LUNAR-O-SCOPE, Full Moon in VIRGO, 2010

Full Moon in Virgo, 29 February 11:38amEST

You’d have to not be living in the snow globe part of the world to be noticing our Lunar Lady gaining light in the past few days. Our Moon enters Virgo, Saturday 27 February at 7:52pmEST until Monday, 01 March at 7:31pmEST.

The Full Moon typically brings intensity to our emotions. Why is this the tendency? You’ll always find that upon each Full Moon in any given Zodiac month, that the “peak” occurs precisely as the Sun and the Moon reach a “full on” opposition to one another. Thus, while our current Sun is in Pisces at 09 degrees, the Moon will peak in its’ complimentary and opposite sign, Virgo at 09 degrees.

Our Moon, as beautiful as she is when completely full and luminous, also is at a very vulnerable place as all light is shining upon her. The night time loves its’ darkness for a reason. When completely illuminated, energies and emotions easily have an open channel to let guards down, and reveal possible insecurities. Yet, it is under this intensity that beneficial inner work and healing can be done.

So is the request of our Full Moon in Virgo, who wishes to bless you with some organizational and cleaning up energy. This is a collective calling to look to matters concerning health, purity, routine, service, and efficiency in our habits. We’ve been doing this in responsible ways with Saturn’s influence here over the past couple years, but now, the emotional touch takes center stage.

Our present Yang Sun’s energy in Pisces, where the enthusiasm for sympathy and understanding is strong, is complimented by the Yin Moon now wishing to bring balance into play with the logical choice of health and serving others. Your Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie will point to where you will feel intensity this Sunday, as well as the area of life to focus upon release and reflection for the next two weeks til our next New Moon upon 15 March.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice.

LUNAR-O-COPE, Full Moon in Virgo
Aries: That hasn’t been your imagination running wild hinting at you to improve your routine, personal habits, and health Dear Rams over the past couple years. If you’ve been headstrong and choose not to focus on this important task at hand, you’ve got a last chance to listen up. There is a worn-out way you are being of service to others, so take this time to let go, and get ready for a new routine.

Taurus: The Bull is happily out of his pen! Whatever artistic or creative adventure you’ve been putting all your patience into for seemingly forever comes to a conclusion soon. Children can be on your mind, or require your attention now. You’ve been feeling open to love affairs, and this time now offers you to ponder where they fit upon your stage of life.

Gemini: There are a many conclusions you will be arriving at that pertain to your home and family. The Career wants more right now, but remember there is still balance you need to place in this rooted part of your life. Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu is the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive message being channeled to you.

Cancer: There’s an out-dated thought process Dear Crabs that must be released. You’ve been prone to worry about this over the past couple years, but now you totally know there are far better ways to be spending your time thinking. If you still need to complete an education pursuit that sharpens your instinct and lends you more logic to curb emotional reactions- don’t be bashful, learn it now!

Leo: The earning power has fluxed as of late, hasn’t it your Royal Highness? These last two years truly revamped your value system, and now is the time to reclaim your securities. Take a hearty look at your possessions, summon up the pride, and let go so the new values have the proper room to grow.

Virgo: It’s always fun to be the one to be taking it all on a new! This has been no time to be shy Virgo in those new approaches and letting go of habits of yours that doesn’t truly serve you. You’re humble enough to take this necessary time for yourself without raising the ego bar too high, so go on, let the world begin to see a new side of you!

Libra: Nothing is feeling completely balanced like you like it right now is it? You’ve been in full responsibility of relating to the inner layers of your psyche in the past couple of years. A few last matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved. There’s just a few loose ends to tie up concerning some hidden parts of yourself, so don’t be afraid to be friendly to them.

Scorpio: You’ve brought some nice new routines to your friendships and organizations, especially in the past 2 years. There’s been a lot more responsibility you’ve taken on in this area of the life. Realizing and reflecting upon the recent roles you’ve played in your groups right now allows your wishes the room to blossom later on.

Sagittarius: Career matters are on the surface right now, and decisions need to be made on where it is all going. There’s been a lot of transition in this area of the life in the past couple years, but now, the final reflection unfolds. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all are awaiting significant changes, which you, above all signs, are always eager for. Make logical reassessments now, and leave the dreaminess at home where it belongs.

Capricorn: So much has stirred your philosophical outlooks in the past 2 years, some of which even the long-term thinker like you couldn’t foresee coming. There’s an important a trip that’s either finishing now, or you better get to making plans for one! There is an urge now to travel, so make sure you are climbing the mountain that leads you to higher education.

Aquarius: If you have some lingering financial revisions, it’s a good time to bring some new life to them. Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, any of these are well deserving of your attention right now. Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? Take some time in this area to discover a new way to do something Water Bearer, in that way you like to do it best- your own.

Pisces: You’ve learned a lot in the past couple years about those closest to you, personal or business related. All changes have been for the best, and now, you’ll sense one more need for release as this Waning Moon passes. By the next New Moon, you’ll know intuitively know where the safest waters are that you can securely swim in towards some new values and earning potentials.

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