Mars Retrograde in 2018: Redefining the Ambition of Humanity

MarsRx2018.SharitaStar1As we will experience Summer 2018, it will be an important time that will completely cast us in the ultimate request to honor reflection.

Unlike his close neighbor Mercury, it’s been awhile since The Pioneer planet took some necessary time off. The last Mars Retrograde cycled 17 April to 29 June 2016 in the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Upon 26 June in Aquarius, the next cycle of review and redo commences for Mars that will conclude upon 27 August, moving back into Capricorn by 12 August. If you are familiar with Mercury Retrograde, you already understand all too well the kinds of things that can happen under an inner planet retrograde.

What makes a Mars Retrograde different from a Mercury Retrograde?
All of our planets from above guide over different themes and concepts as their movement affects our lives down here below.

Mercury makes things move, communicate, permanently change, blossom, think and energetically circulate.

Mars allows us to take action, be courageous, manage our anger, become motivated, arrive at conclusions, make life happen, find our willful force, and work with our strengths.

Both Mars and Mercury are inner planets, so when their Retrograde passages occur (Mercury every 3 months; Mars every 24 months; approximately) we are highly advised to take note about our future plans -personal or business wise- concerning what they are ultimately in charge of. Being reflection, research and review are in order, initiating plans during retrograde for future success and fulfillment are best to be avoided.

Overall, the energy of a Mars Retrograde takes what we typically experience under Mercury and amplifies it tenfold. Whatever plans one may have to embark upon new adventures, they will find these are interlaced with delays and errors.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 26 June to 12 August 2018
It is more than fair to say as Summer 2018 arrives, it will abruptly bring us to a demonstrative calling to take heed of the earlier Aquarius area of life, starting at 09 degrees. Mars on a normal journey through Aquarius enjoys unusual, original, independent and dynamic energy, yet we’ll find, these qualities are not so readily available as he’ll be under review.

The energetic pace will be dispassionate and unruly, where theoretical understanding concerning humanitarian experiences will be extremely hard to reach. Being able to concentrate on personal touch and feeling equally will not be attained without difficulty.

Energies will sway to becoming overly nervous, revolutionary and inflexible verses the norm of experimental, friendly, innovative and scientific. Examination of what makes us truly tick within these degree points of Aquarius is also favored during Mars’s reflective time within The Water Bearer.

Mars Retrograde in Capricorn 12 to 27 August
The final stretch of Mars’s cycle of reflection brings him to recharge what needs to be reset concerning practicality, conscientiousness, ambitious and persistent motivations within the very last degrees of Capricorn until he goes Direct at 28 degrees.

Energies will sway to becoming irritable, unimaginative and exhausted verses the norm of efficiently controlled, sustained, and vigorous. People will be compelled to re-examine the theme of prudence and responsibility to better understand what is our genuine desire within this area of our lives that always favors efficiency.

How to Successfully Work with Mars Retrograde
This next cycle of review and redo from Mars is quintessential in such a universal year as 2018 represents. As we are all asked to remember the value of Feeling the Feminine at this pivotal time in history, Mars offers his reflection from the conclusive 09 degree point at start in Aquarius -backtracking to turnaround at the too trusting 28 degree point in Capricorn- indicates a profound and very powerful time of resetting our practical needs for humanity’s overall benefit as it asks us to simply surrender to letting go of what no longer works with courage by our side.

This specific retrograde passage opens us to embrace a true redefinition of what allows us all to take action within our lives, asking for us to find humility, consideration, and patience as we pause in lieu of the larger picture. Coupled with the sensitive path we are personally and collectively on throughout 2018 to connect to what we are meant to be nurturing the most to be a greater part of the entire whole, Summer 2018 energetically resets the future goals of the world. This critical cycle of reflection aligns us in grave responsibility to become like a well-oiled machine that is able to properly express self-reliance and acute awareness within our lives.

The “RE Rules” Under Mars Retrograde
One of the Zodiac’s energetic and abrupt inner planets, Mars’s influence grants action, motivation and desire wherever his dynamic energy is currently visiting within the Zodiac Pie.  Mars affects the collective’s drives to do something- as well as our aggression, impulsiveness, exertion, and our abilities to adapt courageously in our lives. As he decides to not “look where he is going,” the collective can expect the natural benefits of his energy to be up for hardcore review.

What to Be Extremely Mindful of During Mars Retrograde…

1. Monitoring Our Speed. Take a much slower pace with everything you do. Being in a hurry under Mars Rx undoubtedly attracts the potential for accidents, penetrating situations and conflicting outcomes to occur. The use of sharp objects, explosive devices and fire of all kinds are forewarned to be carefully monitored, for extra care is definitely needed concerning them for this passage.

2. Managing Our Anger. It will be very “easy” to fall to this choice of the free will. But feed and fuel the fires of rage, conflict and impatience under Mars Rx, and you’ll be ever sorry that you did.

3. Practicing Our Patience. Choosing this practice will greatly improve your results. This virtue is the most valuable one we can utilize at all times in life, but especially what is currently moving within Aquarius and Capricorn.

4. Owning Our Ability to Let Go. Mars is equally -aside from activating our motivation and drive- the planet that promotes conclusions, finalization and endings. Know that these will be showing up in powerful ways from the early Aquarius and late Capricorn areas of your life. Choose to resist them, and you can expect a struggle that you will look back upon and wish you had made a different decision.

5. Watching Our Initiations. Just like Mercury Retrograde cycles (which our Messenger will overlap 26 July to 19 August), we are wise to carefully monitor anything we are starting for long term success under this much more intense cycle of reflection and review.

6. Knowing Our Personal Forecast. Wherever 09 degrees Aquarius to 28 degrees Capricorn rests in your natal birth chart is the precise area of life that you’ll see an ultimate renovation going on 26 June to 27 August. Equally, potential natal planets that will aspect Mars’s Retrograde journey are important to understand to know how to make proper choices avoiding critical mistakes over this sensitive cycle. An ounce of prevention, is a sure pound of cure. And as Ben Franklin used to say, “Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

7. Understanding Summer 2018’s Eclipse Season. Even more energetic pulse will be circulating throughout our summer season as we will experience three eclipses. What wishes to commence for the long term from 12 July’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer will find it will be riddled with delays, errors and setbacks until September arrives. By 27 July, just as the year’s 2nd Mercury Retrograde will also begin, Mars Retrograde will conjunct our Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, truly casting us in one of the most powerful requests for reflection we have seen in quite some time.

Leading up to 11 August’s Solar Eclipse in Leo, these two weeks will be extremely erratic and energetically off set, absolutely advising we initiate nothing for our future, and get on with our past. The means for clearance and completely letting go will be very up close and personal, and should we choose to deny this, we will find we are in a state of utter and complete frustration. Learn more on how Feeling the Feminine is all part of the lessons 2018 brings to us all via our lunar cycles overall.

The Approach and Shadow of Mars Retrograde
Every Retrograde passage has a “preview of coming attractions” as the planet crosses over moving forward, the exact degree point it will backtrack to called the Approach. We’ll start to notice what’s going to be in intense reflection by 26 June as Mars crosses over 28 degrees Capricorn on 12 May.

Every Retrograde passage has a “ironing out the retrograde wrinkles” time until the planet crosses over, moving Direct, the exact degree point is starts retrograding upon, called the Shadow. Whatever decisions may have had to happen by no other choice under Mars Retrograde will have the opportunity to smooth out the fabric wrinkles throughout 08 October. Ironically, just as Mars’ Shadow is completing, we will be cast in another cycle of reflection from Venus Retrograde, 05 October to 15 November. 2018 is an intense year for contemplation, healing and truly taking a breather in life.

MarsRx2018.SharitaStar2What’s Really in a Word? MARS RETROGRADE
Whenever a planet is actively in RETROGRADE within our Zodiac skies, it’s that necessary time when we are best to surrender, and know we’ve GOT TO REDO, and GO TO A GREAT REORDER. As our take action and motivating planet attaches himself to the retrograde title, how apropos the anagrams we can derive are able to spell out the truth of how we can reap personal rewards.



Honoring A Cycle of Reflection
This time for reassessment within The Water Bearer & The Goat allows us to all remember what motivates humanity to become more practical on a personal and collective level. Once 27 August comes to pass, the activity within these degrees points (09 degrees Aquarius to 28 degrees Capricorn) of the life will start to energetically move forward once again- restoring ambitions and desires unlike any other in quite some time.

Remember, what is deserving of being reexamined here comes from the acts of review under the retrograde. So rest and reset 26 June to 27 August, then dynamically gather up your rewards later! Know, the grandeur may not be what you had originally anticipated. However, what is ultimately meant to be simplified, is where your courage will be required to receive what you’ll have been patiently waiting for.

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