEW Moon in Sagittarius
13 December 

3:42am EST

Initiating Spiritual Truth
Aim high for one of the more spirited New Moons within 2012, as we send off new energy within the sign that seeks honesty and generosity for every soul! As our Lunar Lady kick-offs in Sagittarius, for certain the time is now to anticipate some fresh and optimistic energy where those Archer arrows urge to expand within your Zodiac Pie throughout 28 December.

Moon enters Sagittarius
11 December, 5:22pm EST to 13 December, 4:43pm EST
Whenever our Lunar Lady spends time with The Archer, we are encouraged to gravitate to exploration, education, philosophy, inquiry, as well as a touch of luck and good fortune: the natural gifts of a Moon in Sagittarius. Fitfully enthusiastic instincts coupled with honorable, highly independent, and buoyant emotions are ready to be embraced by the collective. Meanwhile, do be on the look out for the mutable fire here to possibly catch you off-guard- as restless, outspoken, roving, and superficial energies may distastefully display themselves.

New Moon in Sagittarius, 13 December, 3:42am EST, 21 degrees
This lunar kick-off will cast an easily stimulated instinct that anyone can find inspiration within when true imagination is applied. Embracing the warm, spontaneous and intuitive feelings that wish to spark, ultimately keep any potential for argumentative reactions to emotionally explode at bay. Remember within mutable fire, there are no limits, so the innate wisdom to know when to say when is smart to adhere to.

Be sure to check the Sagittarian House, in particular the 21 degree piece, in your personal birth chart to see where a new start will be stemming from that will require true soul-searching, sincerity, and wisdom to accompany it. There is a calling here to understand that wherever this degree point falls within your life, that the soul testing you may have recently seen, is now over with. As long as education, honesty were genuinely listened to, abundance and wisdom will be happy to show you ways to now positively feel where the 21’s ‘Crown of the Magi’ engages from your Zodiac Pie.

For the Collective
While any given New Moon brings forth the opportunity to engage in a fresh start to our emotions, we’ve got an interesting mix of frequencies from outer planets casting off from above upon this lunation. From Cancer to Libra, there are no planets currently transiting between these two Cardinal Leadership signs, allowing no energies to connect here within water, fire, earth, and air. For any natal chart via current transits, this quadrant of the life projects a sense of peace not felt in quite some time. Jupiter Retrograde, however, is very alone and feels the seriousness of the inconjunct from Saturn at 07 degrees Scorpio. This conversation sends a narrow and limited energy as our Philosopher planet continues on reviewing at 09 degrees Gemini, questioning all the ways we receive and transfer our communications in life- and wishes for solutions to be found to regenerate them.

Saturn also, has to get smarmy with Uranus Retrograde over at 04 degrees Aries, forming another inconjunct- which potentially beckons the argument between those in authority and rebels against their cause.  Approval is sought, yet impulsive behaviors easily are displayed. Avoiding knee-jerk reactions and implementing visionary responses makes all the difference in the apparent struggles that can show up between the Scorpio and Aries areas of the life.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, NEW Moon in Sagittarius 2012
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Sagittarius house, in particular where the 21-degree Sagittarius spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 28 November will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: A fresh philosophy awaits for you to unleash it Dear Ram where “I Believe.” Take a long trip if you aren’t already in action to do so. You are stirred to travel, even if you only simply expand the mind with some knowledge. Pursue something that puts your pioneering spirit heading towards higher education. It definitely is best to keep on expecting the unexpected in your approaches and first impressions -which tugs at your transformation strings- assuring you yes, it’s time to think differently.

Taurus: Been thinking about how to improve securities and finances Dear Bull where “I Transform?” It’s a prominent time to take a look at your wealth, along with your shared/joint resources. You are urged to grow your roots deeper in the intimacy department, as a super charged energy is at your fingertips for regeneration and focus here! Remember, all that churning in intense ways from where you process, may not relate to everyone quite yet, so make sure you grasp the value of it all first.

Gemini: You love the act of uniting MINI GEM, and there is an intense draw to do this now where “I Relate.” This is a fabulous time to weigh the pros and cons of any situation. Keep on finding unusual ways to break though with honoring your hopes and dreams and join that new group or cause. Forget any kind of discrimination speaking sternly to you from where you serve, just be responsible to a stable routine here, and you’ll find those new approaches of yours will start to feel a whole lot better.

Cancer: Your gut is spot on in telling you to embark on new routines, personal habits, and improvements to your health, so strongly grab hold of these ideas with those claws where “I Serve!” As you ignite new means of being of service to others, find a way to make them feel right at home. Innovation and originality within your career and public life may have some lessons to learn from your creative nature- which truly comes through when you remember to honor the time spent in solitude.

Leo: There’s nothing to stop you Royal Lions where “I Create!” Engage in a fresh new adventure, one that will genuinely capture your attention. Any children, or “brain children” require your focus. Love affairs of new and old flirt with you, easily moving on to a higher level later. As your original beliefs get a real overhaul, you’ll find there is responsibility calling from your family life that allows you to have some time out where you socialize. It is still time to review all hopes, dreams and wishes.

Virgo: Don’t be shy about what needs to start anew within your home and family life, where “I Nurture.” Domesticated life is where you serve best right now! Don’t doubt that déjà vu -listen closely to the instinct you hear from within- as its’ message is of karmic importance. As your wealth and core transformations see their outta nowhere actions –it is your thinking and mentality that has to be learning from the experiences here. Be patient, and keep reflecting about career improvements.

Libra: New ways of thinking are ready for you to embrace them where “I Communicate.” Intellectually, opportunities are able to aid in balancing the mentality. Your neighbors or siblings may tip your Scales to learn from them. As the lover of peace, your challenge is to seek to better understand what’s coming at you unexpectedly within your close partnerships. This shows you what you really value most- making those beliefs change so you can unite it all and become this wisdom.

Scorpio: New and necessary changes will be seen within your value system, further resulting in an adjustment of your earning power with what “I Have.” Look at your possessions to acquire something new that feels totally worth it. The innovative and original ways you are unexpectedly being of service to others asks to not resist to patiently find the stability of new approaches in the life; while more on going review where you transform doesn’t want any gambles with the wealth you already have.

Sagittarius: The light shines upon your approaches to become anew Dear Archer with all that “I Am,” but slow down please to catch these beneficial energies. You are wise to take a patient pace – so you can ideally find the new mask you’ll be wearing, as the world is eager to see this unveil. As your creative juices are going through a revamping, don’t resist learning what you can from time in solitude and your inner process- for this will relate immense wisdom when you listen for all your partnerships.

Capricorn: Your psyche and the unknown await your toil where “I Process.” Subconscious urges shift focus from perfection to working on the hidden parts of yourself. Best you refrain from overtime. Be silent and listen. Pay attention to your nighttime dreams. Your sense of security at home is improving amongst the sudden changes you have seen- learn more about what you hope and wish for- this serves your health and others around you better when you see the spirit and not the material.

Aquarius: Be friendly to the energy wishing to bless your friendships and organizations, where “I Socialize.” Set new goals in your groups, which find fresh ways for your hopes and dreams to embrace new life. You should go on that spontaneous invitation to socialize- it’s a fantastic door to an aspiring adventure of future importance. Those unexpected changes in thinking and communicating- these may thwart your public life if you don’t remember what is trying to creatively revive itself within you.

Pisces: The Fishes are in lively currents concerning career matters right now, as a spark allows all to move forward where “I Structure.” News you’ve been waiting for in regards to your purpose, mission, and reputation will have you feeling totally charged up. As you already know how your earning power is dynamically changing- remember what you believe and what kinds of higher knowledge you receive can find a means to an end, but you have to feel right at home with the environment you swim in.


23 January 2012
2:39am EST
New Moon in Aquarius

Emotional Intelligence

Check any egos at the door, and get smart with the humanitarian picture as we initiate emotional energy in the sign that loves to bring innovations to life. Our NEW Moon kicks off in Aquarius, 23 January, 2:39am EST, as another waxing period of gathering begins. Where can some originality coupled with a fresh and friendly attitude begin all kinds of new feelings with you in the next two weeks?

Moon enters Aquarius
Sunday 22 January at 9:53pm EST until Wednesday, 25 January at 4:11am EST

Aquarius passages are the perfect time within our winter’s wisdom to lock into some more clues that ground us firmly to the season at hand. This recognition rewards us later with the keys to our soon to be Spring, now a mere two months away. As our Lunar Lady renews in the inventive energies of The Water Bearer -the sign that brings new life to everything- it is a great time to prophesize and put forth ideas we wish to implement and watch develop for the entire year ahead.

New Moon, 23 January 2:39am EST 02 degrees Aquarius
Be sure to check the Aquarian House, in particular the 02 degree Aquarius spot, in your personal birth chart to see where something fresh is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life requesting you bring improvement and new life to on some level in the next two weeks to follow. Seeds that are planted in this area until the next Full Moon upon 07 February are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

For the Collective
As the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon also now begins, energies will see the possibility of detached feelings swirling in the air, but don’t take too much offense. When progressive forces are around, there logically needs to be some time off from intimacy. The capacity to engage in those ingenious thoughts is high. So if some unconventional and independent personalities display themselves to you, now you know why. They should, however, be friendly to you!

Of interest to note is this third passage of New Moons since our last Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that initiate at the 02 degree of the sign. Our Full Moons presently are releasing at the 18th degree through the 9’s energy of finalizations and endings to our relationship to the material. Within the balance of the opposing New Moons, the singular 2 offers an ancient opportunity to receive the sensitive, nurturing, and imaginative impressions that in 2012 birthing a new spiritual awakening on this planet. Being non-judgmental and kind with our thoughts, allow the most intelligent emotional sensations to open within any individual, one where it is highly recommended to tap in to the utopia of embracing LOVE to EVOLVE.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Aquarius, 2012

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice, more so if the earlier degrees of it. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth chart determines a precise perspective of how the current transits of the planets personally and specifically affect you.

Aries: Get ready to meet some new pals! If there is a group or cause you’ve been thinking about joining, your timing couldn’t be any better at present. You’re already a chatty soul, but you’ll find you are especially willing to talk to just about anyone right now. Should a social invitation show up you weren’t expecting, don’t even think about turning it down. Attending it is of great importance for the future, and you might even encounter a new soul mate.

Taurus: A fresh start now awaits to emerge in the career and public life for you, so if you’ve been feeling little stagnant over these winter months, gear up to be sending your branches higher and your roots deeper. A fantastic time to promote or birth a new business, do expect a nice recognition to come your way if you’ve done your proper legwork to receive it. Be on the look out for a new way of looking at authority figures, as these should take on a friendlier form.

Gemini: Not that your mind doesn’t have enough to think about, but there is definitely an original direction you’ll take your philosophies now. You are stirred to embark on a spiritual adventure engaging your higher education and urge to travel. If you aren’t already on long journey, you might be finding yourself planning one for the near future. New beliefs are being born within you and you couldn’t be any more excited about what they are equally teaching you.

Cancer: If you’ve been worried about your securities and investments, it’s time to make decisions here. Be on the lookout for found money, or finding ways other people’s money can help your cause. Better yet Crab, there may be an exciting sexual encounter to come your way. However new life comes to you now, you can rest assured, will transform you in ways you’ve never known before- so get ready to shed that shell, and let out a regeneration from the core.

Leo: Get ready to receive oh generous Lion, a pleasant gift from the Moon this month. You’re really been thinking about those intimate partnerships, and now you really sense their true rewards gracing themselves upon you. From romantic ties to business contacts, there are a many blessings about to show themselves to you within your closest relationships, and soul mates tend to find you easily. Legal bindings here are equally favored to flourish far into the future.

Virgo: You will just embrace this opportunity with open arms to bring improvement to your health and all the ways you love to be of service in life Dear Virgins. Look around to the workplace and see what is meant to reform and improve. If you’ve been looking to implement a new routine, or take on some better habits, go for them now. Should there be any urges to adopt a pet, now is the perfect time to get over to the animal shelter and rescue a new friend.

Libra: All the world is a stage Libra, and it’s you who is shining upon it now! Whatever you’ve been personally creating lately, there is excitement and confidence surrounding it. New projects, and original ones inspire you. Keep listening to Saturn, as he is still requesting your responsibility to the self. Extra playful, interaction with children is favored, whether they are your own offspring or a “brain child.” A new love affair is ready to birth something you’ve not expected.

Scorpio: You’ve already been cleaning the house Scorpio, as you also put forth some new ground rules within your home environment. There equally is an innovative energy abound requesting you rejuvenate ties with your entire family life. Old judgments no longer are able to be tolerated in this fresh friendly space. Be on the look out for déjà vu and psychic experiences, which have a very open channel for you to receive their important messages presently.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been thinking about sending off your arrow to improve your thinking and mentality Archer, go ahead and aim high! New ways of bringing the latest to your communications has you feeling like a genius. You’re probably also thinking about travel as usual, and if you’re not already on a short trip, you’ll find yourself planning another one soon. Siblings or neighbors also find themselves in fresh waters with you, and these are friendly ones.

Capricorn: You are the one who innately knows about value old Goat, and you are in the mood now to take stock of what’s cooking in your own personal possessions. Something new may be in the works about the way you earn your dollars. You are never far away from the material, so take this time to visit your sense of security, and try something original to improve upon it. There may be a new purchase you wish to make, but be sure it will hold its’ worth for long-term.

Aquarius: You should be feeling fresh as a daisy swaying in the breeze. It’s time to allow the world to see you a bit differently, and take on a new way to receive your first impressions. Get ready for some self-focus and attention to your image, even if you feel you don’t want to get intimate with it. The world is so ready to see a new mask you are about to put on, so get cozy with yourself and be the bearer of new life to that entirely is ready to birth an original new YOU!

Pisces: Hidden waters call to you Dear Fishes. It’s time to explore those inner places in your life. where a break through awaits you. While dreams always tell you things, they especially hold the clues as far as how to bring improvement to your waking world. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-up of life call for you to spend some time within your deeper and intuitive waters. It’s doubtful you’ll want any company, so be prepared to take a solitary trip.