LUNAR-O-SCOPE, FULL Moon in Scorpio, 2010

08 Degrees, 28 April, 8:19am EDT

We now enter the second full illumination of Spring. With our Sun still celebrating the season of rebirth in Taurus, the Moon will naturally gain its’ fullest light in the opposition of Scorpio. The collective’s emotions enter The Eagle/Scorpion Tuesday, 27 April at 6:28pm EDT until Thursday, 29 April at 10:36pm EDT.

With any Full Moon occurring in a water sign, our emotions have all the more tendency to become a powerful force over us. This month, as the Sun reaches Taurus at 08 degrees (urging our ultimate patience and responsibility), the Moon equally asks that we take time to filter through our emotional take on transformation and self-control, as she opposes in complimentary Scorpio at 08 degrees.

Keep in mind, The Messenger will continue his “tricks” through 11 May, and just so happens to also be transiting at 08 degrees Taurus, conjunct our Sun while equally in direct opposition to this months’ fullest Lunar light. Being Mercury is not looking where he is going, do be extra cautious and aware upon this Full Moon. Those mishaps and misunderstandings can spin out of emotional control all too easily.

Be open to the request of our Full Moon in Scorpio. This is a collective calling to look to matters concerning our determination, sensitivities, and power to investigate. Intense feelings and the capacity for reliving past experiences are strong. Be aware however of stinging, self-tormenting, and defiant reactions.

A Full Moon in Scorpio brings forth an acute instinct and imagination. Your Scorpio piece of your personal Zodiac Pie will point to where you will most certainly feel a magnetic force this Wednesday evening, as well as the area of life to focus upon release and reflection for the next two weeks till our next New Moon upon 13 May.

For the collective horoscope, again we offer advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember, if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. Keep in mind, the exact casting of the natal birth determines how the current transits of the planets affect you.

LUNAR-O-SCOPE, Full Moon in Scorpio
Aries: If you have already felt the urge to REview your investments, taxes, shared/joint resources, this is a fine place to focus your attention right now. REmember just to look, and then make those legal moves after the 13th. You’re also transforming in ways that may even be taking you in directions you’ve never known before. Allow these deep changes to emerge, and the stir that’s been going on in the earning power department will settle down soon to solid roots again.

Taurus: You’ll be determined to want to share your feelings about those closest to you, personal or business related. Try to steer clear about being fixed to the past, but rather, let the cycle come to an end and bring on a fresh attitude to those you are intimate with. Whatever doors have recently closed in your life, these are not the ones to focus on. Recognizing how they have transformed you will allow the new ones to show themselves all the easier.

Gemini: Your routine, personal habits, and health seek both sides of you to unite to bring on some regeneration. This requires you to stop moving, at least for a little while! Take a look at the way you are being of service to others, for there are equal improvements to be made. There’s been a lot stirring in your subconscious world as of late, and now is the time to bring it back to the physical past of yourself.

Cancer: That artistic or creative adventure you’ve been putting all your imagination into looks for a completion. Children may be on your mind, or require your focus now. Love affairs may also be entering upon the stage of your life, and you are anxious to figure out whether they are meant to become something you bring the curtain up or down upon.

Leo: Home and family has been on the Lion’s reign, and there are issues concerning them that will find a release now. While the Career is going through those Mercury mishaps, REmember there is still balance you need to achieve as you recharge in the Lions’ lair. Play close attention to any déjà vu – under this especially psychic full moon you’ll be sure to receive an extra intense and powerful message.

Virgo: Time to re-organize your thinking Dear Virgin. This is truly no time to hone in on any tendency to doubt, and it is best you remain in positive thoughts. When you sense something deep, keep going there. Taking time in reflection to write, educate, or learn should delight your need to intellectualize, but be sure you don’t get stuck in logic. Something has been holding your thought process back for a long time that urges that regenerative energy to shine upon you now.

Libra: Your earning power and value system urge your investigation, as now is the time to re-evaluate your securities. There is a possession you have you should consider parting with. There is no reason to be dependant upon what you no longer need. Steer clear of impulsive purchases, and REmember those investments you may be considering, shouldn’t be decided upon until after 13 May.

Scorpio: The most reflective time of the year is upon you now, and it’s your spotlight Eagle! New approaches and letting go of what doesn’t fit into your passionate and magnetic world is the mystery that awaits your detective solution. There is a different way the world is about to see you- but these last moments of release desire your attention before that new mask can be put on.

Sagittarius: There’s been a plenty of arrows shooting off in your subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy wants to take you to Archer. You’ve been sensing the workings of that inner world and now, it’s time to go even further within, as some matters of the subconscious wish to be resolved now. There’s re-educational process involving spirituality you’ll unravel that once revealed, surely will have you aiming higher than ever.

Capricorn: Time to hold up on the work old Goat and labor with your friendships and organizations. You may find yourself reliving a many experiences within the roles you’ve played in your groups right now. There is an ultimate responsibility here that brings new life to you, so don’t miss the task at hand which requires a rebirth, as maybe some traditions in this area need revitalizing.

Aquarius: Matters of work and toil are on the surface right now, and reflection asks you take a vacation from all of your inventions. Your purpose, mission, and reputation all await significant changes. REmember what you’re feeling at home is just those temporary Mercury upsets. There is an intense and passionate new life you are meant to bring to the career, so detach yourself from the stagnation that’s been holding you back from your own truth.

Pisces: Thinking about another adventure Dear Fishes? The waters are safe now to make those plans. Even if you only take a trip in the mind- you are urged to find some real higher education that awakens a new philosophy in you. Swim far away from the worn-out belief that needs to fall to the bottom of your sea. Your gravitation to the psychic realms will be especially rewarding. Now is not the time to let logic bring you to fear of the unknown, while it only makes perfect sense to allow the past to stay where it belongs.

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