A Quick Word on The Mystic….

Neptune goes Direct in Aquarius, 28degrees
1:54pm EST, 09 November

The Mystic now completes its’ last Retrograde period in Aquarius that will be seen within any living beings’ lifetime. As we all have collectively adhered to reflecting upon our love of independence since early June, we’ve equally seen more than a fair share of social, political, and philosophical stimuli within our humanitarian ideals. We’ve got a few months left to tap into the power to truly theorize what has been available to the collective since late November 1998. As Neptune has journeyed with The Water Bearer, the strength to invent innovative improvements for society has been available to us. Surely no one can deny that some of the greatest and fastest developments in technology have been seen over these years. What has become the standard of the internet alone speaks for itself, as well as the multitudes of gadgets that make our lives seemingly more connected than ever before.

Yet, true to Aquarius fashion, in as much as we have magically developed the ability to outsmart ourselves with the latest technological advancement, all of them have allowed people to sway to becoming more detached from being personally present. From the endless list involving things like emails, self retail check-outs, on-line banking, text messages, computerized everything to the phenomena of Facebook -that personal touch life once used to have- has certainly lost its’ luster.

Some may argue that we are blessed to have such fancy abilities that allow man to be all the more ground-breaking. While it is a marvel the ways we exist and relate in our modern day world, so much has gone astray in genuine originality within the methods we can be friendly to society at large. Knowing Neptune is the planet that represents delusion, one might also argue that we are quite off course from even knowing ourselves anymore because of the myriad of sophisticated ways our current society operates on a routine basis.

So we have until February 2012 to move forward in the last moments of Neptune in Aquarius. How can we take a closer look and conclude how the last 13 yrs have changed us? What do you appreciate about it and what do you believe shouldn’t continue for the survival of what humanity ideally represents? Remember, Neptune in Aquarius urges everyone to call upon your love of individualism. We may just have to put down our cell phones and sign off of Facebook to figure it out.

With a returning home to Pisces in early February 2012, our planet of dreams and all that is unseen will not return to Aquarius again until 2162. Before The Mystic joins up for a long swim with the Fishes, we are wise to take this remaining time to draw upon our love of independence. By recognizing what is of value within these past years that we can take with us, we will be ultimately ready to become responsive to the call of mass emotions and the suffering of humanity that Neptune in Pisces will present to us all.

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