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Even amongst the gloomiest of planetary transits, there is always a place to seek luck and good fortune within the Zodiac Sky. Jupiter, the very planet that represents how we approach our wisdom, higher education, idealism, and expansion in life within our birth chart enters the sympathetic sign of Pisces 17 January @ 9:10pm EST. No matter what Sun Sign you may be, there is a touch of enchantment about to move along to another piece of your Zodiac Pie for the next year.

Now, of course, if you happen to be a Pisces -Jupiter’s turn in your sign that loves understanding, sacrifice, and the mysteries of life- the year ahead is a very auspicious time. With the spirit of optimism surrounding your natal Sun until 2011, it is most certainly a “planetary plus” transit! Depending upon the individual birth chart, possible neighboring planets that may fall in Pisces also have their natural tendencies heightened.

In alignment with the Chinese Zodiac, typically the year of your animal (you know, the one that you read on the placemat when you go out for oriental cuisine) conjuncts with the journey of Jupiter’s transits in your Western Astrology chart every 12 years, otherwise known as a Jupiter Return. So, equally those Tiger and natives with Jupiter in Pisces in the natal western birth chart are also on an “up year.” (those turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 will have this placement) The Chinese also regard any “animal return” year (also every 12 years) to be filled with pleasantries and be quite fortunate for the native.

Of course in this 2010 year, we see some interesting ways Jupiter is speeding along in the Zodiac Sky above. Jupiter will complete a passage through Pisces by 06 June, as it enters Aries. By 23 July it will reach 03 degrees Aries, and then begin its’ normal 4 month Retrograde Period, re-entering Pisces upon 09 September. Not until 22 January 2011, will Jupiter be back for it’s full-on adventure with The Ram.

Thus from 06 June until 09 September, Jupiter gives us a taste of the enthusiastic desires for freedom that will ultimately play out their parts in 2011. Uranus as well will have just entered pioneering Aries around this time, and upon 08 June, at 7:27am, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in Aries, bringing some pretty serious and unexpected changes in what we collectively believe. Get ready for some shocking new beginnings to surface.

But back to you Piscean Sun and Jupiter in Pisces natives. Oh wait, what about if neither of those options apply to you? Get out that birth chart and see where Pisces falls on your personal Zodiac Wheel! This will be the area of life that should flow optimally, and any possible planets natal placed in Pisces will also be granted some extra star blessings over the course of the year ahead.

For instance, if Pisces energy governs your 10th house of the Career, Jupiter’s presence here over the year ahead advises you to be on the look out of new opportunities. Feel confident to take a risk, but don’t ultimately gamble- this is a time however to make positive change happen! As Jupiter spends time with Aries from June until September, look to the neighboring 11th house of Friendships, Hopes, and Wishes to see the beginnings of where Jupiter’s blessings will unfold in 2011.

The collective at large will see developments in public welfare and healing over Jupiter’s transit through Pisces. Remembering that Pisces loves to be devoted to charitable causes and psychological pursuits, this journey of Jupiter marks a time in our history that the world will be highly enthusiastic about issues concerning receptivity, impressions, and use of our imagination. We will all need to beware of falling to over-emotional susceptibilities, vacillating attitudes, and self-indulgence toward the area of our life Pisces affects.

On the collective horoscope, Jupiter also blesses each and every Zodiac Sign in another way. Should you know your rising sign, this passage will typically also apply to the energy you’ll see from the natal chart’s perspective in the months that lie ahead, as well as how the latter part of 2010 will play out. May Jupiter’s fortune and wisdom while in compassionate Pisces bring you blessings in abundance!

Aries: Fantastic time to dive into old psychological hurts and resolve them. Your inner work is now highly protected, and past issues have a clear way through to clarity. Go try on creative adventures -or volunteer for a needed cause- and don’t worry if you’re not in charge somehow. Realizing that you don’t always need to be in control manifests a renewed courage you’ve never known.

Taurus: Even though you may get fixed into what you think is stable, it’s time for true expansion when it comes to your friends, hopes, and wishes. This is a highly social year, where your friendships and organizations manifest generous rewards. Aim high in this area of life, for you ultimately will get what you wish for- and more.

Gemini: Gear up for Career goodness! Something is about to shine for you and bring credit, enhancement, and opportunity to come your way. Watch however, any over-enthusiastic or risqué situations that just don’t logically fit. This is still the area of work you know, and Saturn expects you to always do the right thing.

Cancer: Have you been on a plane lately? Your urge to travel and fill your head with culture, knowledge of the world, and spirituality is strong; even if it is watching the Discovery channel, reading National Geographic, or signing up with the Daily Om. Be sure to spend time in some form of re-education this year, as there’s a new philosophy that awaits to greet you, blessing you kindly with a renewed wisdom you’re going to need to share with the world.

Leo: Put your money in the right places this year Lion, and you’ll have more than the forest to rule in your future. Watch over-spending of savings, or getting the wrong advice about handling your assets. There may be an inheritance about to come your way. More importantly, the bedroom can be a real place of enhancement, and not how you decorate it, but for those frisky activities that you may do in it. 😉

Virgo: Blessings in your Partnerships are abound! This is a beneficial time to forage a new one, whether it be marriage, pure romance, or business related. The one-on-one relationships you meet this year are very important for the future. Should there be a rocky road in your present relationship, this is an excellent time to come to a reconciliation or deeper understanding of one another.

Libra: Health matters are of concern to you over this passage. It is not a time to over-indulge. Be wise in your choices, personal habits, and routines. How you are of service to others runs smoothly for you, and there is plenty of generosity you wish to shower upon others. Things are seemingly very clear from a mental standpoint, and your overall methods of communicating to others can bring much reward.

Scorpio: There’s a new creative adventure you are meant to go for this year, so hone in on your Eagle side and soar to a new height! You’re drawn to entertaining more often. Recreation, romantic affairs, and your dealings with children are extremely beneficial. Should you wish to conceive, this would indicate a good time to start or add to the family.

Sagittarius: Your home life feels so comfy-cozy this year. Even though you’re always on the go Archer, aiming that arrow toward domesticated pursuits is a smart move. If there is a move or an improvement to be made in the home, go for it with confidence!
There can be significant gains in the life through women and real-estate.

Capricorn: You’re always thinking with a responsible head, and this time makes you even more eager to learn and grow mentally. Your relationships are enhanced this year, and should you have siblings, this is a rewarding period for them and your interactions. Is there something you want to write, learn, or explore through world culture? There’s nothing stopping you now but your relentless work ethic.

Aquarius: You’ve been feeling the need to bring some new life to your value-system for awhile. Now you’ll have an extra boost in your earning power to feel confident in getting there. Be cautious however, of over-spending at this time. You feel extra generous with your funds, but don’t break the bank! See if your natal Venus sits in this house for you or will be in a positive aspect Jupiter- then you are well advised to go out and buy that lottery ticket.

Pisces: Yes, Dear Fishes, you are swimming in quite the fortunate waters this year. You haven’t felt this dynamic and cheerful in a long time. Grab on to new opportunities in all of your approaches, and attitudes. The world is about to see you differently, so go for that make-over. Beware, with all of this expansion around you, that you don’t get carried away into too deep a waters.

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